• Access Flow of Various PI AF Server Features

    A common misconception that I encounter is that the PI AF Application Service (i.e. PI AF Server) connects to the PI Data Archive in order to service client and application requests. This short post is to demonstrate ...
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  • Configuration as Code for PI System Security: Introducing PI Security DSC

    As a PI System administrator, do you want to: use the same mechanism to secure both the OS and the applications running on it? maintain a baseline across numerous nodes and sites? have functional documentation that...
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  • Monitoring the health of your PI Connectors with Powershell and AF SDK

    As of the time of writing this, there are only a few ways I can think of to make sure that a connector is running and healthy.   Checking the tags that it is writing to and making sure they are updating. Checki...
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  • Learn How to Leverage OSIsoft Message Format (OMF) to Handle IoT Data Streams (PI World 2018 Hands-on Lab)

    Are you trying to capture data in the PI System from a new data source? Do you have picture or video data that needs to be analyzed and stored into PI? Are you interested in how you can get your IoT data into PI?...
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  • Happy belated World Backup Day!

    Hello all,   In honor of World Backup Day which recently passed this weekend on March 31, I thought it would be a good time to quickly remind the PI community to double check their backup configurations and stra...
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  • System Hardening and Configuration as Code: PI System Security Activities on Day 3 of PI World 2018!

    There are a couple options to learn about PI System hardening on day 3 of PI World 2018.  The session Extreme PI System Hardening in developer track 4 at 10:30 AM is a “How-To” session that will tak...
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  • Cyber Activity Targeting Energy and Other Critical Infrastructure Sectors

    US-CERT released the alert, Russian Government Cyber Activity Targeting Energy and Other Critical Infrastructure Sectors, on Thursday, March 15th.  The technical alert includes indicators of compromise (IOCs), te...
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  • Online Support via All Things PI

    Looking for help with a technical issue or challenge? All Things PI is your place for online support from OSI Technical Support, as well as fellow users!   Who is available on PI Square to help?   All of O...
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  • Bashing up a Gateway with OMF

    In the Perth office, we have a Dell Gateway 3003 set up for testing various Edge ideas. After wanting to learn bash for a while, I realised that a bash OMF script for reading/sending the values is a great little prob...
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  • Smart Office São Paulo

      The Smart Office São Paulo project was developed by the Brazil Office with a focus on using the PI System to analyze the comfort conditions of the Office.   To collect data from different sites of...
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  • Become the data sponsor for the PI World 2018 San Francisco Programming Hackathon!

    Hello PI Geeks!   We are planning our next Hackathon at PI World 2018 where we expect tens of esteemed PI professionals, industry experts, and data scientists to compete. You can have your business challenge be ...
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  • AF Analytics –Analyzing an open Batch/Event in Real Time

    In response to user voice : https://feedback.osisoft.com/forums/555148-pi-server/suggestions/17219885-summary-calculations-over-event-frame-range https://feedback.osisoft.com/forums/555148-pi-server/suggestions/17219...
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  • Balancing on the Edge

    Please check out my blog post about balancing Edge vs Cloud computing and let me know your thoughts! http://www.osisoft.com/Blogs/Balancing-on-the-Edge/   Kind Regards, Jeremy
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  • Timestamps and the PowerShell Tools for the PI System

    Purpose I have seen quite a few questions and confusion over the last year regarding the timestamps returned when querying data using the PowerShell Tools for the PI System.  Specifically, that the timestamps re...
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  • Energy Efficiency and Alarms Management with IIoT using the PI System (Office Management)

              This post will contain an overview of an intern project designed to show the value of the PI System in a Facility context. The project was undertaken at the Montr...
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  • Why do I get repeated values in my tag data if Compression is on?

    First, if you haven't seen OSIsoft: Exception and Compression Full Details - YouTube, then go watch it now because the rest of this post assumes you have seen it.   I have gotten this question a few times from c...
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  • How to Create a Certificate Using Your Enterprise CA for PI Web-based Products

    Preamble Both PI Web API and PI Vision require an SSL certificate upon installation. The default installation will create a self-signed certificate, but users will see an ugly certificate error when navigating to it. ...
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  • Osi to the cloud

    So, we are moving the entire pi infrastructure to the cloud or at least are trying to... We are looking at IaaS and PaaS where possible. I'll write down my successes (and losses)  here to help the community mem...
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  • PI Web API: Getting multiple attributes with batch requests

    While developing web-based applications that leverage the PI Web API, I often find myself asking the following question: "How can I get all WebIds of a subset of attributes for all elements? One obvious use-case tha...
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  • PI System, SMB protocol (port 445), and 'WannaCry' Ransomware

    Windows file shares and other SMB services are favorite targets for worms and other malware. PI System core functionality does NOT require SMB. https://techsupport.osisoft.com/Troubleshooting/KB/KB01162   How...
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