André Åsheim

Coresight URL in PI Notifications

Blog Post created by André Åsheim Champion on Apr 30, 2015

I’ve seen a lots of questions regarding URL from notifications to Coresight and decided to write a blog post regarding the topic.

During my test’s I found two main ways of doing this, but I have to say I prefer the built-in “Web Link” feature in notifications.

The second option is to specify the URL in an attribute and add the attribute value to the notification message. This works if you don’t have any spaces in your server or database name but that wasn’t the case in my environment so this is how it turned out:

How it’s done

First of all, I’ve created a ProcessBook ERD display, as you may be familiar with there is possibilities to manipulate the element of interest in Coresight by specifying it in the URL by “?CurrentElement=\\SERVER\DATABASE\PathToElement\”. (If you don’t want to use a ProcessBook ERD display, just use “?Asset=\\SERVER\DATABASE\PathToElement\”)


First, publish your ProcessBook display to Coresight.

Then you’ll need to navigate to that display in order to get the correct url.

Copy the URL and start configuring the notification.

On your right hand side click “Add->Web Link->Other”

Display name: Open in Coresight

Link address: http://complete/url/to/coresight/display example “https://democor/coresight/#/PBDisplays/55/”


Then add a parameter.
For ProcessBook display the parameter name is “CurrentElement”
For Coresight display the parameter name is “asset”
The value is simply the Target (path)

Just click OK and drag the link into the notification message





Using these kinds of URL parameters in notifications could also open up possibilities to specify the start and end time for Coresight (parameters: StartTime=*-1h&EndTime=*). You could for example use start time of the notification or create an analysis that writes a start-end time to an attribute before sending the e-mail.