Smart Office São Paulo

Blog Post created by greche on Feb 5, 2018


The Smart Office São Paulo project was developed by the Brazil Office with a focus on using the PI System to analyze the comfort conditions of the Office.


To collect data from different sites of the office, we used six Arduinos connected to four sensors.

Humidity, luminosity, temperature, and noise were sent to the PI Data Archive using the UFL connector and useful information was extracted from that data.

For example, the luminosity was used to infer when the first person arrived today and when the last person left, on the day before.


Data to inform the current weather condition is stored in the PI Data Archive, along with the time to travel between two locations. The main traveling points include a few bus stations and airports.


You can find a lengthier explanation of this solution in the video above. Feel free to contact us if any questions arise.


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