• Write custom code for AF Analytics

    48 votes
    Originally posted on UserVoice As an analytics admin, I would like to be able to add more complex code such as Loops, Arrays, and other advanced logic to AF Analytics calculations SO THAT I can perform more complex an...
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  • Cannot retrieve PI Point

    Cannot retrieve PI Point; OLE DB provider "PIOLEDBENT"  Am getting the error above when I query some tags and linking to the data archive table. How do I ignore errors of "PI Point not found"?
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  • Encrypt trafic between interfaces/connectors and the Data Archive

    1 vote
    Originally posted on UserVoice Add an option to encrypt trafic between interfaces/connectors and the PI Data Archive
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  • Step plot from substituted value

    I have a problem displaying a substituted value in PI Vision I want a step plot, but PI Vision shows a interpolated plot.  
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  • Add TimeRangeMethod to StringBuilder DataReference or automatically use StartTime when used on Event Frames.

    7 votes
    Originally posted on UserVoice A frequent  PI Square problem regards using StringBuilder DR on event frames and the user wants to see the referenced element's attribute at the StartTime of the event frame.  ...
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  • Additional options for the timebar time-range : "calender week", "calender month", "manual entry",...

    10 votes
    Originally posted on UserVoice I would like to have more options in the PI-Vision timebar for the time range (see attached screenshot). The possibility of a manual time range entry would be greate. And additional opt...
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  • Scatter plot - Switch off connecting lines in Trends

    11 votes
    Originally posted on UserVoice In trends give the user the option of disabling the connecting lines so that markers representing only the archived or calculated values are shown as a scatter plot.
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  • Resize drawing with define sizing value

    0 votes
    Originally posted on UserVoice Have a line/rectangle in the PI Vision screen. Wanted to reduce the length - width/height of the line/rectangle. Wanted to adjust it by entering the height/width in numbers instead of ...
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  • How is the indicator value in gauge calculated

    Can anyone explain how is the value of indicator calculated when we use datashape gauge? From where does it fetch the minimum and maximum value? and how can we fetch minimum and maximum value of an attribute in af to...
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  • Export PI Vision Display as PDF File

    4 votes
    Originally posted on UserVoice It would be nice if we could export the Pi Vision display as a PDF file. Something like a Screenshot of the display.
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  • PI Vision time range month does not work properly

    Hi all!   When displaying KPI´s on monthly basis i want PI Vision to step back monthly.   However it does not do so!   If i start with September and use 1 month as the range.     I...
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  • Event Frames Analyses - TimeNE

    Hi everybody, I am Omar Sanchez, I have a question regarding the creation of a specific Analysis in the Element.  I would like to track a specific value of a variable "A", which is monitored by a sensor, but ONL...
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  • No output attributes in AF test server

    Hello, I've made to identical analysis with the same attributes. One is in our production server and one is in our test server.  The ''Value at evaluation'' works fine in both servers. In the prod. server, the ...
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  • Improve Management of Asset Analytics

    82 votes
    Originally posted on UserVoice mprove PI AF Analysis Handling in PI System Explorer when working with hundreds of analysis with following features: - Possibility to sort Analysis/Analysis Templates in alphabetic orde...
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  • Symbols: Make visible/invisible based on tag value

    73 votes
    Originally posted on UserVoice Change graphics based on a tag value. For example enhance the multistate functionality so that is it possible to make a symbol visible when a tag/attribute value is equal to 1 and invis...
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  • Trend: Support Trace Markers

    78 votes
    Originally posted on UserVoice Support trace markers on a trend like in ProcessBook
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  • Add more advanced string handling functions to the String Builder data reference

    Under Review - Researching
    72 votes
    Originally posted on UserVoice I would like to use some more advanced string functions such as Split, Len (string length), and even regex filtering to allow more fine grained control of how some input strings (such a...
    John Messinger
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  • Switch between elements in PI Vision mobile

    77 votes
    Originally posted 3/31/2017 7:53:26 PM UTC As a user of PI Vision mobile (iPhone), I need to be able to use existing element-relative displays on the mobile website and switch between assets so that I can dynamically...
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  • Better control of what is shown in Switch Asset

    71 votes
    Originally posted on UserVoice When designing displays I would like to control how much of an element's path is shown in the Switch Asset dropdown. I've found myself in the situation described by this thread too many...
    Asle Frantzen
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  • way to convert OPC bool type to store in archive as int

    Hello: I'm looking for a way to (ideally) use AF to convert an OPC-DA interface bool value and store in the pi archive as an int32. So true = 1, false = 0 Thanks, Mike
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