• How safe to delete a specific archive/snapshot value for multiple tags using pi config commands

    we have x100 of manual tags for which there is one value(lets say-99999) was written before but we would like to delete that archive/snapshot value for using safest methods available. I prefer to do this using Pi conf...
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  • UOM Backup

    Hello, I want to delete some UOMs that I do not use in my production server. Before that, I would like to do a back-up of my UOMs in case of wrong removal. So I went in "Unit of measure", then "File", then "export to...
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  • PI Development Selection Tool

    Hi everyone. My name is Daniel Trosa and I am a Software Co-Op at Corning Inc. I am currently developing an app which will serve as a tool to aid users and developers to gain an idea as to what PI technology (PI AFSDK...
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  • Closing Criteria for a Short Event Frame

    I'm trying to set up a low flow notification for a tank. If the average flow is less than 50 gpm (white noise) 20 min after 7:15 AM, PI should send an email to me, and I will remind the operator to start the tank...
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  • Visualization Best Practices

    Our Visualization Best Practices Team has been charged with documenting Visualization Best Practices. Visualization covers displays and reporting and multiple visualization tools (PI Vision, Datalink, ProcessBook, etc...
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  • PI Connector Create INI file for XML files

      Hi all,   I hope somebody could point me in the right direction as I'm on hold already for a few days. I am trying to write an INI file for a PI connector to read an XML file and create PI points. ...
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  • Listbox in a Processbook display all black when display saved as image file.

    I have a Processbook (2015 R2 SP1) display with a Microsoft Forms 2.0 Listbox control. The Listbox is populated with tabular data by VB macros. The Listbox appears normal in the display, when in Run mode or Build mode...
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  • PI Resolver Offline issue

    Hello to all. I am a new user in PI, although I have been getting along. At the moment I found an issue that I cannot overcome. I'll explain it briefly: So I am using PI UFL to try to import data to from csv files ...
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  • PI Network Manager

    While I open Pi SMT I always get this error:  "Generic rpc error connecting to server phegca-sp320003: Could not establish a connection to PI Network Manager" Any idea?
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  • PaaS option

     VMs being the only option to host PI Data Archive 2016 R2 ? Can we use any PaaS option can be used or not.
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  • Reference from event frame to child attribute

    Hi, is there any way to reference a child attribute from an event frame? I have looked at the resources in Indirect PI point references, and the guide in this thread Asset Framework Tips and Tricks. Assuming extende...
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  • Using MUI impacts the date format in PI System Explorer

    Hi All, OSISoft has just released PI Asset Framework (AF) 2018 SP3 Patch 3 with a few interesting fixes & features. Unfortunately, in the newly released MUI Language Pack one very important fix has not...
    Moshe Sabag
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  • If statement

    I am trying to put if statements with multiple conditions using PI calculation Data. The goal is to have the statement goes to (0) if all the conditions are true, and it shall go to (1) if any is false. ...
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  • PI Notifications to SMS / Chat via Webservice call?

    Is anyone using the Webservice call functionality in PI Notifications to send messages to SMS maybe including Teams, Skype, or phone chat?  What were the challenges entailed here? 
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  • PI4BA User Activity Log

    In the Pi Integrator for Business Analytics, is there a place the Admin can view users activity with regard to creation of new views and updates to current views? 
    created by schennum
  • PI Vision 2020 - how communicates with PI and AF

    Hello, with a new version PI Vision 2020 is not needed PI Web API to transfer data from PI Data Archive and AF servers. How PI Vision 2020 communicates with theese servers now? Thank you in advance. Best regards, Tom
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  • Highlight Scale Range and Hide AF Attributes name in Trend PI vision

    Hello Friends,   I am designing a display in PI Vision. The AF Attribute range starts from 1 to 40K and i load that attribute in Trend and other 2 AF Attributes are there like a threshold levels (for eg : 25000 ...
    created by dyuuv
  • Power BI & PI System

    Hi PI enthusiasts! Have someone already did configure Power BI to connect to the PI System? Not through Excel (PI Datalink), but somehow directly? PI Integrator for Business Analytics? Yermek
    Yermek Naurzaly
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  • PIAnalysisProcessor Crashing

    Has anyone else come across the problem of the PIAnalysisProcessor task crashing? I seem to regularly get this occurring in my system, but then it can run overnight without any issues. So maybe its the fact that I am ...
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  • PI UFL Connector - Rest server API Key

    Can someone please help me in understanding that how does  Rest Server API Key and Rest Server Basic data source type works in PI Connector for UFL , If possible please share some examples. I searched on th...
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