• System Digital State - Calc Failed

    Hi, I updated a table to cache daily. Values from this table are then referenced to create a 15m average calculation of many pi points.  When I did this, every one of these Pi points started to throw a 'calc fa...
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  • How to download pi server

    How to download pi server
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  • Getting "Resize to show all values" in Excel

    I am using "Sampled Data" to call data with an adjustable Start/End time that is entered using cells. When I change these times, the output cells are updated.  However, if the array is larger than it was previous...
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  • How to calculate Steady State on Temp

    Hello,   Im very new to AF and was hoping someone can assit me around which function and function code i need to use to get the required Steady State output.   I need to calculate the 'Steady State' temper...
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  • PI System Infrastructure Accreditation

    Even if I have completed all the courses for obtaining accreditation as a PI System Infrastructure Specialist, but I am not getting its certification. Can someone please tell me the steps or what more needs to be...
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  • buffer subsystem cfg Pi server state is remaining registered not change to sending

    Hello everyone I am trying since 3 days In buffer subsystem cfg Pi server state is remaining registered not change to sending And in watchlog of interface It is showing APIBUFFER: Unable to open shared memory buffer ...
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  • PI Count Issues

    I Can't get the following PI Expression to count correctly.   If PrevVal('3ZN1:B52.CIN','*') = "Normal"  and TagVal('3ZN1:B52.CIN','*')= "Firing" then 'U3_SHOCK_FIRING_COUNT'+1 else 'U3_SHOCK_FIRING_COUNT' ...
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  • Quantifying tank level change when increasing

    I am trying to determine how much the level in my tank rises each time it increases. I would like to do this over a long period of time, so I do not want to do If statements on datalink to see if it increases, and the...
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  • Pi Vision - Multistate - Color changes

    Pi Vision - MultiState - Can't change colors due to so many values. I apologize for all the pictures, but I wanted to emphasize all the values. Hopefully I posted in correct forum area too.
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  • Http header in PI connector for UFL

    Hi everyone, I have been trying to add Http header in the datasource.config.json file for the ufl connector. below is the error code that I am getting. I am not sure some other changes are also required, I not sure ...

    Dear Experts,   I have problem with PI HTML. I have tried to get data from website and came across this error "Downloading HTML from <URL> timed out, scan skipped"   From ICU, the URL can b...
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  • Pick one value from duplicate timestamp

    Hi ,    i have an issue where two values are being written to the same timestamp. The values are 0,1 and -255. The PI tag displays in SMT and AF;   0, 12:00:00 1, 12:05:00 -255, 12:05:00 0, 12:10:...
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  • PI ProcessBook VBA

    Community, Can anyone help with reference code to fetch tags(XYZ) in Processbook dataset expression and replace all the tags name by prefixing a string(A:XYZ) for each tag in a display. I coul...
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  • Is it possible to see a list of the questions I have asked?

    You would think with so many questions asked every day that it would be a requirement that users be able to find the questions they have asked.  If the capability exists on the site it is well hidden.
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  • Comparing Timestamps in AF Analysis

    I have been having an issue that is very frustrating and I am wondering if anyone else has had some similar issue or if these was an established method for this I just cant find.   We have some PI Point att...
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  • UFL is not processing the data for few tags

    Hi, The UFL Interface is able to fetch the data for around 300 tags but for few tags it is not processing.Tag configuration is as same as for tags which is working fine and tag security is also inline.CSV format is a...
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  • PI UFL Connector - Rest server API Key

    Can someone please help me in understanding that how does  Rest Server API Key and Rest Server Basic data source type works in PI Connector for UFL , If possible please share some examples. I searched on th...
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  • Just Getting Started, Anyone have some Tips?

    Hi All!   I'm just getting started using OSIsoft PI applications for large scale data analytics, and I wanted to know what tips and tricks this community might have to offer. Are there any neat tricks that might...
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  • Event frame starts 10 minutes after start condition is True - why?

    I've created an event frame start trigger which is; Tag1 = Preval(tag)   This works but starts only 10 minutes after the value has changed in PI. I've checked the PI data and it corresponds with when the 2nd va...
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  • Digital State Set x AF Enumeration Set Size Limits

    Hi!   It has come to my knowledge that although I can create a Digital State Set with the size I want (32768 states) there actually is a size cap of 16384 states... The thing is I'm now using 15 bits in the OPCP...
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