• Manually update PI Tags to PI Archive through PI Vision

    In PI Vision, I need to develop a page where user will be provided with a tabular list of "X" PI tags along with their latest value and timestamp. In the same table, user will have option to select "N" number of tags ...
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  • PI Tag

    Hi there!   I would like to ask a very generic question regarding the PI Tag. May I know, how many PI Tags can be uploaded to PI Server at a time? In other words, what is the maximum no. of PI Tags can be upload...
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  • LiveLibrary Issues

    Is there any way to get this resolved? This issue of the spinning "Loading" for the Live Library site has been going on for a while. Clearing my browser cache seems to help for a few minutes, but the problem comes bac...
    Steve Boyko
    created by Steve Boyko
  • Need to export a table

    I have an adhoc display using Average that provides the info that I need, but I would like to export the "Average values" that are displayed on the screen to a csv file. When I highlight the table and do a normal csv ...
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  • Error to connect to PISRV1

    I get the following error when trying to connect to PISRV1. This is in cloud learning environment:  
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  • PI Data archive movement

    Hi All,   We need to move around 60k tags to a new PI data archive (in a new network) from existing PI data archive consisting 650k tags with 8 years of history data.We will be copying the archive files...
    created by Niteshnegi789
  • UFL PI tags have intermittent value discrepancy from the Source CSV UFL File

    Hi community,   Asking for your help on why PI UFL tag is having an in and out value discrepancy from the source UFL file.   Here is an example of the discrepancy:      Does i have to con...
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  • Calc Failure Troubleshoot in PI AF

    I have an archiving attribute that I created in PI AF. For a period of time, the backfilled data shows many 'calc failure' data points. I've checked the input attributes for this calculation and they have no errors or...
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  • Reduce Load on the PI OPC DA Interface

    Hello All,   In order to reduce load on the PI OPC DA Interface, we have moved some of the tags from the existing Interfaces to a new Interface. Now the tags distribution is as follows: OPCInt1 ~ 10,000 tags O...
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  • How to set an PNG Image with multistate

    I have created several PNG images describing a furnace . How can i import to pdi display and add multistate to them ? 
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  • "Can't open iorates.dat file" 这是什么错误?

    从processbook 里看到都显示 PT Created, error log 里显示“Can't open iorates.dat file"   麻烦哪位大神回复下。谢谢
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  • Just Getting Started, Anyone have some Tips?

    Hi All!   I'm just getting started using OSIsoft PI applications for large scale data analytics, and I wanted to know what tips and tricks this community might have to offer. Are there any neat tricks that might...
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  • Dynamic string builder or Data reference

    Every time my process use different asset to complete one batch. I have an Event frame to capture and calculate some process parameters for example temperature.  Each event frame has to pick data from different ...
    created by JavithFareeth
  • Error in backfilling or recalculation

    Hi Community,      May I ask why does this message occur. I recently upgrade the System then when backfilling have error message.     When i checked in control panel theres still PI...
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    HI !   I saw in youtube, pivision with some new options to grafics (attached)   I would like to know how to install it.
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  • PI Values Delayed on Server from PI 2 PI Interface

    I have multiple PI 2 PI interfaces on one server on a network pushing data to one other server on a different network. Many of those PI 2 PI interfaces are working correctly; however, one of the interfaces is delayed ...
    created by BartL
  • PI Server 2018 Sp3 Patch2

    Is PI server 2018 Sp3 Patch2 install kit available for download and install. I couldn't find it in customer portal but it is mentioned in PI AF 2018 SP3 Patch2 release notes attached.
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  • RTReports Time Report as Attachment in ARG

    Hi,   Currently I have a report which is generated automatically and sent as a mail. The mail has the link to report server from where the Report can be either downloaded or generated. Is it possible to send the...
    created by VAshok
  • Query on Get-PIExpressionSummary  cmdlet

    Can you please help me understand why below powershell script shows count as '2'  when there are no values in the archive for the mentioned  time frame.    $Global:piDataArchiveConnection=Connect-...
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  • SDT

    PI database uses SDT to compress the data. When reading the data in the later stage, are those compressed data not available or will they be filled in some form? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks a million.
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