• Limit of input file size for PI Connector for UFL

    Hi All,   As per KB00943, OSIsoft recommends using input files smaller than 500 MB for UFL Interface. Is it the same for the connector part also?   Thanks
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  • PI Collective Upgrade - Installation / Validation Steps

    Hi, I'm planning a PI Collective upgrade and have had a few different opinions for the approach. These are the steps I'm planning to follow, do these make sense? I would have preferred to leave one server...
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  • How do I access PI tags from Ignition

    Hello, I'm working on a project that requires read only access to PI tags from Ignition Scada system.  How do we do this? PI version is 3.4.420
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  • Write to OPC DA Server from third party?

    Hi.   Is it possible to write to the OSISoft PI OPC DA Server from a third party application, like Labview for instance? If so, does it need any extra configuration?   -Olav
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  • Alarm group properties

    Can I detect whether at least one tag inside an alarm group is active?  Are there alarm group properties according to this problem/question?   Thanks in advance for any answer.
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  • web api configuration error

    The following errors were encountered during the installation of PI web API:
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  • Visualization Best Practices

    Our Visualization Best Practices Team has been charged with documenting Visualization Best Practices. Visualization covers displays and reporting and multiple visualization tools (PI Vision, Datalink, ProcessBook, etc...
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  • time stamp covers first column of data

    Hello,   Can you please assist. When I use PI Datalink in Excel and request a timestamp the time covers the first column of data. When I go through the OSIsoft tutorials some show the option of selecting where t...
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  • Is there a way to get summary view of products and their release dates like what was on the old Product Roadmap page?

    I was reviewing one of OSI's newsletter articles published earlier this year with a colleague.  It said:   "On April 14th, OSIsoft released several patches and PI System component upgrades that are availabl...
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  • Compatibility with pi server 2018 SP3 Patch 1

    Hi,   On site we have a lot of client machines with old versions of pi applications and DLL's. Pi AF Client 2018 SP1 Pi Buffer Subsystem  Pi Collective Manager Pi DataLink ...
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  • how pi vision can connect to restAPIS and get data into PI vision from external sources(out of PI)

    how pi vision can connect to restAPIS and get data into PI vision from external sources(out of PI)
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  • OLEDB Enterprice - Get AF Attribute Value

    Hello,   I'm using OLEDB Enterpice to get AF attribute value. Attribute is an output from analysis. On PI System Explorer, I get good value. But on PI SQL Commander, I get Calc Failed. (Attribute: Tonnage - To...
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  • PI Connector Create INI file for XML files

      Hi all,   I hope somebody could point me in the right direction as I'm on hold already for a few days. I am trying to write an INI file for a PI connector to read an XML file and create PI points. ...
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  • Missing Attributes

    I absolutely cannot find the missing Attributes. I have re-linked all active links on the display. Is there any way to find by name what is missing?
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  • Listbox in a Processbook display all black when display saved as image file.

    I have a Processbook (2015 R2 SP1) display with a Microsoft Forms 2.0 Listbox control. The Listbox is populated with tabular data by VB macros. The Listbox appears normal in the display, when in Run mode or Build mode...
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  • PI datalink addin registry key missing from HKEY_CURRENT_USER root

    Community, We have recently observed  below error in some our Users PCs(post office 2019 upgrade) while trying to use PI datalink. If we click on yes excel crashes else clicking on NO disables the Add-I...
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  • Errorcode=70ErrorSource SDK

    A user is having connectivity problem that I can't figure. She is able to pull data in Datalink and PI Vision but she can't in ProcessBook. PFA for exact message. I don't know why she can't connect.
    created by Ztopal
  • PI Resolver Offline issue

    Hello to all. I am a new user in PI, although I have been getting along. At the moment I found an issue that I cannot overcome. I'll explain it briefly: So I am using PI UFL to try to import data to from csv files ...
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  • PI Network Manager

    While I open Pi SMT I always get this error:  "Generic rpc error connecting to server phegca-sp320003: Could not establish a connection to PI Network Manager" Any idea?
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  • Can an AF Analysis Template be setup to work with a variable number of attributes?

    I am essentially new in using PI-AF. I can see the power of setting up PI-AF templates for instantiating several occurrences of a calculation over multiple elements in a given hierarchy. i was wondering if it was pos...
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