• Asset Framework (AF) Accelerator solution

    Hello All,    I wanted to have a viewpoint on the Element Asset Framework Accelerator or AssetHub technology offered by Element or similar such offerings in the market. Unfortunately so far what I got was mo...
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  • PIProcessBook Application Not Working

    Generally, what may be the reason for the Application Error with respect to PI-MDB on Process Book Application.So, If we want to search some Shipment details on the Process Book, an error is popping out saying that PI...
    created by Krishnamoorthy
  • I need my access to OSISoft Customer care Portal

    I'm getting an error under this Portal.
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  • Power BI & PI System

    Hi PI enthusiasts! Have someone already did configure Power BI to connect to the PI System? Not through Excel (PI Datalink), but somehow directly? PI Integrator for Business Analytics? Yermek
    Yermek Naurzaly
    created by Yermek Naurzaly
  • error 11056

    I have a problem with some points on my SMT. As a consequence of that critical error code 11056, it does not save me some points. Someone has been the same. the architecture: the calculated data comes from a PLC to th...
    created by felipego
  • Execution Timeout Expired - Launching Cloud Environment

    Hi, I am registered for a course and was trying to launch Cloud Environment. Every time I start to launch it I get an alert message saying "Execution Timeout Expired. The Timeout period elapsed prior to completion of...
    created by Hasan@Invista
  • Event trigger analysis

    Hello Experts ,   We are working on project where we would like to calculate certain calculations on specific event. This event is sum calculations of 3 PI tags and when they are updated event will be trigger. U...
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  • Data Quality in PI AF Analysis

    Dear experts ,   PI AF is one of much used tool to check data quality for particular PI Tag coming in PI AF. However is there any possibility of having real time data substitution in PI AF which need not be stor...
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  • Analysis performance and running status in PI Vision

    Hello Experts ,   We are working to create a consolidated view of critical analysis status monitoring in PI Vision . This can be easily done through Management console of PI AF 2018 however can this be showcased...
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  • Calculation of daily , monthly and yearly in PI AF

    Hi Experts ,   Could you please let me know how can we achieve daily, monthly and yearly calculations in PI AF Analysis on continuous basis and archived. We are doing it with Tag tot function however not sure of...
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  • PI AF Analysis Performance check calculation

    Hello experts ,   We would like to check performance of AF Analysis server for given addition of no of analysis on continuous basis. Is there any method available to assess performance of AF analysis server with...
  • Problems related PI AF Analysis calculation not reflecting on attribute

    Hello Experts ,   We are facing a problem related to PI AF Analysis calculations , where analysis output (both in roll up as well as expression) is not reflecting correctly and timely on attribute. We are gettin...
  • PI to Azure SQL DB

    We would like to publish data from PI on-premises to Azure SQL Database through PI integrator for Business Analytics. When configuring the target, can we use TLS encryption and a custom port different from 1433?
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  • Authorization and Certificate Issue

    We have hosted a Web application in this VM on 443 and associated the certificate available. Below is the VM URL: https://dev-pisrv1.centralus.cloudapp.azure.com/piwebapi  1. When we try to access it from browser...
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  • Great and being motivated

    The leverage if Data is quite oriented 
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  • Port between AWS servers

    Hi All,   How to make a connection between two AWS Servers? I have installed PI server in one AWS server and OPC server+ OPC DA interface in another AWS server.    I want to know process to open ...
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  • OSISoft AF Maintenance - Job

    Hello my friends.   I want to start a discussion about the OSISoft AF Maiantence JOB  of DB PIFD. For default this Job comes "disabled", i would like to know whats is the impact in AF's perf...
    created by thulio_lopes
  • Custom symbol : not showing anything in display after dragging and dropping an attributes

    Hello,   I am very new to Pi Vision, followed the tutorial for the custom symbol with the hello world in the .html file. After finished, i tried to drag an attributes but it does not show the hello world text or...
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  • Pi to Pi in Push Mode

    Hi, how can I configure the alignment of the data between two PI servers in push mode?
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  • Osisoft with UA gateway

    Hi team,    I have a PI soft running on server.  I have a concentrator (a pc with a custom architecture made for this application) that will be connected in TCP/IP to this  PI Server   ...
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