• Double Wildcard Character search in PI Vision doesn't work

    Hi All,   I come across a strange issue while searching for a Tag in PI Vision search box. when i am providing a single string test within the asterisks, I get the tags list but when I try to concatenate 2 diffe...
    Gaurav Agrawal
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  • Write PI Time to PLC

    I have an OPC_ReadWrite Interface and a PLC Instrument Tag(s) ready to recieve the Date/Time in YYYY:MM:DD HH:mm:SS format from PI Data Archive.  I know this must have been done somewhere, sometime by someone....
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  • Problems at scaling a PI Point

    I was needing to scale a tag that I am reading via OPC, that I need to show that value in PI divided by 100. I have read the user manual, and configure these arguments:   Dzero(Exdesc) : 0 TotalCode : 3 Conver...
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  • Web API Interface

    I'd like to pull data from a third party cloud application via Web API calls and shove that data into PI ( I'm not talking about pulling data out of PI via Web API). Any suggestions on where to look, how to proceed?
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  • CPU usage is reaching high in PI data archive

    Hi Team,   We noticed more usage of CPU in PI data archive. when i checked archive thread info we didn't find connection ID's.    We have one service hitting every half an hour,in that case CPU usage ...
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  • AF Analysis challenge

    Hi Experts,   I am facing a challenge in AF.   I have a Tag X - Which notifies outage Start and End. I have a Table Y - Which stores "some duration X" - but the limitation is that the table only acquires ...
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  • Backfill reliant on table lookup

    I am setting up an analysis to calculate CO2 equivalency for some streams in compliance with local legislation.  Emissions factors change periodically, so I wanted to have a system that would return the appropria...
    created by andrew_Inwood
  • Compressing for backfilled data

    Dear all,   I have an analysis that evaluates a temperature signal everytime that it changes and writes a 0,1 or 2 depending on the value of the temperature. As the temperature is changing altmost every second t...
  • AF Analyses that waits to calculate but uses trigger tag time

    I have a couple of property tags that are getting their values from the DCS up to 5sec AFTER a trigger tag.  I'd like to create an AF analyses (that writes back to a PI tag) with the property values but with a ti...
    created by jillyt9904
  • How to store events in PI at midnight using PI Interface for UFL ?

    I have a dataset (.csv) with no timestamp in it and I need to store this data in PI at exactly midnight. I tried manipulating NOW() but it's not working.
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  • PI Vision with FactoryTalk Historian SE

    Has anyone had experience installing and using PI Vision with FactoryTalk Historian SE?
    created by BrianBolton
  • Unable to Connect to the remote server

      How do I fix this issue? All premade displays were, but making a new display is not available. 
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  • PI Notifications with Amazon Web Services

    Hi...   Does anyone knows if PI Notifications could work with Amazon Web Services?   I need to deliver SMS Notifications, but my local phone operator does not offer this service.
    Allan Ferreira
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  • PI-tag with multiple filter conditions

    I want to create a pi tag with following specifications:  There are three existing pi-tags:     1) Pi-tag-A = variability    2) Pi-tag-B = machine state    3)...
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  • VBA Code to Set Toolbar Position

    Can VBA code be used to set the position of a toolbar???  My company is using PI Processbook 2015, and it does not put the Time Range and Playback Toolbar or the Browser Toolbar in the last positio...
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  • What's my bottleneck, PI data transfer limits

    Hello, with a Control Logix 1756-L63 processor, and Factory Talk gateway OPC server, I'm looking to achieve 10ms data for ~20 tags. There are other tags on the processor, but don't require the fast scan clas...
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  • current lag value is not changing in analysis statistics

    Hi Team,   We noticed that current lag value is not changing since last 24 hours in our environment.   Did anyone come across with similar issue.    Version of PIAF: 2018 SP3.     R...
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  • PI Datalink Expression

    Hi All,   Is it possible to have a single PI Datalink formula with expression but from different PI Server?   I have 2 tags from 2 different PI Servers: 1. Flow tag from PI Server A 2. Digital ta...
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  • Is it possible to perform an analysis that converts a long integer(32 bits) value to binary in PI and then select a bit down from the binary string and display it as a digital set?

    Is it possible to perform an analysis that converts a long integer(32 bits) value to binary in PI and then select a bit down from the binary string and display it as a digital set (Boolean)?   Ex. Value_Tag = 34...
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  • Variable1: Cannot convert Invalid operation: [enumVal] >= [number] to bool.

    Hi  I get this error: Variable1: Cannot convert Invalid operation: [enumVal] >= [number] to bool.   The expression looks like this The attribute Sinusoid looks like this: Values of the Sinuso...
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