• Which Online Platform does your company use?

    We are trying to get a feel for the adoption of the online platforms Office365 and Google Sheets.     If you would like, please vote below if you are using either platform.   If possible,...
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  • PI Vision 2017 Display - asset drop down ( current) VS normal search box

    Hello ALL,   Several months back I have asked for a simple search box instead drop down/scroll /page turn /search function in a display mode. There was a discussion started and honestly for us that have thousand...
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  • Vote for the New Name for Users Conference 2018!

    PI System Community:   We are looking for an exciting name for the OSIsoft Users Conference and would like your input!   As the conference grows, it is important that all of our audiences, from users to de...
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  • PI Manual Logger Web platform

    What platform do you you use PI Manual Web on?
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  • Currently, you cannot automatically import PIW files from PI ProcessBook into PI Coresight. Does that prevent you from using PI Coresight?

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  • What new online courses would you like to see?

    Let us know what content you're interested in for a future online course! Please vote for any of the suggestions below or add your own in the comments section.
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  • Twitter account - from OSIsoft or #OSIsoft

    I'm curious about which Twitter feed you all would prefer, either the OSIsoft official twitter feed (@OSIsoft) https://twitter.com/OSIsoft or all OSIsoft mentions (#OSIsoft) https://twitter.com/search?q=%23OSIsoft&...
    Jarita Sirois
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