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This is how we do it.


The professional installation standard used by OSIsoft Services Engineers is available to you, our customers and partners, as KB01702. This field service technical standard has been an internal-only guide used by OSIsoft Service Engineers when installing a PI Data Archive at a customer site. We are now sharing it with a wider audience!


Drawing on the firsthand experience of the OSIsoft Delivery Services team, this technical standard includes considerations that are beyond the scope of the installation guide. The technical standard is now available for customers and partners who wish to deploy a PI Data Archive using OSIsoft's best practices or improve their existing deployments.


We plan to release more of our internal standards throughout the year, so stay tuned!


Do you have your own best practices that you think should be included or conflict with this standard? Post them here for consideration.


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Hello all,


In honor of World Backup Day which recently passed this weekend on March 31, I thought it would be a good time to quickly remind the PI community to double check their backup configurations and strategies!  As a support engineer, many cases of hardware failure, or other unintended configuration changes can be resolved much quicker and with much less headache for everyone when recent backups are readily available.


For information on OSIsoft PI backup recommendations, check out some of the following articles:


PI Data Archive Backup Best Practices

Supporting 3rd Party VSS Backups of the PI Server

PI AF Backup considerations

How to perform a full, manual backup of the PI AF database

Backup Strategy for PI Vision

Microsoft: Backup and Restore of SQL Server Databases


Adam Fink

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