• Cambiar nombre a un atributo

    Es posible cambiar el nombre a un atributo sin desvincular las pantallas asociadas al mismo?
    created by Fede_Tecpe
  • PI Notification - How to provide start time - end time inside excel sheet and perform automatic recalculation ?

    Hi Experts Lal Babu Shaik Sebastien Raposo I would like to extract the last 48 hours compressed time-series value of certain tags and save it in an excel sheet and send it as a pi notification. The notification must...
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  • Manual logger data validation

    I am setting up Manual logger for our production department to start entering lab result.  i have the tour set up but when testing it i found that if the HI HI limit is met it violates the hi limit and forces a c...
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  • Bye bye SINUSOID...

    For decades, SINUSOID was the a key companion in our PI lives. But now SINUSOID is starting early retirement... https://customers.osisoft.com/s/knowledgearticle?knowledgeArticleUrl=kA01I00000079SKSAY    PS...
    Roger Palmen
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  • How to pull tags from AF Attributes

    Hi.   Please let me know how to pull tags from AF attributes.    Thanks, Mallesh
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  • PI Server Migration to different domain

    Hi All, We are in process of migrating a Interface machine (2 opc int running on it) , Stand alone PI server ,PI AF and PI SQL servers to a different domain. The plan is to move the servers to a new domain , and not...
    created by RohithR
  • 'File' value type attribute

    hi, can we use a word or pdf file document from an AF attribute of File value type into a PI Vision display?. In Process book, we can use the button feature to link a doc.  can we do it in PI Vision too?&#...
    last modified by Surekha
  • PI Tags reading 'Configure' after PI OPC interface restart

    @Hello All, We have recently configured new PI tags to read data from an OPC interface. Post interface configuration, most of the PI tags were getting good data. However after scheduled reboot of the interface node, ...
    created by Nandhini8588
  • PI Interface Configuration Utility

    Hi Everyone,   Can someone please help me out with this error that is popping up when i try to open PI Interface Configuration Utility. I have attached the screenshot below.   Regards, Soumya Gupta
    created by soumyagupta2511
  • Excluded status of child attributes

    We have a number of optional (excluded) AF attribute templates in our element template, each of which need to have mandatory and optional child attributes (e.g. HiHi threshold is required but Hi threshold is optional)...
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  • PI OPC Interface: Working only Interactively (CocreateIntanceEX: 5 Access is denied)

    Hello,   I'm trying to configure a PI OPC Interface. I find that when I run the interface interactively from ICU (ctrl+t), the interface works well. But when I run it as a service It's showing the error: ...
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  • Event Frame values at StartTime not working with non-PI Point DR attributes?

    Hi all   I'm creating event frames and will do table lookups to collect some time series data which exist for the duration of the EF. One of the values I need to do the lookup is a guid, which is another ta...
    Asle Frantzen
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  • Event Frame referencing child attributes not working?

    I'm using a String Builder to reference a non-PI Point attribute in the primary referenced element, but I seem unable to reference child attributes. Should this not be possible? LiveLibrary doesn't say explicitly. ...
    Asle Frantzen
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  • No output attributes in AF test server

    Hello, I've made to identical analysis with the same attributes. One is in our production server and one is in our test server.  The ''Value at evaluation'' works fine in both servers. In the prod. server, the ...
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  • Batch query not visible in Add-in tab in Excel

    Recently we updated our O365 to version 1808. Since then, the PI menu tab as well as the Add-in tab disappeared in my account on my PC. I only happens in my account on my PC, other users on my PC don't have the probl...
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  • Incrementing a tag with conditions

    Hello,   I have a processbook and there is a value that increments from a PLC tag.  I want to create a value that only increments if another alarm tag is not activated within ~20 seconds after the PLC ...
    last modified by Fintan
  • Minimum and maximum limits value in Timeseries Datashape

    Hi, Can anyone suggest a way to get the minimum and maximum limits value of tag when the datashape used is timeseries. As when we use the datashape as gauge we can get the limits value from the "scope.runtimeData.dat...
  • Custom table schema in SQL using Factorytalk View SE

    I can create a data log model in FactoryTalk View SE. But that model only creates five columns(DateAndTime, TagIndex, Val, Status, Status) in each table. Is there any possibility that I could create custom table schem...
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  • Compression by Buffer Subsystem

    Hi There,   As per the data flow, the Interface node performs the Exception Reporting for the values received from the data source and sends these values to the PI Data Archive node and here the Compression will...
    last modified by Sriram_amirapu
  • Change the Default Multistate Functionality

    Hi All,   Is it possible to change the Multistate function to change the text of the color rather than changing the background of text in PI Vision please?     Thanks, Yasin
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