• (PI) Security update

    Intro I figured it’s about time to write an updated version of my PI System Security blog. OSIsoft has done a lot of changes on security since 2014.   First we can take the question, why do you need to res...
    Jarita Sirois
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  • How to Bind PI AF Element Attributes to PI Tags Without a Tag Naming Convention

    This article was written using a Virtual Learning Lab (VLE) virtual machine. If you have your own PI System, great! You're welcome to follow along with what you've got, but if you'd like to access the machine used to ...
    created by aduhig
  • Excel Is Our Friend – Part III

    Excel Is Our Friend – Part III Toolbox As I child I remember my Dad doing most of the auto repair himself. And if anyone was outside doing anything, I was there (a simpler time, before Xbox, even before ...
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  • Some thoughts about (PB) calculation datasets

    I would like to share some thoughts about PI calculation datasets in ProcessBook and what would help us to keep – I’d rather say bring - them under control. Undoubtedly, datasets come in very handy for us...
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  • Excel Is Our Friend – Part II

    Excel Is Our Friend – Part II Foundation Before diving into our subject matter too deeply, I need to be true to my words (from my “Welcome to Treasure Island”blog entry): “As I proceed...
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  • Excel Is Our Friend – Part I

    Excel Is Our Friend – Part I Navigating Excel So, what can I tell you about navigation in Excel? That there are tabs for sheets and scrollbars right and bottom? No, I want to highlight the less kno...
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  • Excel Is Our Friend – Part V

    Excel Is Our Friend – Part V Congratulations! You have escaped Interface Island! And if you are ever caught on another similar island, you have developed the survival skills to survive and eventually escape...
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  • Excel Is Our Friend – Part IV

    Excel Is Our Friend – Part IV While writing this blog series, I became consciously aware… my Dad knew that I didn’t know the names of those tools. I bet he was smiling to himself under the truc...
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  • Dell Gateway with PI System connects with Temperature sensors

    Introduction   In line with our partnership with Dell, our Systems Engineering team in Singapore received an opportunity to test out a Dell Edge Gateway unit for a short period. The Dell Edge Gateway is like a m...
    created by Nathawan
  • Current State of LazyPI (WebAPI Client)

    The LazyPI project was created to hopefully provide an API that feels more like the native AFSDK. The project has come along nicely and is ready for testing. Testing requires the development of Unit Tests and an acces...
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  • Why am I missing non-repeating values after setting compression deviation to zero?

    Most users assume that setting compression deviation to 0 will mean that even the smallest change in a tag's value is still archived and that repeated values are discarded. This assumption is valid for the vast majori...
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  • Monitoring Smart City Assets with the PI System (with Demo Video)!

    This post will contain an overview of an internship project designed to showcase the value of the PI System in a Smart City context. The project was undertaken at the Montreal OSIsoft office, by two interns – Ge...
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  • Hardware LifeCycles (OpenVMS)

    A couple years ago I posted articles inquiring as to the state of OpenVMS and PI System dependencies on OpenVMS within our PI System user community.  Now that a couple of years or so have passed - just the other ...
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  • OSIsoft's New Offices

    Have you seen the progress of construction for OSIsoft's new offices in the new San Leandro Tech Campus (SLTC) ?   Just this month the base of the sculpture Truth in Beauty was installed.  The building is a...
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  • Bow Tie for Cyber Security (0x02): Hardcore PI Coresight Hardening

    Bow Tie for Cyber Security Series:      0x01 - How to Tie a Cyber Bow Tie      0x02 - Hardcore PI Coresight Hardening <-- You are here.      0x03 - Att...
    Jarita Sirois
    created by Jarita Sirois
  • Check out the PI Security Audit Tools on GitHub

    In an effort to demystify PI security and help our customers assess the security posture of their systems, we’ve developed a tool to help baseline the security configuration of PI System components in the form o...
    created by asorokina
  • Welcome to PI Square – let the fun begin!

    Over the decades we’ve seen PI Systems used in many creative and valuable ways. Sharing tips and tricks discovered along the way is kind of fun.  So welcome to PI Square and let the fun begin!   One...
    Bryan Owen
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  • PI AF SDK with C# for Beginners - Chapter 4. - How to get a value form an attribute

    Last time we showed how to choose database and print some information. Today we will look on how to get an attribute value. So we reached the database already: PISystems myPIsystems = new PISystems(); AFDatabases myD...
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  • Bulk replace text in Excel files for cells, formulas, defined names, and VBA code

    Hi all,   I have created a .Net application that can help in the maintenance of PI Datalink Reports in Excel.   Some of you may find this extremely useful.   This program was developed out of the...
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  • How do I send a negative number to a digital state tag?

    There is no way to send a negative number directly to a digital PI tag. Or more accurately, sending a negative integer to a digital state tag will result in a system digital state being written to the tag. For more de...
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