• True False Count Function

    Hello,   I'm trying to write a Data set in Pi Processbook to display the number of times a True/False tag returns a "True" value from 6am to 6pm and then also reset its count from 6pm to 6am.   I'm hopin...
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  • Custom Mouse Icon

    I am very new to ProcessBook displays, and I am trying to figure out how to make text act like a link to open a new display.  I've gotten as far as when you click on the text it will open the display.  Howev...
    Andi Hawksley
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  • Question about consuming PI processbook using VBA

    Hi guys,   I wonder is there have any way we can open an element of interest in PI processbook using VBA?   So far, what I get is        but what I really want is we can o...
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  • Using VBA To Get A Value Of A PI Tag Associated With PIAlias

    Using VBA in ProcessBook I am trying to get the value of a PI tag that is associated with a PIAlias in the module database. Is there a way to get the current value or snapshot value of a pi tag associated with a PIAli...
    James Devine
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  • PI Server 2015 Videos Now on YouTube!

    Do you want to look at your forecasts, targets, and predictions along with your production data?                     Le...
    Camille Metzinger
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  • ProcessBook - Show tag descripton in tooltip

    Hi!   When I pass the mouse over a value in ProcessBook a tooltip with Average, minimum, maximum, etc, is shown (please, see an example in the attached file). I would like to show in this tooltip the tag's desc...
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  • PI ProcessBook Scroll Bar Disappearing

    Hello! I have been working on a couple sets of displays in PI ProcessBook for  the past couple of months (this is my first experience with PI). Every once in a while I will be working and realize that the scroll ...
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  • ProcessBook and Archived Data

    I am attempting to access archived data from within ProcessBook but I don't seem to be able to do this as easily as Excel DataLink. I would like to display a value (not a trend) which is based on another tags timestam...
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  • How to live export trend's process details to file?

    I know that with View->Details->Save To File, you can export a txt or a csv file with the trend's details.    Is it possible to run a script, using macros or the VBA editor or anything, that would ex...
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  • How to adjust the decimal value in pi

    I'm trying to figure out how to adjust the decimal point value in pi process book 
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  • Time Filtered Calculation in Processbook

    Hi guys.   I need some help. I'm building a process book PDI file and i need to know the functions that can be used accord to "PI calculations Datasets".   Hope can get some help.    I alrea...
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  • Updating PB Graphics without network

    This maybe be a very silly question, so pardon my ignorance... I am attempting to configure an existing PI graphic while away from any PI server. I would like to be able to create new symbols/ objects/ multi-states an...
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  • Annotations access levels

    Hi All,   Quick query. I've just been fiddling with Processbook (ver 3.2) and finally found that I can edit annotations when I right click on a trend display (cmms up with display attributes or something simila...
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  • Selecting all displays in Processbook VBA

    Hi All :)   Do anyone know how to select/change all displays in Processbook in VBA. I want to change the start- and end-time for all displays - something like this:   ALLDISPLAYS.SetStartAndEndTime ...
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  • ProcessBook Display Timestamp

    I have created some PE and DataSets that use the PrevVal function (*-1h).  I need the timestamp at the bottom of the displays to show this adjustment as well.  Is there any way to change the stamps so that t...
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  • Unable to cast object of type 'PISDK.PISDKClass

    Hello!   I am trying to build a simple element relative trend in ProcessBook. I perform the routine steps of selecting an AF Database, AF Element, and an AF Attribute. When I click [OK] I get a blank trend and ...
    James Devine
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  • Day( tagname value) in processbook?

    Hello Good Afternoon How I can get the day of a tag value? in processbook thanks dcort010@codelco.cl
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  • How to have code search a tag list and generate a table with Pi Point tag information.

    This statement searches the designated server for tags with "_flt_" in its name. I would like for the code to grab info from the server based off a list of tags, that I will provide in the code. I would like to creat...
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  • Does coresight support PI processbook display with VBA code

    Hi,   I need information on PI processbook displays published on PI coresight. 1. Does Coresight support PI processbook display with VBA code? 2. Does Popup created in PI processbook display, visible on coresi...
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  • Processbook - The feature you are trying to use is on a network resource that is unavailable

    Hi   I have a problem, I did an installation of processbook and datalink apparently in a successful way, however at the time of entering processbook and doing a tag search the following error appe...
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