• Scheduled Task with Calls to PI fails from service account

    I have a spreadsheet that has some VBA code that I want to execute once a day every day.  Under Windows, I can configure up a scheduled task that correctly launches the spreadsheet, queries PI saves the results t...
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  • Continuous Sampled Data in Excel - Error and Help?

    Hi Everyone,   I'm currently developing a set of workbooks to calculate run hours and starts for different pieces of equipment at our plants.  I've been formatting my spreadsheets the same way for years, so...
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  • Error using Processbook VBA to execute pisn_putsnapshotx

    I have a processbook file with some VBA code to write a value back to the PI server. This code has worked in the past, but now pisn_putsnapshotx is giving me an error 2. I can't seem to find an explanation for th...
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  • RDBMS Insert Into Oracle

    I am trying to use the RDBMS interface to insert data into Oracle including a couple of date fields. Within the insert, the date is represented as: to_date(?,'DD-MON-RR HH24:MI:SS'). The parameter being passed ...
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  • Accreditation

    Hi , I see the below message when I try the accreditation page "https://partners.osisoft.com/s/ ":- "Partner Onboarding is unavailable due to maintenance from February 14th through February 24th. Please return ...
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  • PI BA Integrator backfilling not working Intermittently 

    Hi Community,   From couple of days we are noticing issues with backfilling on BA Integrator.   Current BA and AF version   Error we are getting while backfilling the data.   "S...
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  • Elements missing in the PI Vision AF database tree while the PI Web API Crawler is indexing

    Experts,  I need your help to figure out what kind of workaround can be done for the below Known Issue in PI Vision. https://customers.osisoft.com/s/knowledgearticle?knowledgeArticleUrl=VisionMissingAFElementsNo...
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  • Periodic data loss

    Hello everyone,   In my system I am running the PI UFL Connector that is requesting data every 10 minutes or so through an API. Strangely enough, since last week the system has been making periodic error. I noti...
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  • Data Source to Pi

    How does Pi pull data from a data source such as Rockwell or Allen-Bradley equipment?   I want to understand how the process goes for starting to pull information from a particular equipment that is not connecte...
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  • Transfers

    Hi, does anyone use the transfer function in PI AF to manage transfers between tanks? if so, could you give me some real world examples on how to use and setup?   Thanks
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  • ACEHASyncTag point source?

    We have five ACE calculations deployed in our system . While searching for tags,I found these with a descriptor of "ACE HA Syncronization tag; do NOT delete:      Tag Name ...
    Arti Rajagopalan
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  • OPC Server on ABB 800xA

    Hi,   I am looking to use the OPC-DA, OPC-HDA, OPC-AE, and 800xA interfaces to capture data from an ABB 800xA System. From what I could gather online, ABB requires an additional license ("OPC Client Connectio...
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  • SAP PM Notification

    Hello All,   Is there anyone who has worked on SAP PM notification through PI Asset Framework. Can someone guide on how do we connect SAP interface server. If its a web service then which method is best to be us...
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  • What are Ports required for PI System?

    Which ports needed to be open for PI System
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  • SQC Charts in PI Vision

    Hi Team,   We know that we have SQC Charts in PI Processbook and we also know that we can not migrate direct SQC Charts from PI Processbook to PI Vision, but we want to know is there any way to create charts sim...
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  • PI Development Selection Tool

    Hi everyone. My name is Daniel Trosa and I am a Software Co-Op at Corning Inc. I am currently developing an app which will serve as a tool to aid users and developers to gain an idea as to what PI technology (PI AFSDK...
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  • Migrate PI Vision from One Server to another

    Hi,   We have a case where we need to migrate PI Vision graphics created by one team to another environment sitting on a completely different network. The server names do no match also, and there is no connectiv...
    created by hmokdad
  • How to check if alarm subsystem is writing data to a non alarm tag?

    Hi,   An alarm class type tag 'A' has been changed to classic class type and the configuration changed as PE. Post the reboot of the server, the PE tag is being written with 2 values with same timestamp without ...
    created by AdithyaSharma
  • Migrating to the Latest and Greatest Asset Analytics - White Paper

    This white paper provides guidance for moving existing calculations from older PI System implementations to the latest available.   Customer Portal download:  https://customers.osisoft.com/s/productcontent?i...
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  • Managing Reliable Deployment of Software and Configuration to OT Production Systems - White Paper

    This paper describes how to manage changes to OT production systems by implementing a test environment.   Customer Portal download:  https://customers.osisoft.com/s/productcontent?id=a7R1I000000Xz82UAC ...
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