• ProcessBook / DataLink Tag Mask Search Macro

    I am attemtping to code a macro that helps me automate the search of particular tag masks in the tag search window in ProcessBook.  This is part of a much larger macro that will (hopefully) replace...
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  • Processbok Macro and webparts

    I'm using processbook, i have wrote a macro in a file test.pdi. I have uploaded tehe file on my PI Web server, and i have used an PI active view control, is it this possibile to execute macro from pi active v...
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  • ProcessBook - change update rate per display?

    I know about changing the TIMER parameter in the [Data Manager] Section of the Procbook.ini file to globally change the refresh rate of all ProcessBook displays, but I really only want to change update rate for a...
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  • Display file, based Element Relative Tags, propogation of element across multiple displays files

    Hello,   I have a project that has the similar or same configuration across hundreds of sites. Because of this I have created a ProcessBook display based on Element Relative Tags, where I select the ...
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  • Element Relative displays and defining a default element

    I am using PI perfmon to monitor my IT network (servers, switches, etc) and I have a very nice ProcessBook graphic a high level view of the network with some basic info coming from PI. I built an AF db to alow me qui...
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  • Filtering product specific data from tag with time delay

    Hello,   I was wondering if someone could help find a good solution to my problem.  Thank you for any help you can offer.   Problem: I have a tag for which the instrument records data for multiple ...
    Peter Falk
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  • How to sum a value per day using expressions

    I need to creat an expression using DATA SET that sum the day's maximum values from the begining of the month until now. How can I do it?
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  • ProcessBook trend configuration

    Hi.   When I'm using a ProcessBook application, I select four tags and then click on the button Display Trend. The trend displays but it breaks each three selected tag in a separated graph (please see atached f...
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  • Printing ProcessBook trend objects - how to hide server name when trend is maximized

    I'm trying to use some VBA to make it easier for users to print trends from a Processbook display.  With all the different monitor formats these days, it's tough to get a trend that fills a page nicely without lo...
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  • Creating navigation via ProcessBook to be used in WebPST

    I've recently been tasked with creating a traditional website to display PDI's via OSI ActiveX control. Could anyone offer suggestions as to how I can accomplish this without having to update every single PDI after I'...
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  • Activating processbook

    Hi Its more of a VBA question realated to PI, How can I activate a display of already open processbook. Like in my case, from display of one processbook say abc I am invoking to open a display of another process book...
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  • Online Learning - Advanced PI ProcessBook Online Course starts May 16th!

    Have you heard about the OSIsoft Small Private Online Courses (SPOCs)? These convenient learning opportunities allow you to work at your own pace and on your own time, from the comfort of your own desk!!!   Next...
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  • pbSymbolPolyline

    i am wondering about the polyline function. My questions are: 1) why does ProcessBook create 5 points by default  when a polyline is created? 2) how does one remove/create points of a polyline?   t...
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  • Updating Values

    Hi, I am working on PI Processbook. I have a Dataset which calculates the amount time a tag is outside the limits by timegt and timelt functions. Now, I have created a combobox which asks user two options whether use...
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  • ProcessBook: Value/Multistate adds double trace to Ad Hoc trend

    I have values that I added multistate functionality to so there is a visual indication if there is bad data.  However, I am encountering a minor annoyance whenever I try to make an ad hoc trend (using the Trend D...
    Andi Hawksley
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  • Energy Components (EC) into Processbook

    Hi all,   As part of my job I started working with PI and AF.   One of my requirements is to make production accounting data from Tieto Energy Components (EC) accessible by Processbook.     ...
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  • Hours Totalizer substitution.

    I need to substitute the dataset   timeEq('SEN0__6GR_0S014','6-OCT-06','*',"Attiva")/3600   with another that updates the values only every 12h is it possibile?   Is it possibile to create a tag t...
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  • PI tag avg depending on another pi tag

    Someone please help.  I work at a plant and we run different products.  I am looking to get data based on the product and display the average to the operators.   So lets say that product A  ...
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  • Learn PI ProcessBook Videos

    For all new PI ProcessBook users, we have updated the PI ProcessBook playlist on our OSIsoft YouTube Learning Channel.   Check it out and learn how to build new displays with images of your process along with dy...
    Camille Metzinger
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  • PI ProcessDisplay - Show run hours for a specific value

    Hey guys,   I want to calculate total #of running hours for a specific PI tag value. How do I achieve this in Processbook?   Thanks.
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