• Water System Demand Curves in AF

    Does anyone have experience creating demand curves for a water system using mass balance in asset framework? I'm particularly interested in the methodology of the mass balance vis a vis sampling times and calculation ...
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  • Error: Value at This Time Already Exists

    Hello. I have many error messages on PI log messages such us:   9/18/2014 3:56:54.36601 PM, , Error, PIarcmgr::addevent failed, mode: 0 ptid: 70067 recid: 248405 status: [-109] Value at This Time Already Ex...
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  • Authentication method is disabled by current server policy

    On the PI2012 test version I lost connection to the PI server. When I connect to the PI server in PISMT the message "Authentication method is disabled by current server policy" I tried next commands to solve the...
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  • Pi Archive with different Value for same timestamp

    Hello everybody, Currently i found some discrepancies in the PI archive data.  From SMT when i exported to excel i found that , for a same tag there are different values for same timestamp. Can somebody hel...
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  • Real-Time data from the Data Archive

    Is there a way to read data in real-time from the Data Archive and output it in OPC UA?  I understand that the OPC DA server can do this, but it is OPC DA and I am wondering if there is an OPC UA alternative....
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  • PI ActiveView in SharePoint 2013

    Hello!  I am using PI ActiveView in SharePoint 2013 and have the following question: is it normal when I load a file pdi automatically open PI ProcessBook.?
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  • System Integrator login

    I am unable to access many of the areas of the website, since my login account is no longer linked to any PI licenses. As a system integrator, this frustrates my efforts to plan and design new builds for new clients ...
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  • Server Internal Error on Customer Website

    Hello Team,   I've been a big part of the morning trying to read some KBA on the website and I'm just getting the error mentioned below:     I'm posting this note just to inform of the situation. &#...
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  • Recalc a totalizer tag

    How do you recalc a totalizer tag?  Anyone know?
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  • PI SDK Utility displays an error says: Failed to register a server with pibufss!

    Hello everyone,   When I launch PI SDK Utility, it displays an error in the important log messages screen that says:   "Failed to register a server with pibufss. [-30701] PIbufss unable to buffer due...
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  • A Digital Plant Template for transforming raw data into Operational Insights.

    A Digital Plant Template example.   These operational insights are generated automatically using PI Analytics and Event Frames. All process units for an industrial complex are evaluated for their operating modes...
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  • Happy Pi Day

    Happy PI Day to everyone who are part this PI world
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  • Testing

    Eugene Lee
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  • restricted security for members is the company domain

    Hi, we are facing a problem with PI archive security, we were asked to have a group of persons with read access only to a few tags, since we have a mapping for all domain users, creating a new one for those persons is...
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  • Export data from ListBox to Excel

    Hi guys,   I have created a listbox in PB, and want to export the data continuously in an excel sheet. Is that possible? I couldn't find a suitable way to do this. Any suggestions?   Thanks!  
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  • Gestamp Transforming Automotive Industry with Big Data

    Here is a video from Gestamp at PI World Barcelona that the events team suggested should be shared because of it's great value. You can find:   Industry 4.0 and trends affecting the future of manufacturing Impo...
    Jarita Sirois
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  • EMDVB Interface Configuration

    Hi guys!   Mora than a question, this topic is a request. It is possible (or maybe it is already available) to create a video that demostrate the uses and configuration of the Template system in the PI EMDBV ...
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  • PI integration with Google Spreadsheets

    Hi all,   I'm new to working with PI and was wondering if there was a way to pull specific data points from PI and display them in a Google Spreadsheet? Basically, I'm looking for similar functionality to Dat...
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  • Remove Bad Snapshot Value

    I've recently found a lightly maintained PI system that I'm trying to nurse back to health.  During the process, I've discovered that sometime in the past, someone must have accidentally changed the system date t...
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  • Epic Fail Of The Day

    Copy an analysis out to Notepad to edit it because it to too long to see on the edit window and wonder why Intellisense isn't finishing my attribute or variable names as I type...
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