• PI UFL Help with csv data format

    Hello all,   I'm having a bit of trouble writing the INI file for UFL to parse a csv report. The csv file looks like the following: Point System Name: Temp_Tag_1     Trend Every: 15 minutes   ...
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  • need help with ini file UFL interface

    dear community.... I need your help ! it has been a long time since my last time I played with the UFL interface and I'm stuck .... tips and tricks are welcome to make my code work   The warning message in the ...
    Robin Verhoek
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  • PIWebAPI - TCP error code 10061

    Hello All,  I have a PI-Server setup and running fine with no issues. I recently wanted to explore PIWebAPI so I started installing the PIWebAPI and during the "Installation Configuration", I get an error "Canno...
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  • Allow Extensions PI AF

    What's the exact purpose of allow extension in PI AF and what are the impact of it being unchecked after templates and elements based on those templates are created
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  • Generate simultanious event frames

    Hello,   I receive Alarm info out of an OPC A&E server in 1 PI tag. I want to generate an event frame for each alarm, but different alarms can start on the same timestamp, and end on other timestamps:  ...
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  • Error -2147200889: Call to StartService failed. The service did not start due to a logon failure

    Hi All,   We have a PItoPI Interface that is getting stopped immediately whenever we start it. upon checking the logs, we could find, Error -2147200889: Call to StartService failed. The service did not start du...
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  • Unable to power on Instance

    I have never powered on any cloud machine still I get this error
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  • PItoPI Interface. Remove PI Trusts and use WIS.

    Currently we are using PI Trusts for PItoPI Interface node to connect to PI Data Archive. In order to remove PI Trusts and use WIS, do we need to install PI API for WIS application in the Interface node? Doesn't map...
    created by Sriram.Amirapu
  • Asset Framework (AF) Accelerator solution

    Hello All,    I wanted to have a viewpoint on the Element Asset Framework Accelerator or AssetHub technology offered by Element or similar such offerings in the market. Unfortunately so far what I got was mo...
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  • Problem with PI Vision

       Hi, how are all the comunity of OSI Soft!?   I recently installed PI Vision, and i can't get the database status right. You can see on the following image the yellow triangle on the screen "TLS...
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  • Manual Entry Tags Exposing via OPC DA

    Hi Everyone,   We have created manual entry digital tags. Users are entering the values for these tags using PI Manual logger.  Values are entering into PI and archiving without any issues.   We wante...
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  • Jupyter notebook JSONDecodeError: Invalid \escape

    Hi, I use this jupyter notebook OSI-Samples-PI-System/piwebapi_samples/Data_Analysis at master · osisoft/OSI-Samples-PI-System · GitHub  but got the error JSONDecodeError: Invalid \escape
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  • How to obtain average values in a single tag using the ProcessBook?

    I need to create a trend with average values of only one tag in ProcessBook. I know it's possible when I use the PI Calculation option. But how do I do that for a single tag?
    Allan Ferreira
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  • Processbook: Make a lookup in Excel

    Hi Processbook specialists :)   Can anyone help me with a quick guide in making a lookup in Excel 2010 from Processbook PI-tag?   I have a TAG there shows my Productnumber. In Processbook I wan't to show...
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  • PI ProcessBook Web Browser Object - How to disable scroll bars

    Hi,   Is it possible to remove the scroll bars in a PI ProcessBook web browser object?   I have ASP.NET pages displaying Microsoft.NET charts in a ProcessBook display through the web browser object. ...
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  • How to Create a USER that only view and read processbook displays

    How can i create a user account that is able only to view and read processbook displays? and how i can put these displays on the server and share them as read only for this user? also in which document can i find more...
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  • Process Book - Manipulating Timestamps

    Hello,   I currently develop a Process Book Display to compare simulation data and real plant data which are stored in several PI Tags. My problem is that the simulation can be run faster than realtime resultin...
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  • Finding the Most Recent Timestamp of a Specific Event

    I know that using PE sytanx I can use the "FindEq" function to return a timestamp closest to the starttime within a range.  But what I really need is to find the most recent timestamp which would be closest to th...
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  • Iterate through Dataset

    In a Processbook display, I have created an ODBC dataset.  The dataset contains approximately 10 columns and 10 rows.  I would like to have all of the information in the dataset displayed in a listbox that i...
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  • Link processbook to web page

    Hi guys,   Im trying to link a trend in processbook with a changing number on a website. For instance WTI oil price, currency information or stock prices.   Thanks for the help!
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