• Last Modified Time in Operations -> Archives

    What does the date and time value in the 'Last Modified time' column for Operations->Archives in PI SMT represent? is it the time at which the archive data was last read/ written to?   Additionally, is i...
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  • PI SMT Archive Tab still in 0 GB Capacity

    Hi community,                        Im still getting this error on the Archive Capacity is 0 GB. Already ...
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  • Protect PI Vision code

    I want to protect my pi vision code from others. Is there is any way to protect it.
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  • How to calculate INTEGRAL form difference between two tags?

    I need to calculate integral from absolute value with diff two tags. One of them is Process Value and the second is Set point. How to do it in AF Analisys?
    created by jag_69
  • What is pipoint..pipoint table in PI?

    Hi Team,   What is tables in PI pipoint..pipoint, piarchive..pisnapshot, piarchive..picomp2?   How to check data in it?   Regards, Samit Pise.
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  • How to change PI tag trends from Step chart to Line chart?

    Hello All, I created a PI tag (with PI Builder) and I would like its trend to be represented as a Line Chart instead of a Step Chart. Currently this is what I see on PI Processbook:  But I would rather have ...
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  • Connection PI-Python

    I tried to use PIconnect and PIthon, both in jupyter notebook. But, when I ran "Import PIconnect as PI" and/or "piServers = PIServers() piServer = piServers.DefaultPIServer; " , I got the message: "The kernel appears ...
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  • PI Vision Custom symbols

    Hi, Anybody got an idea on how to add a hyperlink as custom symbol in PI Vision.   I was manged to add a symbol by adding below js file in to ext Folder.   (function (PV) { function symbolVis() {} PV.d...
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  • How to fetch Analysis which has error or warning in c sharp

    How to fetch Analysis name and details which has error or warning in c sharp
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  • Analysis error: Sum daily into monthly values

    We created a PI point that stores the daily values coming from an analysis. This analysis is triggered at midnight. This analysis turns a real time measurements into one daily value by using the TagTot function. &#...
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  • Time Zone in Web API not Working

    Hi There,   In the following examples the returned timestamp for 04:00 PM here in Qatar is coming as '2019-11-20T12:00:00Z' which looks like UTC! I compared the values with Data Link and the values match the tim...
    created by eradwan
  • How do linked table parameters work?

    I have a question about how linked table parameters work internally. I have several tables that query external Oracle databases for data, and these tables are then referenced with Table Lookup Data References (TLDRs) ...
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  • Sending Notification without creating Analysis or EventFrame using .Net C# code

    Hello Team,   Greetings for the day!   Could some one suggest the way or .net C# code snippet to send an email directly without creating the analysis using AFSDK. I know I could do it using SMTP server det...
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  • Edit PI Vision Navigation links in SQL?

    Hi All,   I would like to know if you can edit navigation links of a display in SQL Database? If you have some kind of procedure that will be helpful.   Thank you and Regards.
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  • Determine Tag value change

    Hey ,   Im trying to determine if the value of tag has changed by 5 or more for now - 24hours. This change can be + or - 5. What i have come up with so far ; IF NOT BadVal(TagVal('tagName', '*')) AND NOT...
    created by PIOhMY
  • PI-Python connection

    I tried to use PIconnect and PIthon, both in jupyter notebook. But, when I ran "Import PIconnect as PI" and/or "piServers = PIServers() piServer = piServers.DefaultPIServer; " , I got the message: "The kernel appear...
    created by gleon
  • Send notifiction to different groups based on Target element

    Hi ,    Im trying to figure out if its possible to send a notification to a different group depending on what element the notification is triggered from. For example i have this Analysis  that , if Pum...
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    I am having the same issue as others trying to send an updated PDF through Notifications, but Notifications keeps a static file so the information does not update daily.  I would like to get the UPDATEFILEATTRIBU...
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  • PI Connector for InfinityQS

    Has anyone collected quality testing data from InfinityQS to store in their PI Server? 
    created by BrianBolton
  • powershell  SDK  Updatevalues

    I am newbie  to powershell and PI SDK   I need to backfill some data into PI via a powershell script using the SDK   I am struggling with the UpdateValues.Why does the $pipoint.UpdateValue (line 15) w...
    created by abars