• error 11056

    I have a problem with some points on my SMT. As a consequence of that critical error code 11056, it does not save me some points. Someone has been the same. the architecture: the calculated data comes from a PLC to th...
    created by felipego
  • Event trigger analysis

    Hello Experts ,   We are working on project where we would like to calculate certain calculations on specific event. This event is sum calculations of 3 PI tags and when they are updated event will be trigger. U...
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  • Data Quality in PI AF Analysis

    Dear experts ,   PI AF is one of much used tool to check data quality for particular PI Tag coming in PI AF. However is there any possibility of having real time data substitution in PI AF which need not be stor...
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  • Analysis performance and running status in PI Vision

    Hello Experts ,   We are working to create a consolidated view of critical analysis status monitoring in PI Vision . This can be easily done through Management console of PI AF 2018 however can this be showcased...
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  • Calculation of daily , monthly and yearly in PI AF

    Hi Experts ,   Could you please let me know how can we achieve daily, monthly and yearly calculations in PI AF Analysis on continuous basis and archived. We are doing it with Tag tot function however not sure of...
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  • Mensaje de texto/SMS via Smartphone / API XML Standard Messaging API - Standard Messaging API

    Hola me gustaria contactar a alguien que me pueda explicar como configurar y crear alarmas que puedan ser recibidas en los celulares por medio de PI. Tengo conocimientos basicos de PI, agradezco si me pueden orientar...
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  • PI AF Analysis Performance check calculation

    Hello experts ,   We would like to check performance of AF Analysis server for given addition of no of analysis on continuous basis. Is there any method available to assess performance of AF analysis server with...
  • Problems related PI AF Analysis calculation not reflecting on attribute

    Hello Experts ,   We are facing a problem related to PI AF Analysis calculations , where analysis output (both in roll up as well as expression) is not reflecting correctly and timely on attribute. We are gettin...
  • OSISoft AF Maintenance - Job

    Hello my friends.   I want to start a discussion about the OSISoft AF Maiantence JOB  of DB PIFD. For default this Job comes "disabled", i would like to know whats is the impact in AF's perf...
    created by thulio_lopes
  • How to reset a attribute value using analysis?

    Hello,   I have four perfmon interface service configured and I want to monitor its service through perfmon counters. My service names are: PIPerfmon1 PIPerfmon2 PIPerfmon3 PIPerfmon4 I created the tags wit...
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  • Custom symbol : not showing anything in display after dragging and dropping an attributes

    Hello,   I am very new to Pi Vision, followed the tutorial for the custom symbol with the hello world in the .html file. After finished, i tried to drag an attributes but it does not show the hello world text or...
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  • How to add Pi Vision dashboard in angular 4 application?

    Hi,   I have a requirement that, user should able to see his dashboard created using Pi Vision tool in Angular 4 web application. I have some Pi Vision dashboard URL like (https://my-url/PIVision/#/Displays/9/CP...
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  • PI Collective Performance Counter

    Hi All,   We have noticed that one of our PI collective Performance counters are not working. on investigation we found that under regedit.exe  path  "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Servi...
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  • How to move PI archive data, simplisticly

    As our PI System grows we see the following message from the NOC beginning to increase. Currently, moving archives is a manual task. I was wondering if anyone has developed code or an app that can be used to go throug...
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