• PI UFL Adding new Tagname using the data inside the a file

    Good day!   What I'm trying to achieve here is read a file containing tagname and its value,   Inside the file: Tag1,60 Tag2,30   I want to create Tag3 which is not inside the file, and Tag3 value ...
  • Is there a way to have a simple line chart for a profile in processbook?

    The profileView is ok, but just too much. I would just like to see a line chart that represents a cross-direction profile at a given timestamp in ProcessBook.
    created by chrismassie
  • Display Utility unable to retrieve displays

    Hi,   after the upgrade to PI Vision 2019 the Display Utility is unable to retrieve displays. What could be the cause for this?     Regards, Tomas
    Tomas Stark
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  • PI System Security Scripting

    We have developed and set our PI System Security on our initial PI System. We have additional systems to set as well. s there a way to script the PI System Security for setting up additional PI Systems?
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  • PI Integrator Sync Service

    What does the PI Integrator Sync service do? I see it as one of the services installed with PI Integrator, and it is on this diagram, but I can't find an explanation of its function.
    Steve Boyko
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  • Sending Notification without creating Analysis or EventFrame using .Net C# code

    Hello Team,   Greetings for the day!   Could some one suggest the way or .net C# code snippet to send an email directly without creating the analysis using AFSDK. I know I could do it using SMTP server det...
    last modified by jainc_paresh
  • Select all child attributes in DataLink

    I have an event frame with 5 parent attributes with identical child attributes as shown below:     In DataLink to select all the attributes I have to select the green selector and select each attribute fo...
    created by carpentercr
  • PI Data into AWS / Cloud?

    Hello everyone!   What is your recommendations getting sensor data real-time into AWS?  Do you think install PI in AWS virtual server and then having a PItoPI with the business PI server is a good way of do...
    last modified by Abu.Salam
  • Protect PI Vision code

    I want to protect my pi vision code from others. Is there is any way to protect it.
    last modified by SayaliAk
  • Lufkin Controller Dyna Card data to PI

    Hi   Any option to get the Lukin Controller(Beam Pump - Pump of controller) Dyna Card data to PI . The data is a vector data(Array ) how we can we store it in PI? The Controller is having Modbus TCP /IP connec...
    last modified by Afthab
  • Transferring DYNA CARD information to PI

    Hello All,   We all know about array's but has anyone transferred the DYNACARD information via OPC to PI? How did you store the data? How did you define the data in PI? Samples?
    last modified by nkrstic1
  • Proper syntax for PI Tag attribute criteria inside PI Builder search?

    I am using "Find PI Points" under PI Builder in Excel.  Is there documentation for proper syntax for specifying attribute criteria for this search?  I am able to guess the correct syntax most of the time, bu...
    created by gfmalek
  • Pi AF Point Source Default "AF"

    At Westrock we always use point source AF for any AF calculation. When creating a 1 off calc it defaults to point source "L". Is there a way someone can make it so we can edit the default point source? or be given the...
    last modified by BFowler
  • Test AF server is connecting to Production Analysis service

    Hi,   Currently our Test AF server (machine 1) is connecting to Production Analysis service server (machine 2) . We have a dedicated machine for Test Analysis service (Machine 3). Please let me know process to c...
    last modified by DURGAMALLESWARARAO

    Would like to compile a list of users using PI Data Link. How to track the list of PI Data Link users?
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  • Is there a way to retrieve pi point archives with engunits included via the piconfig utility (PI Server 2012)?

    I'm looking to retrieve a set of pi points and their archive records each day. I want to achieve this using the Piconfig utility and utilize a windows scheduled event to run a batch file daily. I'm hoping to export th...
    created by pmitch496
  • How to backfill data from eDNA data management into OSIsoft PI?

    We are looking to backfill several years of data from eDNA data management into PI.  OSIsoft recommends using the OSIsoft's OPC DA interface. Has anyone done this previously? What does the process look ...
    created by Mahalet-M
  • PIPutVal

    From 2015 until 6/18/2018, we've been able to use this application to write to PI tags with no issues.  Our site was purchased by another company and servers were replaced.  Since then, we've not been able t...
    created by jack.hinerman
  • Have you experienced a delay in loading the thumbnails in PI Vision?

    Every so often, when I open PI Vision for the first time in the day, the loading of the thumbnails takes between 30 - 45 seconds. In that period I cannot open any of the displays until the thumbnails appear. Have you ...
    created by jamespr
  • Problem with opcint service

    Hello.   We have next configuration on OPC getaway:   PC on Windows 10, Osisoft opc inerface ver   We have connecton with some device by Ethernet, but throw com mapping device (Mod...
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