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Did You Know?  Rubik's Cube

Posted by chuck Jul 31, 2019

From time to time I am reminded of little known bits from OSIsoft's history.  This was one I just have to share with you.


A young OSIsoft support/developer engineer named Dan Knights was crowned World Champion in speed solving Rubik's Cube on 24 August 2003.  Yes, true fact.  The World Championships were held in Toronto, Ontario that year with over 100 challengers from over 20 countries - all competing for various titles requiring solving the colorful cube.  24 year old Dan won with a Guinness world record beating time of 20.2 seconds, surpassing the previous record of 22.95 seconds.  The previous world record had been set at the World Championships in 1982 in Budapest.  Knights had only been solving the cube for about four years - he started playing with the cube after reading on the Internet about a woman who had solved the puzzle in 17 seconds. 


The woman was Jessica Fridrich, a professor from New York who developed the widely used Fridrich method of solving the cube after first having mastered the cube in her native Czechoslovakia back in 1981.  (Ms Fridrich was 39 in 2003.)  Ms Fridrich placed second in the finals where Dan found himself in first place.


Dan Knights said he trained for the competition by practicing as much as he could and by using hypnotherapy to overcome stage fright.  He was amazed he and the event drew so much attention.  "I just kept thinking, 'It's only a toy.' "  Following the competition Dan took it easy for a while.  "I'll just sit on the couch and veg:".  He was thinking to use the prize money for a trip to Hawaii. 


Shortly after winning his championship, Dan left OSIsoft for other endeavors.  

Here is Dan's own page on cubing:

Want to watch a much younger Dan solve the cube?


Reference:  Toronto Star ( 25 August 2003, "American "knighted" Rubik's cube champ"

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