• Tech Support to myOSIsoft migration - Feedback

    The downloads are the biggest change that is hard to digest. We no longer see categories (PI Server, Clients, Interfaces,..). We have to search for the software by name since not all interfaces or clients are showing ...
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  • It is possible configure Audit Trail in AF per database?

    We have an AF Server with multiple AF Databases. One database is the single source of true. It is possible to enable Audit Trail just for this database instead all databases in the AF Server?
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  • Authorization and Certificate Issue

    We have hosted a Web application in this VM on 443 and associated the certificate available. Below is the VM URL: https://dev-pisrv1.centralus.cloudapp.azure.com/piwebapi  1. When we try to access it from browser...
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    Good afternoon everybody, I have a problem with my version because I cannot access to Management plugin in the left-above tool bar (Elements - Event Frames - Library - Unit of Measure - Contacts) , because this o...
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  • Is there a way to backfill / recalculate an event frame analysis in mass across all assets in my element list?

    For example, I built a new analysis that generates event frames on the template which has several hundred elements using that template. All of my elements of that template inherited this analysis. However, I want to t...
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  • Standard deviation of PI point values query

    How to find, min, max, and standard deviation for PI points in last 7 days, using query? I want to find PI points that a lot deviate from the mean. Regards, Igor
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  • Event Frame PIFD database size

    Im just curious what size databases are out there i have been running the EMDVB interface for ~ 2 years and i am at 32 GB for PIFD.  Not sure if this is the location for this question im new to this forum. &...
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  • Legacy GE database conversion to PI Data Historian

    Has anyone had any experience converting a legacy GE iFix system database to an OSIsoft PI Data Historian? I am looking at less than 1,000 tags but maybe 15 years of data. Any tips, short cuts, or important infor...
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  • Event Frame Notifications to REST

    Is there a standard for sending Event Frame results via notifications to REST?
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  • PI ML Web Entry View Default

    Is there a way to have the grid data entry view display when logging in vs. individual data entry view?
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  • Default tag values

    In Asset Framework, what is the difference between a tag value of "No Data", "IO Timeout", and "Pt Created"?
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  • OSISoft AF Maintenance - Job

    Hello my friends.   I want to start a discussion about the OSISoft AF Maiantence JOB  of DB PIFD. For default this Job comes "disabled", i would like to know whats is the impact in AF's perf...
    created by thulio_lopes
  • Custom symbol : not showing anything in display after dragging and dropping an attributes

    Hello,   I am very new to Pi Vision, followed the tutorial for the custom symbol with the hello world in the .html file. After finished, i tried to drag an attributes but it does not show the hello world text or...
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  • Event Frames limitations?

    Has anyone experienced limitations with the number of complexity of event frames? We have heard there are issues but not experienced any as of yet.
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  • Is there a virtual server sizing calculator?

    Is there a formula used to determine the amount of memory and hard disk space needed when creating a high availability PI Server environment? For example: Build a HA PI Data Archive Collective containing 4 Data Archiv...
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  • Deployment Templates

    While attending PI World 2019 in San Francisco, it was announced that OSIsoft is working on Deployment Templates that will create full PI System test environment VMs for AWS and Microsoft Azure. Does anyone remember h...
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  • Replace values on PI Management tools

    Hello, can I search and replace all values with a criteria  on my database over PI System Management Tools? P.E: ??????? to Inacrtive; ?1 to Active  
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  • OSIsoft PI System Interface with HxGn SPF

    Anyone have any idea about how to connect OSIsoft PI System with SmartPlant Foundtion, So that the OSIsoft PI System will get the data from HxGn SPF "Smart Plant Foundation" to OSIsoft’s PI-AF "Asset/Analyt...
    created by JawaharSingh
  • Pi to Pi in Push Mode

    Hi, how can I configure the alignment of the data between two PI servers in push mode?
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  • Calculate inventory

    I am trying to use PI to calculate inventory of a product we make.  The product inventory is not stored in any system.  We know how much is made per day and how much we sold per day but not sure how to get t...
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