• PI Development Selection Tool

    Hi everyone. My name is Daniel Trosa and I am a Software Co-Op at Corning Inc. I am currently developing an app which will serve as a tool to aid users and developers to gain an idea as to what PI technology (PI AFSDK...
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  • PI Processbook: Multistate for integer tags issue

    I want to use integer tag in multistate in Processbook. States definition based on tag intervals is: 0,0 - state1 1,1 - state2 2, 100 - state3 If I do this manually, in first step I define first state by...
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  • Convert Exponential number to Decimal Number

    Hello Folk,   Greetings for the day!   Can some one suggest how to convert 1.1658440916E-08 to a decimal number 0.000000011658440916 using PI PE or AF Analysis.   I tried Exp function from PE & ...
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  • Power BI & PI System

    Hi PI enthusiasts! Have someone already did configure Power BI to connect to the PI System? Not through Excel (PI Datalink), but somehow directly? PI Integrator for Business Analytics? Yermek
    Yermek Naurzaly
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  • OSISoft AF Maintenance - Job

    Hello my friends.   I want to start a discussion about the OSISoft AF Maiantence JOB  of DB PIFD. For default this Job comes "disabled", i would like to know whats is the impact in AF's perf...
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  • Any way to programmatically generate performance reports?

    I'm building out a performance dashboard for monitoring our PI system and loosely following some guidance found in the Optimizing Asset Analytics playlist. To do the analysis, we generate the Analysis Servic...
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  • How to express "on-delay" logic block in PB VBA?

    Hello community users~ Is it possible to express VBA for this exsample?   If ABS(Value1-Value2) > 10 consistentlay for one minutes then ~~~~~    : Value1, Value2 is PI Tag I have a trouble fo...
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  • Convert .svg to .pdi

    Hi everyone!   Is there a way to convert a processbook .svg file back to a processbook display?   Thanks!
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  • Datasets Expressions Get Deleted/Shortened when Opening Same PDI File from two different ProcessBook

    hello,     I have a problem when opening the same PDI file from two different version of the ProcessBook application. When the PDI file is opened from PB (2012 V3.3.1.1160) the content is displayed normally...
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  • XYPlot SetScaleConfiguration Error

    Hi all, I am getting an error of "Invalid Scale Min argument" when setting the configuration via C# code. Can anybody help me resolving this     pbMinMaxEnum maxConfig;   pbMinMaxEnum minConfig; ...
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  • PI ProcessBook: how to put several PI tags into one Trend on ProcessBook Display?

    PI ProcessBook: how to put several PI tags into one Trend on ProcessBook Display?
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  • PI Processbook - Excel object server busy error

    Hello, I have an excel object inserted in a processbook display. I also have a function in the macro that updates the OLEObject:     Function SpreadSheetUpdate(sheetNumber As Integer, cellNumber, cellValue ...
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  • Processbook: Mode Change check using VBA

    I have some VBA code that causes modifications in the display that don't need to be saved by the typical user.  I am looking for some way to get around the save changes prompt when all a user does is interact wit...
    Andi Hawksley
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  • VBA generated values are not printable in PI Processbook

    Hello,   I'm using the following VBA Code in my PB display in order to display the current date & time as well as the current user name. Although the values are displayed correctly during run mode, these va...
    Moshe Sabag
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  • PI Processbook 3.5: Set Display time based on tag value (batch/campaign)

    Hi!   The company I work at uses PI Processbook 3.5. For many troubleshooting scenarios, I would like to set the start and end time of a PI Display based on where a tag value is active (think of it like batches)...
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  • What is the logic how ProcessBook collects and displays PI tag data?

    We have few ProcessBook reports and we need to replicate the same functionality into a .NET web application. We are trying to implement a PI trend report in our .NET application. We need to know how ProcessBook is col...
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  • Reading Time Interval from a trend using VBA

    Is it possible to read the time interval of a trend using VBA on ProcessBook?   I need this data for a calcaulation.   Currently I'm trying to calculate this value using the TimeRangeChange Event. And It w...
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  • ProcessBook and Archived Data

    I am attempting to access archived data from within ProcessBook but I don't seem to be able to do this as easily as Excel DataLink. I would like to display a value (not a trend) which is based on another tags timestam...
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  • Change PI Tag Value in Processbook  by clicking

    Greetings,   I'm working in building electrical system using PI Processbook and  I used multi-state symbol to represent breakers ( Either Open"0" or Close" 1" )  . What I'm struggling with is that"...
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  • How to display the Current Date in a pdi value object without the timestamp (for example:  4/9 without the Year).  AND, how to display the same thing only for yesterday (Today - 1 day) without the timestamp and without the Year in the date format.  Thanks

    How to display the Current Date in a pdi value object without the timestamp (for example:  4/9 without the Year).  AND, how to display the same thing only for yesterday (Today - 1 day) without the timestamp ...
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