Jarita Sirois

Changes to PI Web API Learning Material

Blog Post created by Jarita Sirois on May 30, 2019

With the new release of PI Web API, OSIsoft is pleased to announce some updates  to our getting started material for developers.  

To facilitate developer learning and best practice use of the latest PI Web API, we will be supporting the release with:

1)      New code samples on Github

2)      New private online course for PI Web API developers - available on PI Square in mid-June 2019

These additions will replace the previous client libraries for PI Web API, removed from GitHub in November of 2018, with new code samples developed and approved by OSIsoft engineering.

In addition, with the release of PI Web API 2018 SP1, we will be removing the inclusion of "Open API Specification" (formerly known as "Swagger™ Specification") from PI Web API. While the Open API Specification facilitated the rapid generation of code libraries while creating code, it had not been officially tested and validated with the wide diversity of code generating tools available to developers. In cases some code generators could create sub optimal code.

To follow best practices, and help developers learn how to build optimal code for PI Web API, OSIsoft decided to remove the Open API Specification from the latest PI Web API installation.  The new, approved code samples on GitHub are the preferred approach to learn, and ensure optimal coding practices.

If you have downloaded, and have access to the client libraries or the Open API Specification, feel free to continue to use these for learning needs however please do not incorporate the sample client libraries into your production applications. For those using Open API Specification, please recognize that code may not be optimized and may require further review and optimization.

If you have any questions about the new code samples or changes, please contact Frank Garriel, Technical Product Manager (fgarriel@osisoft.com)