• PI Name Version and PI Number Version List

    Is there a place were I can look at corresponding PI Name Version and correspondent PI Number Version Osisoft products?     I am interested in PI Data Archive, PI AF, PI Notifications and PI Vision Version ...
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  • PI Vision - Asset comparision table

    Hey , I have an asset comparision table  that is referencing  child attibutes  that has (1day,1week,1 month) values of a particular tag that is populated using an analysis.  And the val...
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  • How to change PI tag trends from Step chart to Line chart?

    Hello All, I created a PI tag (with PI Builder) and I would like its trend to be represented as a Line Chart instead of a Step Chart. Currently this is what I see on PI Processbook:  But I would rather have ...
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  • Proper syntax for PI Tag attribute criteria inside PI Builder search?

    I am using "Find PI Points" under PI Builder in Excel.  Is there documentation for proper syntax for specifying attribute criteria for this search?  I am able to guess the correct syntax most of the time, bu...
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  • Store Event Frame Duration as an Attribute

    Hey PI Square,   I am a new PI AF user working on an event frame.  The event frame works and I'm able to capture the duration however I do not have a way to see it as an attribute that I can use in PI Visio...
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  • Why does this work? - Decimal to Binary Conversion in AF

    All,  I used KB01940 to split a 16 bit register coming from a modbus device into individual alarms.  The formula of:   ABS('Integer' and 2^0)/2^0 ABS('Integer' and 2^1)/2^1 ABS('Integer' and 2^3...
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  • How to configure AF linked table data from SAP?

    Hi There,   A lot of examples are there when it comes to exporting PI data to SAP specially with the new integrator, but I couldn't find examples for configuring an AF table to be populated from SAP for equipmen...
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  • Have you experienced a delay in loading the thumbnails in PI Vision?

    Every so often, when I open PI Vision for the first time in the day, the loading of the thumbnails takes between 30 - 45 seconds. In that period I cannot open any of the displays until the thumbnails appear. Have you ...
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  • Protect PI Vision code

    I want to protect my pi vision code from others. Is there is any way to protect it.
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  • PI UFL Adding new Tagname using the data inside the a file

    Good day!   What I'm trying to achieve here is read a file containing tagname and its value,   Inside the file: Tag1,60 Tag2,30   I want to create Tag3 which is not inside the file, and Tag3 value ...
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  • PI Tag Configurator

    I have version 2.1.4 running on Windows 10 using office 365.   On my laptop it still works but on my Desktop The pop-up window is mostly blank.  I had my desktop re-imaged then reloaded the software....
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    Hi members,  I would like to ask you if you know what is the best method to import a Table from Excel o Access to PI System Explorer Library and have it updated all the time, without the need of "import" every t...
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  • Average values based on time stamps of several tags - PE

    Hi, I have 10 tags and I need to formulate a dynamic average according to the date of the tag values. That is, if only 3 tags have today's date, average only the values of those 3 tags. If only 5 tags have value until...
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  • PI System Security Scripting

    We have developed and set our PI System Security on our initial PI System. We have additional systems to set as well. s there a way to script the PI System Security for setting up additional PI Systems?
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  • PI Analyses show Calc Failed

    Does AF Analyses 2016R2 have limit on nested formulas? For complex formula, it showed Calc Failed. When I changed it to something simpler, it worked.
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    Good afternoon members of OSIsoft,  I would like to ask you about a question about operational running of PI System Explorer Analysis. My situation is the following: 1. As you can see in the slide1, the analy...
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  • Can't find AFServer Service Type for Kerberos Delegation

    Hello all!   I tried to configure Kerberos constrained delegation but couldn't find the AFServer service type. I have tried adding the AF Server Computer as well as the domain account under which it runs.  ...
    Guilherme Ferreira
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  • Display Utility unable to retrieve displays

    Hi,   after the upgrade to PI Vision 2019 the Display Utility is unable to retrieve displays. What could be the cause for this?     Regards, Tomas
    Tomas Stark
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  • Is there a way to have a simple line chart for a profile in processbook?

    The profileView is ok, but just too much. I would just like to see a line chart that represents a cross-direction profile at a given timestamp in ProcessBook.
    created by chrismassie
  • PI Integrator Sync Service

    What does the PI Integrator Sync service do? I see it as one of the services installed with PI Integrator, and it is on this diagram, but I can't find an explanation of its function.
    Steve Boyko
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