• PI tag for PI PINGConnector

    Hi,   We are using PI PING connector to monitor security devices and their operation. I have observed  one AF attribute is using wrong PI tag hence created a PI tag based on the reference PI tags since requ...
  • Bye bye SINUSOID...

    For decades, SINUSOID was the a key companion in our PI lives. But now SINUSOID is starting early retirement... https://customers.osisoft.com/s/knowledgearticle?knowledgeArticleUrl=kA01I00000079SKSAY    PS...
    Roger Palmen
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  • Changes in Pi Vision 2019 related to Pi WebAPI

    Does the new version of PI Vision has any major changes related to the WEB API service.  I have worked on some custom symbol which are making web api calls, ajax requests. That is why I am curious if there are a...
  • Turn around time in Processbook display

    Hi,   I need turn around time in processbook display as like below. Can we add an attribute in PI AF with some particular date and subtract with current date in processbook display?      Thanks...
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  • Import bulk tag configuration using PI builder

    Hi,   How to import bulk tag configuration using PI Builder. Earlier I used pi tag configurator for importing or exporting tag configuration. I can edit or create bulk tag using PI builder but can't see an optio...
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  • Notification / Acknowledgement with escalation

    I know about notification with acknowledgement and escalation if the first Email group doesn't respond within a given time.    Question: Is it possible to have 3 levels within a notification ?? - first group...
    Robin Verhoek
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  • Auto backfilling

    Hi,   Do we have an option to auto backfill particular calculations whenever having new data or once in a week?   Reason: The price is updated manually to tags every week so we are backfilling calcula...
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  • Change Attribute's Name

    Is it possible to change an Attribute's name, without breaking the links to its associated Vision displays?
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  • Computer Name Change

    Hi. I have a PI Server with computer name as "PISRV01" with SQL, PI AF Server and PI Data Archive installed.   Now I want to change the computer name to "PI-SRV-01". After changing the computer name , what all...
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  • Filter Expression

    I am looking for options on filtering samples based on timestamp difference between two consecutive samples. Tried few expressions but am getting syntax error.   Example : I would like to get sample count for ...
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  • which ports should be opened between PI OPC DA interface and PI Data Archive

    Hi Everyone   which port should be opened between PI OPC DA interface and PI Data Archive except 5450? thanks in advance for your answer and help.
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  • Event Frame and analysis

    HI All,   Below is the scenario: Event frames closes at 5.59.59AM. EF uses output attributes, these attributes are then used in analysis   Analysis runs at 6.00AM.   Could some one please provide s...
    created by Vinit_J_shah
  • Not able to generate license for PI Data Archive using Trail Version Code

    Hi Everyone,   We have registered for PI Trail Version using https://registrations.osisoft.com/s/    With trail number which you have provided. We are able to download the products but not the license...
    created by PUJARI
  • How to give PI AF element level read /write access with only read access to the AF Database

    Is it necessary to give AF database write access to modify any particular AF element ? I want to give write access to an element to modify it in AF. So do I need to give write access to the AF database as well ?(...
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  • HTTP Error 503

    I don't have access to PI Vision, I use normally PI Process book, PI Data Link without problem, Them works.    When I try to access PI Vision it doesn't work. What could be the reason?  
    created by CrisFeliSiu
  • How many times did I see this value?

    We have several packaging lines and each line has several pieces of packaging equipment. Most of the packaging equipment generates a fault code when it detects a fault condition and these are captured by the PI System...
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  • PI Screens (ProcessBook) conversion into PI Vision

    Hi Community,   I have prepared several PI screens with ProcessBook 2015. I would like to make them available to other collegues via PI Vision. Is that possible to convert my screens with any available tool? If ...
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  • Analysis error: Sum daily into monthly values

    We created a PI point that stores the daily values coming from an analysis. This analysis is triggered at midnight. This analysis turns a real time measurements into one daily value by using the TagTot function. &#...
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  • Time Zone in Web API not Working

    Hi There,   In the following examples the returned timestamp for 04:00 PM here in Qatar is coming as '2019-11-20T12:00:00Z' which looks like UTC! I compared the values with Data Link and the values match the tim...
    created by eradwan
  • PI-Python connection

    I tried to use PIconnect and PIthon, both in jupyter notebook. But, when I ran "Import PIconnect as PI" and/or "piServers = PIServers() piServer = piServers.DefaultPIServer; " , I got the message: "The kernel appear...
    created by gleon