• Why does this work? - Decimal to Binary Conversion in AF

    All,  I used KB01940 to split a 16 bit register coming from a modbus device into individual alarms.  The formula of:   ABS('Integer' and 2^0)/2^0 ABS('Integer' and 2^1)/2^1 ABS('Integer' and 2^3...
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  • PI Vision - Asset comparision table

    Hey , I have an asset comparision table  that is referencing  child attibutes  that has (1day,1week,1 month) values of a particular tag that is populated using an analysis.  And the val...
    created by PIOhMY
  • PI Integrator Sync Service

    What does the PI Integrator Sync service do? I see it as one of the services installed with PI Integrator, and it is on this diagram, but I can't find an explanation of its function.
    Steve Boyko
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  • Pi AF Point Source Default "AF"

    At Westrock we always use point source AF for any AF calculation. When creating a 1 off calc it defaults to point source "L". Is there a way someone can make it so we can edit the default point source? or be given the...
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  • Test AF server is connecting to Production Analysis service

    Hi,   Currently our Test AF server (machine 1) is connecting to Production Analysis service server (machine 2) . We have a dedicated machine for Test Analysis service (Machine 3). Please let me know process to c...
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  • PI Builder

    Hi Everyone,   When I'm trying to install PI Builder this error is popping up. Can you please help me out with this and let me know what the problem might be.   Regards., Soumya
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  • Digital State Set x AF Enumeration Set Size Limits

    Hi!   It has come to my knowledge that although I can create a Digital State Set with the size I want (32768 states) there actually is a size cap of 16384 states... The thing is I'm now using 15 bits in the OPCP...
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  • ISO and ISA Standards as baseline for PI Vision displays design

    I would like to know the experience of the community when creating PI Vision graphics using the following standards:   Ergonomics of human-system interaction — Part 210: Human-centred design for interactive...
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  • Need to connect as SuperUser

    I'm writing a little VB.net program that will search through my AF database for a specific attribute that I need to change.  The problem is my regular ID only has read access to the AF so I need to connect using ...
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  • VBA - Get Tag properties (description, engineering unit,...)

    Hi !   Goodmorning everyone ! This is my first post on this forum and I am a new user of PI, so I hope that you will understand my problem... I'm trying to get different properties of a tag using VBA i...
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  • Monitoring PI Notification Service

    Hi Team,   As part of support project, we have implemented PI Notification to monitor the critical parameters in PI Server. We have also decided to monitor the Notification service using PowerShell scripts. We h...
    created by Sumanth.Artham
  • How to give PI AF element level read /write access with only read access to the AF Database

    Is it necessary to give AF database write access to modify any particular AF element ? I want to give write access to an element to modify it in AF. So do I need to give write access to the AF database as well ?(...
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  • Logic for number of days in a month

      Hi,   Please let me know logic to calculate how many days in a month in PI AF.    Thanks, Mallesh
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    Good afternoon peers,   I am trying to calculate a time stamp through an analysis that takes a digital state tag and tries to evaluate the Timestamp at which the state changed from one value to another (in my ca...
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  • PI BA Integrator backfilling not working Intermittently 

    Hi Community,   From couple of days we are noticing issues with backfilling on BA Integrator.   Current BA and AF version   Error we are getting while backfilling the data.   "S...
    created by Ashwin.Kumar
  • Use Case in Pharma

    What are some of the use cases of PI (AF, EF, Vision) in Pharma?
    created by RolandCasis
  • PI Vision is asking login credentials

    Hi,   I am getting login credentials whenever accessing PIVision from web. I already added into PIVision administrator group.   Thanks, Mallesh
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  • Updating of Event Frame Table Automatically

    Hello, PI Vision question: Does anyone know if it is possible to update EF tables automatically as we move through different Assets in displays, the same way that symbols are updated automatically or is this not p...
    created by Hazal
  • Change Attribute's Name

    Is it possible to change an Attribute's name, without breaking the links to its associated Vision displays?
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  • Cambiar nombre a un atributo

    Es posible cambiar el nombre a un atributo sin desvincular las pantallas asociadas al mismo?
    created by Fede_Tecpe