I was wondering if someone can help me to understand how the "SPAN" attribute works. Let me explain briefly:   1. I am using the virtual machine of an OSIsoft course, because I have not still access to the PI Sy...
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  • PI OPC DA/HDA Server data into DeltaV graphics

    Hello everybody,   One site we have several ICSS. All are historized into a central PI server. The main ICSS is an Emerson DeltaV. I would like to exposed into the Emerson DeltaV graphics several process info...
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  • OSISoft AF Maintenance - Job

    Hello my friends.   I want to start a discussion about the OSISoft AF Maiantence JOB  of DB PIFD. For default this Job comes "disabled", i would like to know whats is the impact in AF's perf...
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  • Operationalizing analytics - simple and advanced (data-science) models with the PI System

    25-minute read   Audience for this lab Lab description Summary Exercise 1 – Feed dryer - golden temperature profile End-to-end data flow pattern Exercise 2 – Gaso...
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  • Zero value on Average rollup analysis

    Let's say that I want to get the average of the "Child" elements using rollup analysis on Element A. The problem I'm facing right now is that rollup analysis also calculates zero value (or bad value), which messed up ...
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  • How to express "on-delay" logic block in PB VBA?

    Hello community users~ Is it possible to express VBA for this exsample?   If ABS(Value1-Value2) > 10 consistentlay for one minutes then ~~~~~    : Value1, Value2 is PI Tag I have a trouble fo...
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  • I'd love some assistance about PI Processbook VBA using TextBox

    Hello~ I'm beginner in VBA so explain to me your solution in detail   Put the case that TextBox1 is created on processbook display If the value of tag "CDT158" > 200  then  display text "CDT158 Hi...
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  • PI ProcessBook: how to put several PI tags into one Trend on ProcessBook Display?

    PI ProcessBook: how to put several PI tags into one Trend on ProcessBook Display?
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  • How can I submit the data in ProcessBook whose origin comes from a DB-link to Oracle?

    AF on the server I have set in the library / tables (PI System Explorer) a table is created with the following connection parameter (Linked - Provider=OraOLEDB.Oracle.1;Password=<PASSWORD>;Persist Security Info=...
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  • Does coresight support PI processbook display with VBA code

    Hi,   I need information on PI processbook displays published on PI coresight. 1. Does Coresight support PI processbook display with VBA code? 2. Does Popup created in PI processbook display, visible on coresi...
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  • Processbook - The feature you are trying to use is on a network resource that is unavailable

    Hi   I have a problem, I did an installation of processbook and datalink apparently in a successful way, however at the time of entering processbook and doing a tag search the following error appe...
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  • How to MsgBox pop up when PDI is minimized to tray?

    Hi users~ I have looked vbscript but I cant seem to find anything... Its just that I have a msgbox which pops up when certain PI tag value is over than my setting value But msgbox is shown only if  PDI(or Disp...
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  • export big data from pi server

    Hi gurus,   Hope you could spent few minutes to read my questions and do me the favor, please~~~!   our company have encountered a tough problem that, we are using pi server to track/store the Latitude、longi...
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  • Performance Counter Display name

    Here is the case,   I have a perfmon interface instance "perfmon1" , it's Service name is PIPerfMon1 and service display name is PI-PerfMon1(refer the picture below).     Here is the actual pro...
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  • Is there any separate SYSTEM DIGITAL SET for PI AF?

    Hi All,   I was trying to play around with SYSTEM Digital State available in PI SMT > Points > Digital States > SYSTEM So I created a tag which will satisfy "Under Range" Condition, and I replaced "Un...
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  • Usage-based, condition-based and predictive maintenance with the PI System - a layered approach

    10-minute read   Intro video  Audience for this lab Lab description Summary Exercise 1: Usage-based Maintenance - motor runhours and valve actuation counts Exercise 2: Condition-based ...
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  • backup_no_PI

    Hi All,  I would like to know the reason behind that one of the interface in failover pair, went to backup_no_PI after patching on the PI Server. However, when I restarted the interface service, it become backup...
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  • Fetch timestamp of specific value

    Hi All, An AF attribute called BPP cumulative will be increasing from value 0 to 2.5 and another analysis of linear regression function should work only after the BPP cumulation crosses 0.5. The start time in linReg...
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  • PI Vision displays using video walls

    I am interested in the use of a 75" to 80" display or "video wall" of some type displaying of a single PI Vision display for use as a process monitoring system. Does anyone have experience with this? Some browsers hav...
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  • Data Migration from Dataparc to PI System

    We are planning to migrate data from dataPARC into the PI system. Could someone help me understand the best approach to transfer the real time data as well as the historical data? We have approximately 8 years of...
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