• UFL is not processing one tag

    Hi,   UFL interface is able to fetch all tags (~20 tags) expect one tag which is added to this interface around 3 months ago. Tag configuration is as same as for tags which are working fine. Team is entering val...
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  • PI Notification PI Vision display screenshot "broken image"

    We are having a problem in setting a Notification email that will send a screenshot of a display. It only send a broken image and there is no actual sreenshot is being attachd in the email.   I already done thi...
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  • PI SDK 2014 and PI Server 2018SP3

    Hi All, We have a C# app in windows developed several years ago using the PISDK (PISDK_2014 R2). Has been used on many projects without problems.   I just want to check that the app will still work with PI...
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  • PI Notifications to SMS / Chat via Webservice call?

    Is anyone using the Webservice call functionality in PI Notifications to send messages to SMS maybe including Teams, Skype, or phone chat?  What were the challenges entailed here? 
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  • PI Point Value = Configure

    What does it mean if a PI point shows up as bad with a value "Configure"
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  • PI Tags reading 'Configure' after PI OPC interface restart

    @Hello All, We have recently configured new PI tags to read data from an OPC interface. Post interface configuration, most of the PI tags were getting good data. However after scheduled reboot of the interface node, ...
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  • How to detect if Analysis is triggered live or backfilling/recalculating?

    A very simple question, and I have some ideas as to possible approaches, but I thought this might also be useful for some others:   What is the best way to find out in an Analysis if this Analysis is being trigg...
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  • Event Frame values at StartTime not working with non-PI Point DR attributes?

    Hi all   I'm creating event frames and will do table lookups to collect some time series data which exist for the duration of the EF. One of the values I need to do the lookup is a guid, which is another ta...
    Asle Frantzen
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  • Transpose Asset Comparison Table

    Hello,    Is there an option to transpose an asset comparison table in Pi Vision? This wasn't the case two years ago, so I want to know if this feature was added, and if so, what are the steps?   ...
    created by RachelleV
  • Display Unit for Calculation in PI Vision 2020

    Hi There,    How can i show the calculation unit in PI Vision? The PI tag I choose is already have the unit but it does not show in calculation.  
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  • Dynamic Table

    Hello,    I am interested in creating a dynamic table that includes merged cells and color coding. I interested in the structure of the table. Please see attached for example. Is there a way to create this ...
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  • PI UFL Interface error "Undefined PI Point"

    Hello to all. I am currently having issues while trying to import some data, using PI UFL, into some pre-defined and pre-created PI Points. These were created using PI Builder and, as in below, they exist. I have loo...
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  • Error using Table Lookup Attribute in AF with variable from up the element tree (..\..\)

    Current problem: I am trying to map an integer alarm value to string reason code in AF using a table look-up attribute.  I have created a table that relates these strings by  SYSTEM (table) -> Asset Code ...
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  • Hourly production

    Hi Everyone,  Well i have a doubt about and if you could give me a trick or a better way to how to do more easy and optimal a follow-up of the production of tons that leave SAGs mills every hour and that this doe...
    created by Pablo_M_R
  • Merge Cells in Pi Vision Table

    Hello,    I would like to create an asymmetrical table in Pi Vision. This means that I would like to merge cells to create the attached table? Is there an option to do this Pi Vision?   Also, is there...
    created by RachelleV
  • PI AF Event triggered values

    Hi,   Sebastien Raposo   I have created an Event Trigger scheduling tag but still it is reading continuous repeating values as like input tag. We have a pump status input tag which is reading 1 (running) o...
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  • total calculation of an irregular weight descent

    hi everyone, would it be possible to know the sum of these weight descents by calculation? I tried several calculations but using either the tagval or the tagmax-tagmin I didn't get the result. this weight increases f...
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  • Get Timestamp from filename

    Good Day,   I want to create a PI UFL interface but in the data file is the timestamp in 10@00 indicated. So for example 10@00 means 10:00:00 and 10^00 means 10:00:30. The filename is for example 2#0...
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  • UFL interface, reprocessing file

    HI All,   Due the DST changes, we have data that needs to corrected after changing the UFL interface configuration to the new offset. How can we correct the historical data with the new offset?   1) can w...
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  • AF server logs

    Hi Team,   Do the AF server log who has logged into a DB and who has not? LIke if i have XYZ AF DB, can i get a log that says vinit has logged on that AF ? or tat would be possible only if we enable that extra ...
    created by VinitShah