• How to check PI ODBC Client version

    How to check PI ODBC Client version
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  • can data from a deleted point be recovered

    While creating an SQC point in PI System Management Tools, I completed the whole process only to realize that I misspelled the SQC point name to match our naming convention.  I hit the delete icon in the menu abo...
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  • Add support for multiple events with same timestamp in PI Integrator for BA

    16 votes
    Originally posted on UserVoice The Integrator for BA appears to be a great fit for exporting event-based data such as Batch Interface Messages to external systems. Interpolation doesn’t apply in these cases so ...
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  • Analysis to Attribute Delay

    Hello,   I have attributes that are calculated using a analysis template. There is a fairly large time delay between the analysis running and the attribute value updating.   Is there anyway to speed up thi...
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  • Support 'Apply Time Range' and other event actions from the Events Table

    3 votes
    Originally posted on UserVoice As a PI Vision user, I want to be able to right-click on an Event in the Events Table and select Apply Time Range to update the time range of the Editor display. Adding this functionali...
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  • Modbus interface/Poindexter "stuck" data

    Hi. I have set up a ModbusE interface to read from a Powerstandards Pqube3 power measurement unit. I am able to read data from the unit, however, most data are only read once. It never updates after the initial read....
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  • PI System Explorer is inaccessible because of the deleted PI Identity

    Hi,   we have installed a new PI system in a new hardware recently. We have been using only one Windows user account for accessing all the PI tools. We have mapped this account to Administrator PI Identity which...
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  • Substitution in PI point data reference

    Hi all!   I have a problem with using substitution in the By Time field from an attribute.   I have tried: @Attribute .Attribute %Attribute% |Attribute and all the combinations but with no success.   ...
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  • Provide migration from PI BatchView

    4 votes
    Originally posted on UserVoice Provide a migration from PI Batchview displays in PI ProcessBook to PI Vision.
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  • Ad-hoc trend with multiple selected attributes

    142 votes
    Originally posted on UserVoice Build trend with multiple traces based on a display data (for instance, from a table). PI Vision user should be able to select multiple items on the table and then trend them on a singl...
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  • Changing unit of measure in PI tag

    What is the affect of changing the Default UOM in PI system explorer from the native measurement?  I am trying to create a PI tag where the data comes in as kilowatts and I want it to be megawatts.  When I c...
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  • PI Integrator for BA

    When created a new element in AF will it get reflected in existing PI integrator view, Or do I need to modify & republish the View?
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  • Multi state: change text colors

    34 votes
    Originally posted 4/12/2017 8:27:36 AM UTC on behalf of customer maggie Zhang email: maggie.zhang.mz4@roche.com in multi state ,we are able to change background color. customer would like to see how to change text (l...
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  • Support multiple time ranges for trends on a display

    94 votes
    Originally posted on UserVoice Have the ability to support multiple time ranges for trends on a display.  For example a trend might be configured as showing the last 8 hours, another one as the last 7 days, and ...
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  • Monitor PI Vision Health

    12 votes
    Originally posted on UserVoice As an administrator of PI Vision, I would like built in capabilities to automate monitoring the health of my PI Vision server similar to the  capcabilities of the UniInt Health Poi...
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  • Introduce a PI OPC UA Server

    90 votes
    Originally posted on UserVoice The OPC landscape is shifting away from DA/HDA and towards UA servers. A significant number of OPC client tools are being created that connect to OPC UA servers, and none of these are co...
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  • In PI Coresight, is there a way to create a display that will have links to documents that can be opened when selected?

    Hi there...we have a group looking to create a PI Coresight display that would have documents links embedded in them and they would like for the documents when selected.   Is this possible in Coresight? ...
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  • How can I read a 16-bit signed value (OPC interface)?

    The PLC generates a Short (16-bit signed) value. PI data type Int16 only supports 15 bits. Int32 shows negative values around 65532. I tried Float16 and Float32 without success.
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  • Event frame reason or name

    Hi,   How can we visualyze annotation of a PI Point or Event Comment in PI Vision? Is it possible to link this type of information to the Reason of the event or Iclude it in the naming pattern?   Thank you!
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  • How to fetch a DL from Sharepoint? and use them to send Notification?

    Hi,   Is it possible to fetch the DL which is in Sharepoint and use those DL for sending a notification on triggering the Eventframe? If fetching from Sharepoint is not possible then, is there any way where we...
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