• Does PI Web API Need IIS?

    Kind of a silly question, but I didn't find any documentation that pointed that I need IIS to install PI Web API.
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  • PI Integrator for Azure

    Hi all, I was wondering if i can do the reverse way. Send data from Azure to PI by using PI Integrator. Is it possible?   I also think that Azure is based on SQL Server, So can i use AF table lookup or RDBM...
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  • Unconstrained delegation: does it work?

    With PI Web API, PI Vision, etc. Kerberos delegation is almost unavoidable. But often clients don't understand Kerberos ("there is no ticket for that.."), making this a risk in any project.    While documen...
    Roger Palmen
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  • PI OPC inetrface connection issue after windows server upgrade

    HI All,   Recently windows server 2016 got some updates KB4561616/62561/50929. Post this looks like the opc interface on these server are not functioning below error: Advise returns E_ACCESSDENIED, check DCOM ...
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  • osi pi security updates details

    Hi all,   Was just going through some security realted news and could find some of the vulnerable OSI soft products and their versions. OSIsoft PI System (Update A) | CISA  in this link. Do we h...
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  • Comparing Timestamps in AF Analysis

    I have been having an issue that is very frustrating and I am wondering if anyone else has had some similar issue or if these was an established method for this I just cant find.   We have some PI Point att...
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  • Kerberos configuration - SPN, Delegations for services

    Hello everyone, I’m currently working on Kerberos authentication in my workplace domain test environment and faced some problems with configuration. I hope some of you, more experienced in this topic guys could...
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  • How is string type data stored in the PI Data Archive?

    As a PI administrator for 20 years for four different companies I have always counselled people against using string type for PI Tags.  It would very rarely be the best alternative.  Now I have come across a...
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  • PI Alarms and Event Interface Example

    Please share samples of PI OPC A&E interface batch files with example PI String tags configurations. I need to see few samples in order to understand how batch files are created for a given A&E server. How do ...
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  • PI Data archive movement

    Hi All,   We need to move around 60k tags to a new PI data archive (in a new network) from existing PI data archive consisting 650k tags with 8 years of history data.We will be copying the archive files...
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  • error 11056

    I have a problem with some points on my SMT. As a consequence of that critical error code 11056, it does not save me some points. Someone has been the same. the architecture: the calculated data comes from a PLC to th...
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  • PI tags data to the third party (outside of the company) over VPN

    Hi PI & OPC engineers, question, I'm PI engineer & I'm trying to find a ways to share PI tags data to the third party (outside of the company) over VPN. Other company has: 1) OPC server & client, 2) SCAD...
    Yermek Naurzaly
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  • Signing C# Application Requirements

    Hi OSIsoft, there are rumors about an upcoming security update that will require C# applications requiring signing.  Is there documentation currently available for what would be up-to-code signing?  
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  • PI Vision on Microsoft Azure VM

    Hi there   I want to hear if it is possible to install PI Vision in a Microsoft Azure VM? on a different domain form the PI Sytem   if possible which ports should be open to the PI system?   How to...
    created by Kim.Bargholz
  • ACE Modules under %OSI and PI AF MDB sync.

    Hi All, I am aware that AF MDB sync doesnt sync up modules under %OSI folder from the PI Module DB. I this case how can we sync up the ACE modules that are available under %OSI folder ?     Regards, Akash
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  • Limitations on adding AF databases and PI servers on PI Vision?

    Are there any limitations as to adding any AF database or PI server to be crawled by the vision crawler, for instance only a specific no. of databases or servers can be added?
    created by AmanBandekar
  • OSIsoft Network Diagram Templates for MS Visio

    I have seen presentations that contain network diagrams for OSIsoft where the servers include the OSIsoft logo and product name. Is there a template kit or package that can be used in MS Visio?
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  • Connect a BD to PI?

    I'm working with my IT department in the integration of PI with other system. The point of connection is going to be an oracle data base, this DB has to (somehow) connect to PI and extract the information of some PI t...
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  • Menu creation in PI processbook

    Hi everyone.   I need your help, I am currently developing an application in pi processbook 2015 R3, in which I modify the menus by creating my own, but when I create more menus dynamically I get this error. ...
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  • Event trigger analysis

    Hello Experts ,   We are working on project where we would like to calculate certain calculations on specific event. This event is sum calculations of 3 PI tags and when they are updated event will be trigger. U...
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