• OPC DA Server ProgID

    We are looking to upgrade a system and replace OPCDA 2010 (with DA & HDA) with OPCDA 2018. This has left us with two problems. 1) Existing OPC DA connections won't work because the ProgID has changed. 2) OPC HDA...
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  • PI-ProcessBook Displays "Not Responding"

    We have been experiencing slow performance issues when opening PI-ProcessBook (v 2012 SP2) displays.  Intermittently, throughout the day, displays can take 10-60 seconds to open.  When opening a display, t...
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  • Coercion failed and Arc-offline

    Dears,  I just registered an Arc File. There are gaps before and after it. I just need to consult some data contained inside that file and unregister it after that.   When I use the SMT, for digital tgas, ...
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  • On-line changing Collective Primary node

    I have a DA Archive Collective. Is there a simple way of swapping the current Primary to a Secondary node rather than the documented way of having to remove the Primary, promote the Secondary, then re-include the orig...
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  • pi analysis logs access denied

    Not able to access pianalysisprocessor-log, pirecalculationprocessor-log  
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  • Error using Processbook VBA to execute pisn_putsnapshotx

    I have a processbook file with some VBA code to write a value back to the PI server. This code has worked in the past, but now pisn_putsnapshotx is giving me an error 2. I can't seem to find an explanation for th...
    created by chrismassie
  • RDBMS Insert Into Oracle

    I am trying to use the RDBMS interface to insert data into Oracle including a couple of date fields. Within the insert, the date is represented as: to_date(?,'DD-MON-RR HH24:MI:SS'). The parameter being passed ...
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  • Is it possible to store data in PI by backdating it?

    We want to store some data that is entered manually on a sql data source on to PI historian. Sometimes, this data entry occurs later than the actual generation time, so the data collection time is 2-3 days after the a...
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  • Variable1: Cannot convert Invalid operation: [enumVal] >= [number] to bool.

    Hi  I get this error: Variable1: Cannot convert Invalid operation: [enumVal] >= [number] to bool.   The expression looks like this The attribute Sinusoid looks like this: Values of the Sinuso...
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  • Accreditation

    Hi , I see the below message when I try the accreditation page "https://partners.osisoft.com/s/ ":- "Partner Onboarding is unavailable due to maintenance from February 14th through February 24th. Please return ...
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  • pi processbook setup - vs_setup.msi

    Hi support,   We have noticed an issues with PI Processbook 2015 R2 setup on some of the Windows 10 desktops. It prompts form Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Shell - vs_setup.msi when you start PI Processbook. Ther...
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  • Crowdstrike Endpoint Virus Protection and PI Suite Software

    Does anyone have any experience using Crowdstrike endpoint virus protection on Windows-based server systems with the PI suite of software?   Thanks! #crowdstrike antivirus
    created by robertballjr
  • PI Datalink Error "is not marked as serializable."

    I have one user that has a spreadsheet built out that has been working fine up until recently. He's using Datalink to pull in PI Data from Asset Framework. In all of his cells he is getting:   "Type 'OSIsoft.AF....
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  • PI BA Integrator backfilling not working Intermittently 

    Hi Community,   From couple of days we are noticing issues with backfilling on BA Integrator.   Current BA and AF version   Error we are getting while backfilling the data.   "S...
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  • PI UFL - Skip data after given timestamp

    Hi,   we are using PI UFL to write data to PI from a legacy application. The input file(s) provides data in format:   BD1_MR07:COMP301104:Ruimte:Vocht:Opnemer:GemW;31-Mar-18 02:00:49;31.6 BD1_MR07:COMP3011...
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  • PI tag values for zones with no dayligh savings

    Hi everyone   I have PI interface RDBMS that colects information from a data base populated by information from ION meters. I have multiple meters located in different time zones and zones where dayligh saving do...
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  • Is there any way to use Perfmon to get the total "Stale and Bad Points" for the PI Data Archive?

    I was wondering if there is a PerMon tag (or equivalent tag) that monitors the total "Stale and Bad Points" for the PI Data Archive.  I want to set up a PI Notification that is triggered if the number of stale an...
    created by nthorson
  • Elements missing in the PI Vision AF database tree while the PI Web API Crawler is indexing

    Experts,  I need your help to figure out what kind of workaround can be done for the below Known Issue in PI Vision. https://customers.osisoft.com/s/knowledgearticle?knowledgeArticleUrl=VisionMissingAFElementsNo...
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  • Periodic data loss

    Hello everyone,   In my system I am running the PI UFL Connector that is requesting data every 10 minutes or so through an API. Strangely enough, since last week the system has been making periodic error. I noti...
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  • PI-tag with multiple filter conditions

    I want to create a pi tag with following specifications:  There are three existing pi-tags:     1) Pi-tag-A = variability    2) Pi-tag-B = machine state    3)...
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