• Industrial IoT time-series data engineering - a layered approach to data quality

    10-minute read   Data quality is a foundational prerequisite for data engineering in your digital transformation and data science/machine learning initiatives.  This is a "how-to"  for getting started ...
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  • Zero value on Average rollup analysis

    Let's say that I want to get the average of the "Child" elements using rollup analysis on Element A. The problem I'm facing right now is that rollup analysis also calculates zero value (or bad value), which messed up ...
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  • Jupyter notebook JSONDecodeError: Invalid \escape

    Hi, I use this jupyter notebook OSI-Samples-PI-System/piwebapi_samples/Data_Analysis at master · osisoft/OSI-Samples-PI-System · GitHub  but got the error JSONDecodeError: Invalid \escape
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  • PI Calculation like PINCompFilDat

    Hi   Is it possible to construct a PI Calculation in processbook, to get a similar result as PINCompFilDat.   The case is that i have an event tag where a lot of different information is recorded as i occu...
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  • How use the Visual Basic to modify the value of my tag?

    Hi, i´m a reseacher of the Federal University of Bahia (Brazil) and i want use the PI Processbook to be the IHM of my plant,  to control my plant. But the problem is that i want, for exemple, create a comma...
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  • How to express "on-delay" logic block in PB VBA?

    Hello community users~ Is it possible to express VBA for this exsample?   If ABS(Value1-Value2) > 10 consistentlay for one minutes then ~~~~~    : Value1, Value2 is PI Tag I have a trouble fo...
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  • Convert .svg to .pdi

    Hi everyone!   Is there a way to convert a processbook .svg file back to a processbook display?   Thanks!
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  • Change value background color with multistate

    I'm looking the change the background color of a Value using the mulitstate tool in processbook.   is there a way to do this with VBA?
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  • How to obtain average values in a single tag using the ProcessBook?

    I need to create a trend with average values of only one tag in ProcessBook. I know it's possible when I use the PI Calculation option. But how do I do that for a single tag?
    Allan Ferreira
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  • Combobox/Command Button that will take me to a folder (PI PB Question)

    So I am attempting to complicate my life in order to make other people happy today. I have a combobox that on Display Open I populate with a list ... simple enough. This list is simply used to navigate to other pdi's ...
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  • The data is not being recorded

    Hello, I have a problem with the data of my pi tags. For exemple, i have an application in the processbook with some graphics. This is one:   When i click twice, The following happens:     The tag th...
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  • Processbook: Make a lookup in Excel

    Hi Processbook specialists :)   Can anyone help me with a quick guide in making a lookup in Excel 2010 from Processbook PI-tag?   I have a TAG there shows my Productnumber. In Processbook I wan't to show...
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  • PI ProcessBook Web Browser Object - How to disable scroll bars

    Hi,   Is it possible to remove the scroll bars in a PI ProcessBook web browser object?   I have ASP.NET pages displaying Microsoft.NET charts in a ProcessBook display through the web browser object. ...
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  • I'd love some assistance about PI Processbook VBA using TextBox

    Hello~ I'm beginner in VBA so explain to me your solution in detail   Put the case that TextBox1 is created on processbook display If the value of tag "CDT158" > 200  then  display text "CDT158 Hi...
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  • Datasets Expressions Get Deleted/Shortened when Opening Same PDI File from two different ProcessBook

    hello,     I have a problem when opening the same PDI file from two different version of the ProcessBook application. When the PDI file is opened from PB (2012 V3.3.1.1160) the content is displayed normally...
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  • How to Create a USER that only view and read processbook displays

    How can i create a user account that is able only to view and read processbook displays? and how i can put these displays on the server and share them as read only for this user? also in which document can i find more...
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  • Process Book - Manipulating Timestamps

    Hello,   I currently develop a Process Book Display to compare simulation data and real plant data which are stored in several PI Tags. My problem is that the simulation can be run faster than realtime resultin...
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  • Converting OSII Monarch SCADA displays to ProcessBook

    Anyone run into anything that does this in bulk or some sort of tool?  Once upon a time I used Data South System's GRITS tool for DeltaV displays, but they don't have a plug in for OSII Monarch, and aren't workin...
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  • XYPlot SetScaleConfiguration Error

    Hi all, I am getting an error of "Invalid Scale Min argument" when setting the configuration via C# code. Can anybody help me resolving this     pbMinMaxEnum maxConfig;   pbMinMaxEnum minConfig; ...
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  • PI ProcessBook: how to put several PI tags into one Trend on ProcessBook Display?

    PI ProcessBook: how to put several PI tags into one Trend on ProcessBook Display?
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