• UFL is not processing one tag

    Hi,   UFL interface is able to fetch all tags (~20 tags) expect one tag which is added to this interface around 3 months ago. Tag configuration is as same as for tags which are working fine. Team is entering val...
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  • The SMTP server requires a secure connection or the client was not authenticated

    Всем привет,     Если кто-то сталкивался с данной проблемой прошу проконсультировать. При настройке рассылки (Basic) появляется ошибка :    From Primary SMTP server: System.Net.Mail.SmtpExc...
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  • PI tags prefix with hostname and IP address

    Hi,   There is an application which is reading data from PI server. They have installed OPC server to validate the data coming from PI.   In their application they are able to see PI tags prefix with PI se...
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  • PI OLEDB connection to PI server

    Hi, We are using PI open Trust to establish a connection to the machine where PI OLEDB installed (PI AF & OLEDB provider linked servers) . Since it is not recommended so I tried with mapping account an...
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  • PI Archive gap

    Hi,   There was a reboot on last Thursday evening and observed single archive got corrupted in Primary and Secondary PI servers. So I repaired using PI SMT.   We have observed data gap for 7 mins for ...
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  • PIWebAPI Index Files

    We are having a issue where the PIWebAPI index folder is suing a lot of disk space approx 29GB. Is there an OSI approved method to reduce the amount of space these file are using?   So of the file have access d...
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  • Check PI Vision access

    Hi,   How to check how user is accessing PI Vision with what level of access? I have seen couple of users are accessing PI Vision even though they are not part of AD groups which are associated with the PI Serve...
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  • SQL Query to PIVisualization database (SQL Server for PI Vision) to obtain information about usage/stadistics

    Hi,   someone has developed a SQL Query to the PIVisualization database so that to obtain all the story of all the access per user, and clasified by name of the displays taht the user acceded?   Thanks in ...
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  • Building Custom Visualization Applications White Paper

    This white paper describes situations where custom visualization is needed with examples and guidance for creating them.   This paper was updated in May 2017.   https://customers.osisoft.com/s/productcontent...
    Jarita Sirois
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  • Best method to stream a delta within PI Integrator

    I have an interesting question.  (At least I think it's interesting.)  I have several elements in my AF that have a PI point for "Operational Count".  This is, as the name suggest, the count of operatio...
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  • Access error between Server and Interface node

    We have a simple setup of a Server machine and an Interface node PC that collect data from a Rockwell PLC, and we are getting the following error on the server machine: 18/12/2019 20:23:03 (TR-HIST-SR\TR_adm) PI-IFL&...
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  • Closing the Step Continuous Event Frame

    Hi All,   As per our client requirement, we have created an analysis to generate the Event frame (Batch) to capture the batch data.   According to the requirement we will have few Tags and we have specifie...
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  • Pulling Historial Data from PI AF

    Hello PI Community,   I am new to this forum.    What do you recommend for pulling data from PI AF into MS Access? PI AF is currently retrieving data from LIMS, but I want to query in MS Access to ret...
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  • Event Frames for any new value

    I am trying to create an event frame that triggers every time a new value is added to a PI Point.  I want the start time of the event frame to be the timestamp of the new value, even if the timestamp is in the pa...
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  • Child Event Frames using Pulse Generation Mode

    Hi All,   We want to know whether generating the child eventframes using Pulse generation method is possible or not.   Also let us know if any one has more information on this scenario.   Thanks &...
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  • Calculate Minimum value before Start time of EF

    I am writing an Event Frame analyses to calculate the Level difference for a disposal tank. Basically, we are tracking the control sequence and monitoring the shutdown/output valve movement and flow readings to genera...
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  • Recovering from "shutdown" takes long due to compression

    Hello,   I have the shutdown attribute = 1.  I find this helpful because it allows me to instantly know when there is a data loss.  I can use this along with the badval calculation in AF to send notifi...
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  • Pi Manual Logger and Operator Standard Work

    I am the production supervisor in a manufacturing facility and I am looking to introduce Pi Manual Logger as part of the 'walk around' of our process operators. I was looking to do this by utilizing a tablet, potentia...
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  • Notification & Acknowledgment?

    Does anyone have a step by step process to adding the notification acknowledgment?  
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  • how to automate the list of stale and bad points in PI 2012?

    Hi, I'm a beginner. My knowledge of PI is very limited. Get the list of stale and bad points from PI SMT 2012. How do I automate it ? What's the query to get the list of stale and bad tags?
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