• PIOPC HDA Interface showing Device Status 95

    Getting error message (CoCreateInstanceEx: : 800700a4(No more threads can be created in the system), while running the OPC HDA interface. Data is not updating at Target Machine. Refer screenshot below. I ha...
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  • Data Quality in PI AF Analysis

    Dear experts ,   PI AF is one of much used tool to check data quality for particular PI Tag coming in PI AF. However is there any possibility of having real time data substitution in PI AF which need not be stor...
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  • AF Analysis challenge

    Hi Experts,   I am facing a challenge in AF.   I have a Tag X - Which notifies outage Start and End. I have a Table Y - Which stores "some duration X" - but the limitation is that the table only acquires ...
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  • Mensaje de texto/SMS via Smartphone / API XML Standard Messaging API - Standard Messaging API

    Hola me gustaria contactar a alguien que me pueda explicar como configurar y crear alarmas que puedan ser recibidas en los celulares por medio de PI. Tengo conocimientos basicos de PI, agradezco si me pueden orientar...
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  • Datalink Error

    Datalink Error - Does anyone know the RootCause of this Error...
    Robin Verhoek
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  • Calculating of Tank Properties

    Hello,   I am trying to use PI to calculate ongoing tank properties, preferably in processbook but later to be put into an equation on the server.   As an example, I have a lube tank with a known volume (A)...
    created by Jbugman
  • Processbook - The feature you are trying to use is on a network resource that is unavailable

    Hi   I have a problem, I did an installation of processbook and datalink apparently in a successful way, however at the time of entering processbook and doing a tag search the following error appe...
    created by SaraFranco
  • Help using VBA to Change BatchGroup SearchCriteria

    I am trying to modify the Unit Name within the SearchCriteria of a BatchGroup object as I switch between elements of an Element Relative Display.   We are running older software and have not transitioned to even...
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  • AF Analyses that waits to calculate but uses trigger tag time

    I have a couple of property tags that are getting their values from the DCS up to 5sec AFTER a trigger tag.  I'd like to create an AF analyses (that writes back to a PI tag) with the property values but with a ti...
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  • Attempting to configure two bar graphs that change color as current articles increase

    Hello. I am extremely new to pi processbook. I am attempting to build a bar graph that changes from green to yellow, yellow to red, and red to purple. I am having difficulty with writing the correct equation. Thanks.
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  • Backfill reliant on table lookup

    I am setting up an analysis to calculate CO2 equivalency for some streams in compliance with local legislation.  Emissions factors change periodically, so I wanted to have a system that would return the appropria...
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  • Double Wildcard Character search in PI Vision doesn't work

    Hi All,   I come across a strange issue while searching for a Tag in PI Vision search box. when i am providing a single string test within the asterisks, I get the tags list but when I try to concatenate 2 diffe...
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  • Scheduled Task with Calls to PI fails from service account

    I have a spreadsheet that has some VBA code that I want to execute once a day every day.  Under Windows, I can configure up a scheduled task that correctly launches the spreadsheet, queries PI saves the results t...
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  • Unable to Connect to the remote server

      How do I fix this issue? All premade displays were, but making a new display is not available. 
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  • PI Datalink Expression

    Hi All,   Is it possible to have a single PI Datalink formula with expression but from different PI Server?   I have 2 tags from 2 different PI Servers: 1. Flow tag from PI Server A 2. Digital ta...
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  • Convert date format in PI Vision

    Hello everyone,   I'm developing a symbol in PI Vision and I need to threat the date format to allow timestamps from different locations, as you can see below.   Is there any way to get the timestamp that re...
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  • Issues after ungraceful shutdown

    Hi,   Primary archive getting corrupted whenever there is a ungraceful shutdown (power failure etc). We are using 2017 R2 PI Server.    Whether this issue resolved in latest version ?    I ...
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  • Continuous Sampled Data in Excel - Error and Help?

    Hi Everyone,   I'm currently developing a set of workbooks to calculate run hours and starts for different pieces of equipment at our plants.  I've been formatting my spreadsheets the same way for years, so...
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  • PI Point Value = Configure

    What does it mean if a PI point shows up as bad with a value "Configure"
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  • Error using Processbook VBA to execute pisn_putsnapshotx

    I have a processbook file with some VBA code to write a value back to the PI server. This code has worked in the past, but now pisn_putsnapshotx is giving me an error 2. I can't seem to find an explanation for th...
    created by chrismassie