• Default display background color - PI ProcessBook

    Not sure I understand why PI ProcessBook is designed that the default background is changed every time the current display background is set.   Here is the excerpt from the Help: Default Display Background Col...
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  • OPC Server on ABB 800xA

    Hi,   I am looking to use the OPC-DA, OPC-HDA, OPC-AE, and 800xA interfaces to capture data from an ABB 800xA System. From what I could gather online, ABB requires an additional license ("OPC Client Connectio...
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  • PI Vision Error after changing new SSL Certificate

    Hi community,     Needed your help on solving this i already reinstall the web utility but error is,   I attach also the Event Messages Logs for PI Vision.   Hope you could help me TIA! ...
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  • SAP PM Notification

    Hello All,   Is there anyone who has worked on SAP PM notification through PI Asset Framework. Can someone guide on how do we connect SAP interface server. If its a web service then which method is best to be us...
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  • Problem with names of events

    Hello everybody, in my analysis I create a event with the generation mode step.   Then I tried to create a event name out of some elements: %ELEMENT%_%@.\Elements[.]|Productno%_%@.\Elements[.]|Step%_%@.\E...
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  • What are Ports required for PI System?

    Which ports needed to be open for PI System
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  • PI AF Counter and Time on State

    Hi folks,   I'm using AF (PSE 2017) and want to extract two measures of an element as follows: 1. Count the number of times an attribute is equal to an specific value, over a period of time; 2. Ge the amount o...
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  • Creating printer template

    I there a way to create a printer template in PI manual logger 2014? I am trying to print a blank data sheet, when ever I try to print I have to readjust my margins to maximize the page area that prints. If printing f...
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  • Buffering of event based tags

    Can i do buffering for event based tags at the interface node. Suppose i have a string tag and i have configured it to log on the event of NONZERO valve on another tag. I have enabled buffering at interface node....
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  • SQC Charts in PI Vision

    Hi Team,   We know that we have SQC Charts in PI Processbook and we also know that we can not migrate direct SQC Charts from PI Processbook to PI Vision, but we want to know is there any way to create charts sim...
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  • Mapping QR Code to PI Tags

    Hi Team,   As part of the Manual Date Entry, we have created our own customized Manual Data Entry application which uses PI Web API to communicate with PI DA, PI AF Servers.   Now we are planning to implem...
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  • PI Development Selection Tool

    Hi everyone. My name is Daniel Trosa and I am a Software Co-Op at Corning Inc. I am currently developing an app which will serve as a tool to aid users and developers to gain an idea as to what PI technology (PI AFSDK...
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  • Datalink compatibility

    Hello, My company is going to upgrade to Microsoft Office 365 Pro Plus 64 bit. I want to know what if DataLink - will work with Office 365 Pro Plus 64 bit. Currently the same version of software is...
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  • I am recalculating the PE tags and inserting values for 18:01:00 timsetamp but after recalculation when I am checking in archive editor , timestamp is 12:00:00, which is wrong.

    I am recalculating the PE tags and inserting values for 18:01:00 timsetamp but after recalculation when I am checking in archive editor , timestamp is 12:00:00, which is wrong. As I need value at 18:01:00 not at 12:00...
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  • Fixed event frame duration

    Hi community,    I don't seem to be able to find the answer already, but I'm looking for a way of fixing the maximum duration of some event frames I want to generate.   For example: I want an alterna...
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  • PI Message Logs

    I tried to use pigetmsg.exe to retrieve message logs from both local  and remote server. I can see the message logs in my smt but in pigetmsg.exe, I always get 'No messages'. Same goes when I try to search for ...
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  • AF Interpolated Values vs PI datalink Sampled values

    PI datalink show values with minutes round-off means 8:00, 8:15 etc . But in AF interpolated shows based on archive data So in my case archive data is available from 8:14 , 8:19 etc (Ref 2nd snap ) How can i get...
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  • PI tag values for zones with no dayligh savings

    Hi everyone   I have PI interface RDBMS that colects information from a data base populated by information from ION meters. I have multiple meters located in different time zones and zones where dayligh saving do...
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  • AF Query Date with Table versions

    Hi: I have a table with 2 versions, each version has different data. I noticed values from the old version are taken instead the latest values (newest version) when I do backfilling. Am I missing something? Versions...
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  • Recording the previous value in an event frame

    How can I capture the previous value in an event frame?  I have created an event frame that triggers whenever the status value changes (Fault, Offline, Open, Closed, etc...).   It works great and the no...
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