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Hello PI Geeks!


We are planning our next Hackathon at PI World 2018 where we expect tens of esteemed PI professionals, industry experts, and data scientists to compete. You can have your business challenge be the topic of the event which means there will be a whole group of engineers who will compete to add value to your business by solving one of your challenges.


We have been hosting several successful hackathons over the past few years (2017 SF, 2017 London, 2016 SF, 2016 Berlin, 2015 SF). In 2016, for example, the topic of the Programming Hackathon was Innovation Around Smart Cities. Data was sponsored by the San Diego International Airport and made available to our hackers. The executives from the airport were really happy with the final results of the hackathon mainly because:


  • They were inspired by the new creative apps and business models developed by our hackers, which could add a lot of value to their business.
  • They learned new ways to gain insight into the data they already had in their PI System.
  • They were able to detect where they could be more efficient in their industrial processes.


While starting to organize the PI World SF Hackathon 2018 we are looking to find our data sponsor. This is where you come in! We are seeking for a  customer who may be willing to share their data with us for the event. A good data sponsor typically has the following qualifications:


  • Owns a PI System with AF already in place
  • Has a few data-oriented high level business challenges or aspirations
  • Has at least tens of assets and many hundreds of data streams in place
  • Has at least 1 year of historical data
  • Has sampling rate of at least several samples a minute on the majority of the tags
  • Is willing to share their data with us – We are willing to consider an anonymized/obfuscated version of the dataset as well


In case you are interested becoming the new data sponsor for the Programming Hackathon, please don’t hesitate to contact me by e-mail (

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