Welcome to Treasure Island

Blog Post created by rkoonce on Nov 6, 2013
Treasure Island

A bit of introduction is in order. People need answers. Purpose and direction demand explanations. Inquiring minds want to know... Even as children we learned the value of the question... Why?


The name of the blog has several meanings implied. Obviously, I would want you to come away believing that you received something valuable for the time spent here. And I think we can all relate to occasionally being stranded on a "technical" island. Some place in a project, where you feel stuck, like you don’t have the resources, knowledge or tools to "escape" the challenges of the situation.

When stranded in such a manner, we eventually find treasure, including lessons learned. We learn survival, and remember the skills. Partly because we know that, someday, we may find ourselves on another island. If forgotten, we could be eaten by the cannibals (they live in conference rooms and rarely visit the islands - but beware, some will make sacrifices of the islanders encountered).


These days, our technical islands come with internet access. So when we find ourselves stranded, we reach for Google or Bing, our basic survival tools. But what if we didn’t know what to ask; if we had no "hits" that outlined our escape? No “easy button”? We need survival skills, so we can apply them accordingly.

So, with this blog, I hope to provide a few “messages in a bottle”, for those times when you find yourself washed up on a deserted beach.


I still remember when computers and everything about them was mysterious. At first, my learnings were forced. I practically made myself read things that may as well have been written in Hebrew. It was a steep path for me. I have been stuck on so many islands, I no longer need two sticks to make fire… I am not special, I am just a survivor that would like to share.

My goal is to share information and to provide “How-To” articles. As I proceed, I hope that I remain mindful of the less experienced “islander”. Besides, I think I can help them the most. Too often, in my own searches for answers, I have found information that excluded me from finding joy by the omission of fundamental details. So, I will try to include the obvious assumptions, while recognizing that “obvious” is a relative term among the audience. And this fits with me personally. I am one who gives you all the info, leaving you to filter out what you already knew. But should I leave you perplexed, with a key detail omitted, please ask. The only dumb question is the one that goes unasked.

I look forward to sharing some stories and lessons learned… from my time on Treasure Island.