• Allow Extensions PI AF

    What's the exact purpose of allow extension in PI AF and what are the impact of it being unchecked after templates and elements based on those templates are created
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  • Asset Framework (AF) Accelerator solution

    Hello All,    I wanted to have a viewpoint on the Element Asset Framework Accelerator or AssetHub technology offered by Element or similar such offerings in the market. Unfortunately so far what I got was mo...
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  • Operationalizing analytics - simple and advanced (data-science) models with the PI System

    25-minute read   Audience for this lab Lab description Summary Exercise 1 – Feed dryer - golden temperature profile End-to-end data flow pattern Exercise 2 – Gaso...
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  • Does coresight support PI processbook display with VBA code

    Hi,   I need information on PI processbook displays published on PI coresight. 1. Does Coresight support PI processbook display with VBA code? 2. Does Popup created in PI processbook display, visible on coresi...
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  • Disable screensaver while ProcessBook is running on a Windows 10 PC.

    The help file in ProcessBook states the following: EnableScreenSaver Indicates whether the platform's screen saver should be displayed while ProcessBook is running. A value of 1 enables the screen saver and is appe...
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  • Converting Processbook PI ID for PI Server Migration

    We are going to consolidate a pi server to another pi server. There are many processbook defined for the old server. I heard that there is the PI ID in processbook need to be reconfigured after consolidation. And t...
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  • Has anyone been successful passing elements from one processbook display to another within Coresight?

    Have been working on this with minimal luck.  Am using the proper format for the link to the display number, and element of interest.  The target display seems to get it, but it doesn't return any data. ...
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  • ACE Vs AF Analytics and future of ACE

    Hi,   It can be seen that PI AF analytics is preferred over PI PE as it has rich features than PIPE . I prefer AF over PIPE calculations considering the advantage of AF.   When comparing ACE and Abacus, Wh...
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  • PI data archive not on local facilities, but elsewhere

    Dear community,   one of our customer wish (for hardware cost reasons) to have his PI Server (Data archive and AF), not located in the production facility itself but elsewhere. The server would be connected with...
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  • Error in PI SMT: The requested server was not found in the known servers table.

    Hi All,   My PI client tools were functioning well for a year or so. Now I'm getting error and I don't know why. Please refer to the attached screenshots.   I'm getting this error when I use the tag search...
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  • Schneider Modbus Register (Power Factor)

    I am currently trying to read the data using Modbus RTU on a Schneider Electric Power Meter. Here are the Modbus register addresses but when I try to poll them using POINDexter I get the weird values which are not in...
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  • PI Vision - Azure SQL - Azure AD

    Hi, I have an issue trying to connect PI Vison to a Azure SQL server that users Azure Integrated Security. Error: Error while testing for SQL Server sql-XXXXXXX.database.windows.net connectivity: Windows logins are...
    André Åsheim
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  • Usage-based, condition-based and predictive maintenance with the PI System - a layered approach

    10-minute read   Intro video  Audience for this lab Lab description Summary Exercise 1: Usage-based Maintenance - motor runhours and valve actuation counts Exercise 2: Condition-based ...
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  • How to send lab data through PI Integrator for Business Analytics

    Hi,   I have few set of lab data tags which updated once a week during sampling. We want these data to be send to our PowerBI application only when the value is updated.    We are using PI Integrator ...
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  • Multiple data source to single PI tag

    Hi,   Re-posting as a Question, because I originally made it a Discussion by accident.   Suppose I have two data sources making the same process parameter available in two different ways. What would be the...
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  • PI Vision 2017 Display - asset drop down ( current) VS normal search box

    Hello ALL,   Several months back I have asked for a simple search box instead drop down/scroll /page turn /search function in a display mode. There was a discussion started and honestly for us that have thousand...
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  • PI to PI query on Ports for Firewall and protocol?

    We want to add Pi to PI connection between 3 PI servers as server 2 will read data from server 1 and push it to server 3, the question is: for cyber security requirement, can we keep the protocol between PI server 2 ...
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  • Store AF Analysis/ Notification Event in MS SQL Database

    Hello Folks,   Greetings for the day!   We are using PI Analysis to generate and send SMS & email notification to the designated users. The event for these notification is trigger is based on some comp...
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  • Does PI Web API Need IIS?

    Kind of a silly question, but I didn't find any documentation that pointed that I need IIS to install PI Web API.
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  • PI Integrator for Azure

    Hi all, I was wondering if i can do the reverse way. Send data from Azure to PI by using PI Integrator. Is it possible?   I also think that Azure is based on SQL Server, So can i use AF table lookup or RDBM...
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