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. Hello, I would like to add up the operating hours for a pump in a plant. The status of the pump (whether it is on or off) is stored as an attribute in AF. During my previous attempts with the function "TimeEq('on off', 'start Time','*', "on") / 3600" I got the problem that the operating time of the pump is only added up step by step. So… (Show more)
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Could someone share some using handbooks for the PI processbook and datalink?
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Click to view content各位工程师:       不知各位是否在使用PI Datalink调用数据时,常会导致EXCEL未响应。我的电脑运行其他程序都非常流畅,硬件配置不算低,且运行Mircosoft office其他组件都很快,就是Excel非常慢,重装纯净版的Win10系统,安装Mircosoft office2010和2013,都出现同样的问题,从PI里调用数据会卡,有的卡几秒,有的直接卡死。我把EXCEL设置成手动刷新,也一样,按F9后也是EXCEL无响应。哪怕就取一个Tag点的几个数据也一样卡。关闭EXCEL也是如此,常常需要用资源管理器来结束进程。       我猜想可能是EXCEL某个设置不对,或者是注册表设置不对,也或者是加载PI… (Show more)
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