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Hi all,


I have created a .Net application that can help in the maintenance of PI Datalink Reports in Excel.   Some of you may find this extremely useful.


This program was developed out of the need for a project that I was working on where we are renaming around 100,000 PI tags as part of a PI tag standardization effort.  Renaming of PI tags has a detrimental effect on PI Datalink report and can also impact VBA code that may contain PI tags as well.


I have a screen shot of the GUI below that shows where you select an input folder which contains all the Excel files that you want to convert, a conversion file which contains all the old and new PI tag names, and an output folder to store the converted files.  I have tested this with 100,000 tag names.  You can easily handle all of the Excel reports in your system in a single batch, test them, and then reload them to your production folder afterwards.


You can get a trial version of the software at






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