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Looking for help with a technical issue or challenge? All Things PI is your place for online support from OSI Technical Support, as well as fellow users!


Who is available on PI Square to help?


All of OSIsoft Technical Support monitors and participates on our Community, so the same support you can get via a phone call or email, will be what you'll receive here!


In addition, we have active Product Specialists, Product Managers, Developers, and more who are always keeping an eye out for discussions relevant to their expertise.


How do I post a question?


Use any search bar to try to see if your question has been asked before - search results will pop up automatically, and if you need to you can click the "Search all results ->" button at the bottom to see more.


If your issue hasn't been discussed before, simply press the "Ask It" button to launch a new post. Fill in as many details as you can, including background to the issue.


In the "In a Place" section, browse to the appropriate sub-location of All Things PI - we have product-specific subspaces such as PI Server, PI Interfaces & Connectors, PI Visualization, etc. See below on why this is beneficial to you!


Create a few tags to better catalogue your post. These tags are used in the site's search engine, and make it easier for others to find your post!


Why should I post in a product-specific Space?


Our specialized Support resources such as Product Specialists, Product Managers, and Developers will often follow specific product spaces so that they get alerted to new discussions. By posting in the right product space, you'll have a better chance of getting targeted support for your issue!


What if I need a remote session?


If we can't solve your problem on PI Square, one of our engineers will assist you in creating a full Tech Support case, and will contact you directly to start a remote session. The process is seamless, and won't be any extra work for you.


What about the rest of PI Square?


OSIsoft Technical Support resources will be monitoring discussions in the All Things PI space and product subspaces to provide technical support and assistance. (For questions: Taylor McManus)


OSIsoft Development Support teams will be monitoring questions in the PI Developers Club space and sub-spaces there to help provide suggestions and answers to development questions. (For questions: Ahmad Fattahi)


OSIsoft Learning will be monitoring the Learn PI space and class content and will be replying to questions, comments, ideas, and suggestions within that area.(For questions: Kelsey Holstein


OSIsoft PI Square team will be monitoring the Welcome to PI Square! space and will reply to your questions, comments, ideas, and suggestions within that area.(For questions: Jarita Sirois)


How do I get started?


Head on over to All Things PI and dive into the Community!

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