• AF Query Date with Table versions

    Hi: I have a table with 2 versions, each version has different data. I noticed values from the old version are taken instead the latest values (newest version) when I do backfilling. Am I missing something? Versions...
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  • Enable TLS to send encrypted data from PI Integrator for Business Analytics to Azure SQL

    Hi, is it possible to enable (or force-enable) TLS for sending encrypted data from PI Integrator for Business Analytics to Azure SQL Database. I am not able to find the option for Azure SQL based on the user guide. &#...
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  • 6am to 6am Running Total in AF

    I want to build an analysis in AF that will calculate a running total that resets daily from 6 am to 6 am.  The big issue is the part between midnight and 6 am.  The whole offset in the calculation makes eve...
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  • How to write the analysis expression for the below scenario?

    I am receiving 10 tags in real-time which have some repeated values .A tag(A) keeps getting incremental data, based on a particular interval of change in the value incremented. I would like to extract all the tags val...
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  • PI email/sms notification

    What PI component do I need to send email and SMS notifications of equipment alarms and or Trips ??
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  • shall scripting to get Primary Archive % filled

    Hi, Hoping Your doing good Can I have the power shall scripting to get Primary Archive % filled, Also scripting for last backup was success full or not ? Can I have this information Plz... thanks in advance. ...
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  • generate webid by http call

    Is there a way to generate the webid from a PIAF point starting from the path from the AF point. I think there is but cant seem to find it in the manual.
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  • Disable Notification resend in case of analysis restart

    Hello Everyone,   I would like to ask if there is any way to modify element templates or specific elements without restarting the Eventframe analyses?   The main problem is, that automatic restart of Event...
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  • No snapshot data

    I'm using PIVision to track various PI points coming from FactoryTalk (Rockwell) devices. The problem is no snapshot data is presented in the trend. Attachment "At 5 min" shows two trends. The top trend shows tag valu...
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  • Fail to Start PI to PI interface

    Hello Everyone,    I have an problem in PI to PI interface  my PI to PI service is not able to start when i am using History recovery  it is working properly when i am keeping history recovery s...
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  • PI Integrator for Esri ArcGIS ERROR

    Hi everyone  I'm using the PI Integrator for Eseri ArcGIS, I've set up my layers but I'm having some troubles with one of featured widgets, the one that filters the attibutes and locates them in the map (Consul...
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  • Integrator for BA pages responding very slow

    Hello Mates,   Integrator for BA pages responding very very slow - any suggestions would be appreciated.   We have Integrator on one server and we are accessing using https://localhost and AF and SQL ...
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  • PI INTEGRATOR BA - # Columns

    Is there any limit on the amount of columns in  pi integrator view. I trying to create a view in pi integratorBA. I have 124 attributes to add. I only can add 77, after that I start getting the next message: ...
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  • Event ID 382

    On PI vision. Getting communication error.  In events list I am seeing this. Any idea's? Many thanks.
    created by GrahamShaw
  • PI SQL Client Query Help

    I'm learning PI SQL Commander. I was wondering if there's a way to use query to produce output similar to that from PI DataLink event search, that is, events in rows with event attributes in columns. Please don't sug...
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  • PI Connector modify name of Point Source

    Hi, I'm trying to set up a PI Connector for OPC UA and need to set the Point Source name. However, I cannot find any documentation of how to do this. The default seems to be "OPC UA" but I need to set this to somethi...
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  • Pi Sample data

    How can I export tag data? I don't have excel as on PI DL. I want to compare a number of trends with same sampling intervals.   Thanks, Graham
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  • AF Analyses - Function / Command to read attribute values for all Child elements

    Hello Mate,   Like Rollups which does sum, avg, min, max etc.     Is there any function / command which could read string attribute values for all child elements dynamically?   We have few ...
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  • Daily Event Frame Generation Analyses

    Hello PISquare,   I want to create daily event frames. I have seen this post: Run Event Frame for only 24 hours  It describes setting the Start and End Triggers to be the same thing (say Hour('*') = ...
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  • pi to pi authentication

    How do I establish a connection over the secured firewall and authenticate it to transmit PI data over the PI-Interface and PI Connector?
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