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Sustainability Stories

Posted by chuck Jun 18, 2013
This past OSIsoft Users Conference (UC 2013) featured many great talks featuring sustainability as an underlying part of their success story. While UC 2013 didn't have a separate sustainability track, sustainability was there in every customer presentation and user story. Something to think about as we continue to work through the economic recovery.

Sustainability is something we hear lots about - but often as an environmental story. The Industry and Marketing teams at OSIsoft look at Sustainability a little differently - Sustainability is about conserving your company's resources, continue to deliver products and services, and do so in our very competitive global marketplace.

One of my favorite talks at UC 2013 was Marathon's Ken Startz. Ken has spoken at previous UC and Regional Seminars and always has a great presentation to deliver. Marathon is a company committed to sustainability. Marathon is a 130 year old company who has been using PI System since 1988. Many innovations with PI over the years, most recently with Drilling data. Drilling data is critical to upstream industry, but often the data is in separate systems, sometimes these systems are isolated from each other. PI is used to integrate the data and capture more high frequency data than was available previously for wide consumption by the users of PI. An interesting observation Ken made was the following - most of the recent big benefits from PI have come from many small projects. (Reminds me of something which was a theme a few years ago at a UC - put the data in front of smart people and empower them to use the data in creative ways.)

PI Coresight was used in powerful ways by Marathon. An exciting user story was how quickly a project team was able to create a project's visualization using PI Coresight displays.

If you haven't seen or heard Ken's talk, check it out -

Use the OSIsoft website's search engine to find other talks by Ken.


Posted by chuck Jun 7, 2013
OSIsoft hosts E-Waste recycling days at it's San Leandro headquarters on a periodic basis. It turns out to be a good way to clear dusty bits and bobs out of the offices, storage areas, and server rooms. Sometimes though, it's a sad event - Consider this box someone found -

These are tapes for layered product software and operating systems for OpenVMS machines. Most of these tapes dated back to the early and late 1990's. TK50's, TK-70s. Remember those? Also in the box are copies of distribution media for OSIsoft products on OpenVMS platform. PI2 server. PINet. Instrument System Interfaces on OpenVMS. A little sad to send all this to the recycler. Still, good to de-clutter one of our server rooms.

Want to read more about E-Waste recycling? Many articles on the subject and nearly as many service providers. Here's an example:

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