• How to create PI Event Frames using Pulse as the Generation Mode?

    Can anyone provide in detail the steps to create PI Event Frames using Pulse as the Generation Mode.
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  • Stacked bar chart

    I want to display OEE using stacked bar chart (as used in excel). How would I achieve this in PI Vision?
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  • ISA standards for Asset hierarchy for Utilities industry

    Hi Experts and Experienced.   I would like to know what standards we need to consider for a professional asset hierarchy - for the utilities industry. I am aware that we use ISA-88 for the Batch Control and...
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  • Compression not working when overriding analysis output timestamp

    Hi there,   I just realized that compression doesn't work when analysis output timestamp is overridden to a specified time value, i.e, the output tag goes ahead to archive each and every single value that is pas...
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  • PI Processbook to PI Vision display migration tool is getting an error (401 unauthorized) connecting to the PI vision server

    PI Processbook to PI Vision display migration tool is getting an error (401 unauthorized) connecting to the PI vision server. My user is registered as user and admin in PIVision and had no problems with the applicatio...
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  • Darksky weather access using Powershell and UFL

    Hope this helps someone else out there, I had a lot of trouble finding information on how to do this while setting up my weather information! This is my script on how to pull weather information out of the Darksky API...
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  • Sharepoint data to the PI System

    A couple use cases have been floated from users within my company. The basic ask is for data to be entered through a sharepoint portal or through the nintex client (neither of which I have experience with) and then th...
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  • Install Rest API

    Dear,   I would like to say that we have successfully installed, configured and activated the license for the PI Server Trial environment. During the first activities, we identified the need for the "PI AF Servic...
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  • "Value" option showing No data in PI Vision but "Trend" is showing the value.

    I have a site that I am trying to display in PI Vision.  For this one site only, when I try to pull out an attribute as a "value" it says No Data and I get the error "Data Error: Data was not available for attrib...
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  • Can batch data / event frames be transferred between PI Servers

    Does the PI system have the ability to export batch data from a manufacturer's PI server, and send it to a client for import into their PI server? Would that work? Or because it is time sensitive data, would it be una...
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  • how many times PI tag being read

    Hi All,    We have applications that make use of tags stored on PI Data Archive. I would like to find a way to determine how often a PI tags is being read from the PI Data Archive. Would that be possib...
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  • I am getting the below error message while trying to change the AF server name in my PB files using support tool :Error : object reference not set to an instance of an object

    While trying to change AF server name using ProcessBook support tool, I am getting the below error :  Error : Object reference not set to an instance of an object   I faced this error while using the optio...
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  • PI Integrator BA - Object reference not set...

    Hi:   I am trying to create a view in PI Integrator BA , but all attributes pi point reference are showing the next message:   Object reference not set to an instance of an object.   and all rows are ...
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  • PI Data into AWS / Cloud?

    Hello everyone!   What is your recommendations getting sensor data real-time into AWS?  Do you think install PI in AWS virtual server and then having a PItoPI with the business PI server is a good way of do...
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  • PI interface for UFL for a csv with timestamps in the column

    I have a csv something like below. All the data in the csv is to be pushed to a single PI Tag. What do you think is the best way ?  
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  • How to create a weak reference element using PowerShell ?

    What are the parameters i can pass thru AFReferencType ?     Thanks, Raja
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  • How to solve: Snapshot registration failed. [-11410] Invalid registration ID from buffered source?

    Hi, I have a problem with Rockwell FT Historian. I have 2 servers, one server for Historian Server and the other for SCADA Server. I set Scada server as the Network Factory Talk Directory and on that SCADA server I al...
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  • PI AF link: Batch database error

    Hi All   This is regarding PI AF Link - Batch Database Status (Analysis Pending) .   AF link shows InSync but it didn't update module database structure in AF. In General Tab it shows Batch database status -...
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  • PI INTEGRATOR BA - # Columns

    Is there any limit on the amount of columns in  pi integrator view. I trying to create a view in pi integratorBA. I have 124 attributes to add. I only can add 77, after that I start getting the next message: ...
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  • information

    hello everyone I hope to be as clear as possible ... in the attached photo there is an excel worksheet with data that I can only update if I enter it with a double click and then with f9 update. how can I make it upda...
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