• How to choose between PI Interface and PI Connector

    How to choose between PI Interface and PI Connector? We have the following requirements and I would like to get your recommendations: 1. Company need to receive data from a number of customers which use different dat...
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  • Show a "PI Point Array" on PI Vision

    Could someone know how to display a PI Point Array data onto PI Vision? I'd appreciate it if you let me know that. Thank you in advance.
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  • Is there a way to export Event Frame "Acknowledged By", "Acknowledged Date", "Severity" and "Is Acknowledged" properties in PI Integrator?

    I am trying to build event frame reports in Power BI using PI Integrator.  In Excel I can build a table that has the "Acknowledged By", "Severity", "Acknowledged Date", and "Is Acknowledged" properties of event f...
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    I was wondering if someone can help me to understand how the "SPAN" attribute works. Let me explain briefly:   1. I am using the virtual machine of an OSIsoft course, because I have not still access to the PI Sy...
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  • Writing an array to a PI Point

    Hello,   I have a PI Point which I defined its Value Type as Double Array, as shown below.   What I'm trying to do next is to write an array of doubles, which is a result of a matlab calculation, to this...
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  • PI UFL connector - help with Timestamp collection

    Hi,  I'm pretty new to PI UFL and defining .ini-files. However, I made som progress parsing the following file:  Start-message Id=LvnG0061x3-20201026094407 Message-type=Settlement-data Version=1.2 Time=2020...
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  • Load balancing

    Hellos, your help please. How is the load balancing performed on the interfaces, in a High Availability environment with fail over? through scan classes or interfaces or both.   Thanks in advance.
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  • Error: One or more DB operations failed

    I am using AF-SDK and trying to create new points in pi archive server using dot-Net osi-soft method PIServer. CreatePIPoint.  But running my code results in exception:" - 30101 One or more database operations fa...
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  • Hardware for the installation of an API Node

    Hello, I have a question Is there an official document regarding the recommended hardware for the installation of an API Node? And if this depends on the number of instances that are going to be configured on that co...
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  • PI data flow

    What is the Updation time in PI applications like datalink and Processbook. How can we configure the updation time of live data
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  • Size Data Archive files.

    Hello,  I have a question, Does the size of the data archive files depend on the hardware of the Data Archive server?   Thanks in advance.
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  • Is AF SDK 2.9.5 (PI AF 2017 R2) the most recent version?

    Currently installing a PI Server  2018 SP3 instance, Is AF SDK 2.9.5 (PI AF 2017 R2) included and is it the most recent version?
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  • Why the start button of an interface service is not enabled?

    Hello everyone,  I am Omar Sánchez, I am getting used to the Administrator PI environment and I have some questions regarding my Administrator course for enabling and configuring a PI Buffer Subsystem. I ...
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  • Scheduled report generation in Rtreport

    How do I make report generation automated in RtReport and send the report to email recipients?
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  • RtReports Generator - PDF Conversion Error

    Hello. We have RtReports 4.0.2. After having generated a report, if we press View PDF we get an error: "Error printing report. Print failed. PDF conversion error: Unable to write PDF to disk. Windows error 5. Acces...
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  • Limit of input file size for PI Connector for UFL

    Hi All,   As per KB00943, OSIsoft recommends using input files smaller than 500 MB for UFL Interface. Is it the same for the connector part also?   Thanks
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  • PI Collective Upgrade - Installation / Validation Steps

    Hi, I'm planning a PI Collective upgrade and have had a few different opinions for the approach. These are the steps I'm planning to follow, do these make sense? I would have preferred to leave one server...
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  • How do I access PI tags from Ignition

    Hello, I'm working on a project that requires read only access to PI tags from Ignition Scada system.  How do we do this? PI version is 3.4.420
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  • Write to OPC DA Server from third party?

    Hi.   Is it possible to write to the OSISoft PI OPC DA Server from a third party application, like Labview for instance? If so, does it need any extra configuration?   -Olav
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  • Alarm group properties

    Can I detect whether at least one tag inside an alarm group is active?  Are there alarm group properties according to this problem/question?   Thanks in advance for any answer.
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