• Smart Office São Paulo

      The Smart Office São Paulo project was developed by the Brazil Office with a focus on using the PI System to analyze the comfort conditions of the Office.   To collect data from different sites of...
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  • Become the data sponsor for the PI World 2018 San Francisco Programming Hackathon!

    Hello PI Geeks!   We are planning our next Hackathon at PI World 2018 where we expect tens of esteemed PI professionals, industry experts, and data scientists to compete. You can have your business challenge be ...
    Marcos Vainer Loeff
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  • AF Analytics –Analyzing an open Batch/Event in Real Time

    In response to user voice : https://feedback.osisoft.com/forums/555148-pi-server/suggestions/17219885-summary-calculations-over-event-frame-range https://feedback.osisoft.com/forums/555148-pi-server/suggestions/17219...
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  • Balancing on the Edge

    Please check out my blog post about balancing Edge vs Cloud computing and let me know your thoughts! http://www.osisoft.com/Blogs/Balancing-on-the-Edge/   Kind Regards, Jeremy
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  • Timestamps and the PowerShell Tools for the PI System

    Purpose I have seen quite a few questions and confusion over the last year regarding the timestamps returned when querying data using the PowerShell Tools for the PI System.  Specifically, that the timestamps re...
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  • Energy Efficiency and Alarms Management with IIoT using the PI System (Office Management)

              This post will contain an overview of an intern project designed to show the value of the PI System in a Facility context. The project was undertaken at the Montr...
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  • Why do I get repeated values in my tag data if Compression is on?

    First, if you haven't seen OSIsoft: Exception and Compression Full Details - YouTube, then go watch it now because the rest of this post assumes you have seen it.   I have gotten this question a few times from c...
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  • How to Create a Certificate Using Your Enterprise CA for PI Web-based Products

    Preamble Both PI Web API and PI Vision require an SSL certificate upon installation. The default installation will create a self-signed certificate, but users will see an ugly certificate error when navigating to it. ...
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  • Osi to the cloud

    So, we are moving the entire pi infrastructure to the cloud or at least are trying to... We are looking at IaaS and PaaS where possible. I'll write down my successes (and losses)  here to help the community mem...
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  • PI Web API: Getting multiple attributes with batch requests

    While developing web-based applications that leverage the PI Web API, I often find myself asking the following question: "How can I get all WebIds of a subset of attributes for all elements? One obvious use-case tha...
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  • PI System, SMB protocol (port 445), and 'WannaCry' Ransomware

    Windows file shares and other SMB services are favorite targets for worms and other malware. PI System core functionality does NOT require SMB. https://techsupport.osisoft.com/Troubleshooting/KB/KB01162   How...
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  • (PI) Security update

    Intro I figured it’s about time to write an updated version of my PI System Security blog. OSIsoft has done a lot of changes on security since 2014.   First we can take the question, why do you need to res...
    Jarita Sirois
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  • Some thoughts about (PB) calculation datasets

    I would like to share some thoughts about PI calculation datasets in ProcessBook and what would help us to keep – I’d rather say bring - them under control. Undoubtedly, datasets come in very handy for us...
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  • Excel Is Our Friend – Part I

    Excel Is Our Friend – Part I Navigating Excel So, what can I tell you about navigation in Excel? That there are tabs for sheets and scrollbars right and bottom? No, I want to highlight the less kno...
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  • Excel Is Our Friend – Part V

    Excel Is Our Friend – Part V Congratulations! You have escaped Interface Island! And if you are ever caught on another similar island, you have developed the survival skills to survive and eventually escape...
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  • Excel Is Our Friend – Part IV

    Excel Is Our Friend – Part IV While writing this blog series, I became consciously aware… my Dad knew that I didn’t know the names of those tools. I bet he was smiling to himself under the truc...
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  • Dell Gateway with PI System connects with Temperature sensors

    Introduction   In line with our partnership with Dell, our Systems Engineering team in Singapore received an opportunity to test out a Dell Edge Gateway unit for a short period. The Dell Edge Gateway is like a m...
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  • Current State of LazyPI (WebAPI Client)

    The LazyPI project was created to hopefully provide an API that feels more like the native AFSDK. The project has come along nicely and is ready for testing. Testing requires the development of Unit Tests and an acces...
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  • Why am I missing non-repeating values after setting compression deviation to zero?

    Most users assume that setting compression deviation to 0 will mean that even the smallest change in a tag's value is still archived and that repeated values are discarded. This assumption is valid for the vast majori...
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  • Monitoring Smart City Assets with the PI System (with Demo Video)!

    This post will contain an overview of an internship project designed to showcase the value of the PI System in a Smart City context. The project was undertaken at the Montreal OSIsoft office, by two interns – Ge...
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