• Reconciliation of event frames

    Hi All,   Is there any way to stop Event Frame Reconciliation ? It is reconciling since ages.  
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  • How to calculate Steady State on Temp

    Hello,   Im very new to AF and was hoping someone can assit me around which function and function code i need to use to get the required Steady State output.   I need to calculate the 'Steady State' temper...
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  • Need to why PE expression TAGTOT & TAGAVG generates the same value

    Need to why PE expression TAGTOT & TAGAVG generates the same value
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  • PI Connector Create INI file for XML files

      Hi all,   I hope somebody could point me in the right direction as I'm on hold already for a few days. I am trying to write an INI file for a PI connector to read an XML file and create PI points. ...
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  • need help with ini file UFL interface

    dear community.... I need your help ! it has been a long time since my last time I played with the UFL interface and I'm stuck .... tips and tricks are welcome to make my code work   The warning message in the ...
    Robin Verhoek
    created by Robin Verhoek
  • CompMax not updating in time

    Hi. We have occurrences where CompMax is not updating on time on nodes with slow connection.  Example: CompMax is set to 8 hours, but we haven't received data from that tag the last 10 hours. Other tags fro...
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  • Cannot access customer portal

    Getting "You do not have access to this page." when I try to access https://customers.osisoft.com/. Help?
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  • Help with FindGT function

    Hello   I’m having trouble using the FindGT function. Id like to see the time stamp of a tag when the 5 minute average is greater than 103100. I’ve searched for examples of this being used and I...
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  • LiveLibrary Issues

    Is there any way to get this resolved? This issue of the spinning "Loading" for the Live Library site has been going on for a while. Clearing my browser cache seems to help for a few minutes, but the problem comes bac...
    Steve Boyko
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  • Tag not updating immediately in destination PI Server using PItoPI Interface.

    Hi All,   This is regarding a PI to PI Interface. When we create a new tag in the destination PI Server which is already collecting real time values in the source PI Server, we are not getting the values fo...
    created by Sriram.Amirapu
  • PI Vision Database configuration page showing error

    While accessing PI Vision admin page, on the Database configuration page, we see the cross mark (X) error. However, we are not facing any see any issue with the application as such but for our unde...
    created by DeepGupta
  • Cloning PI Servers

    I know that the learning environment that Osisoft PI  is on the cloud. My question is, are these PI servers cloned images of a golden copy? Do these clones have different server IDs? If we want to clone servers i...
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  • 2019 DataLink Invalid Assembly

    When trying to access current values for the tags (Ex:Sinusoid etc) in Datalink. I'm getting error "Failed to load PI Point plugin; attempting to load an assembly with an invalid signature"   But am able to...
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  • System Digital State - Calc Failed

    Hi, I updated a table to cache daily. Values from this table are then referenced to create a 15m average calculation of many pi points.  When I did this, every one of these Pi points started to throw a 'calc fa...
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  • How to download pi server

    How to download pi server
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  • Getting "Resize to show all values" in Excel

    I am using "Sampled Data" to call data with an adjustable Start/End time that is entered using cells. When I change these times, the output cells are updated.  However, if the array is larger than it was previous...
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  • PI System Infrastructure Accreditation

    Even if I have completed all the courses for obtaining accreditation as a PI System Infrastructure Specialist, but I am not getting its certification. Can someone please tell me the steps or what more needs to be...
    created by k.ankush
  • buffer subsystem cfg Pi server state is remaining registered not change to sending

    Hello everyone I am trying since 3 days In buffer subsystem cfg Pi server state is remaining registered not change to sending And in watchlog of interface It is showing APIBUFFER: Unable to open shared memory buffer ...
    created by VANDAN
  • PI Count Issues

    I Can't get the following PI Expression to count correctly.   If PrevVal('3ZN1:B52.CIN','*') = "Normal"  and TagVal('3ZN1:B52.CIN','*')= "Firing" then 'U3_SHOCK_FIRING_COUNT'+1 else 'U3_SHOCK_FIRING_COUNT' ...
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  • Quantifying tank level change when increasing

    I am trying to determine how much the level in my tank rises each time it increases. I would like to do this over a long period of time, so I do not want to do If statements on datalink to see if it increases, and the...
    created by noah2burchell