"Ideas" no longer available on PI Square

Blog Post created by mafshari on Nov 4, 2019

Every day, you work with different software products of OSIsoft to make data-driven decisions, monitor the health of your assets, build dashboards or support others in getting access to data. And as you interact with these software products, there might be features you wish the product had but are not available in the latest released version. OSIsoft product managers would want to know what these missing features are and how these features or capabilities could help you be more efficient.

A few years ago, we created a site so that you could communicate with OSIsoft product managers directly and share your enhancement ideas, suggestions and feedback about OSIsoft products and services:

This feedback site is the system of record of OSIsoft’s product management; product managers review the feedback daily, and the received feedback impacts the decisions they make in product development and how they prioritize different features.

In the early months of implementing the feedback site, we made it possible for the product-related “Ideas” collected on PI Square to get synced to the feedback site. This was helpful in continuing to collect ideas while users got familiar with the feedback site. We are now a few years past those early  months, and it is time to stop the sync between PI Square and the feedback site.

This means all product-related feedback needs to be shared on the feedback site or through the feedback widgets embedded with OSIsoft web-based applications (e.g. PI Vision, OSIsoft Cloud Services).

As a result, “Ideas” are no longer available on the public spaces within PI Square (e.g. All Things PI, PI DevClub). Please note that for any private groups on PI Square, the “Ideas” option will remain active to support the needs of the group. However, these ideas do not get synced with our feedback page so any product-related idea should be posted directly on