• How to choose between PI Interface and PI Connector

    How to choose between PI Interface and PI Connector? We have the following requirements and I would like to get your recommendations: 1. Company need to receive data from a number of customers which use different dat...
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  • Why the start button of an interface service is not enabled?

    Hello everyone,  I am Omar Sánchez, I am getting used to the Administrator PI environment and I have some questions regarding my Administrator course for enabling and configuring a PI Buffer Subsystem. I ...
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  • PI Notifications to SMS / Chat via Webservice call?

    Is anyone using the Webservice call functionality in PI Notifications to send messages to SMS maybe including Teams, Skype, or phone chat?  What were the challenges entailed here? 
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  • Power BI & PI System

    Hi PI enthusiasts! Have someone already did configure Power BI to connect to the PI System? Not through Excel (PI Datalink), but somehow directly? PI Integrator for Business Analytics? Yermek
    Yermek Naurzaly
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  • PI Application Patching - Best Practices

    Hola   What are some of the best practices that are in use by all of the veterans out here? Are there steps that you use to be proactive, or just basing your actions on emails that come out from the PI system to...
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  • I can't add comment in active event since pi vision 2019

    Hello, I try to include a comment in an event since PI Vision 2019 without success. The error message: Cannot connect to server 'XXXXXX'. Please examine connectivity to the remote PI AF Server as well as ensuring the ...
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  • OSISoft AF Maintenance - Job

    Hello my friends.   I want to start a discussion about the OSISoft AF Maiantence JOB  of DB PIFD. For default this Job comes "disabled", i would like to know whats is the impact in AF's perf...
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  • Event Frame Templates - Data references to attributes in other elements

    I am creating an event frame template.I want to reference an attribute in an element that is not the primary referenced element. In this example, the primary referenced element is Extrusion_Head. I want to referen...
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  • PI ProcessBook launches Microsoft Visual Studio Professionnal 2013 setup at each run

    Hello, Each time I run PI ProcessBook (version, it lauches a "Microsoft Visual Studio Professionnal 2013" configuration setup like this : I don't have Microsoft Visual Studio Professionnal 2013 installe...
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  • PI SMT Save button greyed out/disabled

    In PI SMT, under performance equation, the save button is greyed out. When I create a performance equation it doesn't let me save it. Has anyone came across this issue or do I need to have a separate license for using...
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  • Jupyter notebook JSONDecodeError: Invalid \escape

    Hi, I use this jupyter notebook OSI-Samples-PI-System/piwebapi_samples/Data_Analysis at master · osisoft/OSI-Samples-PI-System · GitHub  but got the error JSONDecodeError: Invalid \escape
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  • PI ProcessBook: how to put several PI tags into one Trend on ProcessBook Display?

    PI ProcessBook: how to put several PI tags into one Trend on ProcessBook Display?
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  • How can I submit the data in ProcessBook whose origin comes from a DB-link to Oracle?

    AF on the server I have set in the library / tables (PI System Explorer) a table is created with the following connection parameter (Linked - Provider=OraOLEDB.Oracle.1;Password=<PASSWORD>;Persist Security Info=...
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  • ProcessBook and DataLink freezing when pulling or refreshing data

    Having a slightly confusing issue - when opening ProcessBook displays (especially with AF tags) or pulling data through DataLink I'm having PB or Excel freeze up on me. By freeze up I mean task manager shows not respo...
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  • Conditional display of items in Element Relative ProcessBook Display

    Hello All,   I am new to ProcessBook and am working on some displays. I have a element Relative Display for some sewer flow monitors. I have two tags, Comm_Fail & Surcharge, which only apply to a handful of ...
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  • Processbook Issue

    Hi Guys,   When I try to open my process book I am getting below error. The application is trying to access the piw file which is in a shared path.   The file can be access from my machine and it can be o...
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  • My colleague can't see a value that comes from PI AF

    Hi,   I was showing how to use ProcessBook to one my colleagues, but he cannot see values of tags that were searched by AF. Instead he sees "No Data". He can see the value of "Tag1" if "Tag1" comes from an ordi...
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  • PI Processbook error on opening

    hi guys,   I am receiving following error on opening PI PB on my laptop. It is a local installation on my laptop and connected to server and it is in network. Please help to sort it out. Thank you  
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  • How to store arrangement of Processbook toolbars

    Hi,   I've searched through the forum for a similar case but I couldn't find one. My problem is that if I rearrange the toolbars (not removing/adding), and reopen Processbook they are back to some kind of defaul...
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  • Change PI Tag Value in Processbook  by clicking

    Greetings,   I'm working in building electrical system using PI Processbook and  I used multi-state symbol to represent breakers ( Either Open"0" or Close" 1" )  . What I'm struggling with is that"...
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