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Excel addin to update Templates - finally it works !!

Blog Post created by Robin Verhoek on Jul 1, 2020

For the last couple of years I have been using the OSIsoft tool to update all Word document field properties using Excel sheet . This was used to create all the design specifications and installation operational qualification documentation .


The main challenge is to have the Excel add-in work stable an every time... and I finally found the issue  and how to SOLVE it.... with this short Blog I want to share my findings... 


Download Add-in can be downloaded via: (previous post on PISquare) 

This was the last version of the excel addin we produced - its posted in the template archives category in this group.


But again, this unsupported addin has been deprecated and replaced by word macros, so you're welcome to try... but plan on moving away from its use.  My suspicion is that the computers you're having trouble with the macro may be 64 bit Office, so you could try this version and make sure in excel you use the 64 bit addin version if that version of Office is 64 bit.


ERROR: somehow, after you open the excel sheet and try to update the properties, you get this error message

CAUSE: the root cause (in my case) was the auto save function in combination with office 356 - one drive which start to upload the file, as soon as the Excel add-in is trying to update the Word properties fields.



1)   copy the all relevant document (word templates and Excel sheet) into a location, that is not sync by onedrive

2)   disable the auto save feature

3)   Open Excel sheet and select the correct tab

4)   Open add-in menu, select Export and select the correct word document.... and wait.....

5)   Close the excel sheet (this will make sure that MS word is also closed)

6)   goto step 3



Hope this helps you .... it did the trick for me.....