• interface rejected all PI Points

    Hey All,   Recently ran into an issue where the PI OPC interface will occasionally stop working, often following all the tags giving both a tag value, immediately followed by a "bad" tag value at the same time s...
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  • PI Integrator for Azure

    Hi all, I was wondering if i can do the reverse way. Send data from Azure to PI by using PI Integrator. Is it possible?   I also think that Azure is based on SQL Server, So can i use AF table lookup or RDBM...
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  • How to get just short date from AF analysis

    hi All, All Things PI - Ask, Discuss, Connect I'm working on a cumulation which executes only if few conditions are meet. I want the date when cumulation has run . Timestamp(attribute) is giving Date along wit...
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  • Backfilling bulk PI data from one PI data archive server to another

    Hello Everyone,   We are planning to fill history data for PI tags from one server(1) to another server(2). The catch is that the destination server(2) only has tags of the source server(1) as a subset of tags. ...
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  • Hello, I'm trying to use PI notification service in azure server using sendgrid service.Able to authenticate to sendgrid SMPT server using powershell but while trying to test connection in AF getting below error. Hope you guys could help me in this issue.

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  • Script tag duplicate in PI Vision Extensibility

    Excuse me, I'm new to PI. I have created a new object for PI Vision, adding the amCharts4 library in the libraries folder of ext. My problem is that in the template (.html) I reference the library with a script tag. T...
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  • Extract Tag configuration which got updated/created during certain period

    Hi,   Kindly let me know how to extract Tag configuration which got updated/created during certain period. I heard it may be possible through SQL/OLEDB.    Thanks, Mallesh
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  • Link to PI Vision Display leads to the PI Vision Home Page / Embedded Display Doesn't Show Right

    Hello everyone,   I am trying to do two things:  1. Adding a link to a PI Vision specific display in a SharePoint, and I am doing the following:           <a href="https://Webs...
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  • AF analysis not able to update PI tag

    Hello PI AF users,    I am trying to update PI tag (boolean or digital)  as per the output of analyses.  somehow, not able to write value. Please refer to the capture below:   Analyses Capt...
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  • Why is my PI AF Analysis not working ?

    Hello, I'm facing an issue with an AF analysis. I have set up a calculation. the calculation worked well for a while but stopped working at some point for a reason I don't understand. The thing is that I can still ba...
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  • Divide Two Columns in Select Statement Using Table Lookup / Asset Framework

    Hello every one,   I have a table in the library in PI Asset Framework,  I am creating an element template, adding an attribute template where I want to divide two columns of the table.  Can anyone he...
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  • PI Server Name and IP Address change

    Hi ,   Im currently building new dev and prod pi servers, which will have all the existing functionality of the current dev and prod servers. When im finished the client wants to change  the ip address and ...
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  • Analysis Recalculation ignores PI Point Compression settings

    I had another post up asking about something related to this, but I keep constantly hitting this roadblock a million times and it is driving me mad. I simply can't believe that this is in any way working correctly or ...
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  • unable to show pi datalink toolbar

    I have just installed PI Datalink 2017. When I open Excel 365 and look in the options to include the PI Datalink add-in, it's listed and I can put a check in the box, but no PI datalink Tab is visible. Suggestions for...
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  • PI Builder Analyses Being Stopped By Input Trigger Error

      I am trying to pull templates using PI Builder (I only have "AnalysisRuleConfigurationString" checked), but the operation terminates prematurely with this error. Every other error I've seen gives you the optio...
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  • Another NOOB question

    Why is it that sometimes PI Tags I create in PI AF as an Attribute just refuses to create, sometimes taking many tries of deleting the attribute, re-creating to get it to create? Is it something I am doing? Or a serve...
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  • OPC UA server redundancy

    Hi,   How does the Connector manage the server redundancy?   I have a pair of SCADA servers which are configured as a hot-redundant pair from the SCADA perspective, but the OPC UA config (outside of my con...
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  • Pi AF Counter

    I'm new to PI AF, started learning last week.  I'm trying to count how many times a tag value equals a certain value. I tried creating a simple counter, but it keeps giving me calc failed.   1. Checks the...
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  • PI AF Template Attribute

    So, I am creating a template to be used for up to 8 different Units, it will include pulling values from existing Pi tags, and creating 3. The 3 tags to be created cannot be named the same, same attribute name, becau...
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  • Pi AF - Pi Vision

    I created an Element/Analysis in Pi AF that gives me a boolean tag, but it refuses to work in Pi Vision for multistate.   (I've created several others that work just fine)
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