PI Web API 2018 SP1 is released

Blog Post created by fgarriel Employee on May 30, 2019

OSIsoft is pleased to announce the release of PI Web API 2018 SP1. This is a standalone installation kit available at my.osisoft.com, and is grouped together with PI Server downloads. The PI Web API is a suite of REST services that provide access to PI System data. The product is a member of the Developer Technologies suite of products and is targeted at providing cross-platform, multi-user programmatic access. Some highlights of this release are:

  • Notifications
    • Read for child NotificationContactTemplates
    • Read for NotificationPlugIn
    • Read, create, update, and delete for SecurityEntries on NotificationRules, NotificationRuleTemplates and NotificationContactTemplates
    • Create, update and delete for NotificationRules, NotificationRulesTemplates, NotificationContactTemplates and NotificationRuleSubscribers
    • GetByPath endpoints for NotificationContactTemplates, NotificationRules, and NotificationRuleTemplates
    • Search endpoint for NotificationContactTemplates
  • Stream Sets GetJoined Endpoint
    • Returns a set of recorded values (x-axis) with another set of data for any number of streams (Y, Y', Y''... axis) that are interpolated based on the points returned for the x-axis
  • Stream Updates (CTP)
    • Client code will be notified of changes in AF metadata through an Exception item in the response payload.
    • The selectedFields parameter is now honored in both registration and poll for updates.
    • Responses now include PreviousEventAction information with each data value.
    • Error messages are returned for markers that are no longer valid with every poll using that marker. Previously, the error message would be returned only once.
  • Expose 'Paths' and 'DataReference' properties on objects of attribute
  • Expose 'Paths' property on objects of element
  • The version of Web ID returned by PI Web API can be configured
    • PI Web API instances that run 2018 SP1 can now work together with older versions behind a load balancer since they can be configured to return the same version of Web ID


To download, visit the OSIsoft Customer Portal. Installation kits are grouped with PI Server downloads.