• Can someone provide and example of an XML format to import excel into AF?

    Here is what I have for a schema:   <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?> <AF-data xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance">   <record> <source>\\ITH...
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  • access pi data through vpn

    access data through vpn
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  • PI DA OPC Server

    I have installed the PI OPC DA Server 2018 on my data archive server. I am wanting to expose the data to other 3rd party OPC clients. The one in-particular I am trying to use is AutoSol MBSlave. Basically, i am trying...
    created by MartyWerner
  • How to create vba code to monitor equipment functioning on / off?

    good afternoon guys! I'm trying develop a display of horimeter that calculate the quantite of hours that equipament its working, wiht script VBA, there is possible get data of variables tha alternate in the value sta...
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  • AF Query

    Hi All,    Can you assist me with the below :   1) Would there be any difference in using a simple function like tagval multiple times against storing it in a variable and consuming it the rest of the...
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  • How do I automatically establish connection via PI Datalink via VBA Codes?

    Hi guys, I have created an Excel Page with a live PI Datalink table. I would like to automate the creation of of a '.csv' File after the file is refreshed daily. To do this we need to connect to the PI Server every ...
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  • How to backfill data from eDNA data management into OSIsoft PI?

    We are looking to backfill several years of data from eDNA data management into PI.  OSIsoft recommends using the OSIsoft's OPC DA interface. Has anyone done this previously? What does the process look ...
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  • PI System Explorer and PI Vision no trends issue

    Hi everyone,   Our end-users reported that their trends on their PI System Explorer is not available. Upon checking this, all trends displays a flat line. I also checked the PI Vision and it also displays the sa...
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  • Out of Order events received

    Hello All,  we have recently started around 15 Pi to Pi interface instances to collect data for around 40k tags with default historical recovery setting as below . However we observe considerable number of Ou...
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  • Which PI AF functions are computationally expensive

    I am trying to find out if there is a way to see which PI AF functions are more computationally expensive. I saw a list before of certain functions that have to have historical data saved because they are "expensive"....
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  • How the AFDiag /AT enables Audit Trail in SQL

    Need to document in a design document how AFDiag /AT enables Audit Trail in the PI AF Database. af audit
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  • INI file for JSON body

    Hi All   It is my first time using PI Connector for UFL. We using it as a REST server and getting data from a QR code system. The data passing over is like below: {"Timestamp":"2020/03/23 13:37:38","ORDERSTART...
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  • Event frame not getting generated in Real time 

    Hi All,   I have configured an event frame with multiple start triggers. Event frames are getting generated correctly with Preview or Back-fill / Recalculate. Somehow in Real time all event frames are ...
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  • Why grow pending events

    When we create new tags  number of pending events growing up. Аnd if we look on it statistic in module Update manger in PI-SMT we can see that many pending events have OPCInterfaces: Consumer - OPCPE, Produscer...
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  • Data Sets - replace PI Tags

    Hi all, Is there an easy\fast way to replace the PI TAGS from Data sets that copied from one .pdi screen to another?   thanks
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  • Problem with opcint service

    Hello.   We have next configuration on OPC getaway:   PC on Windows 10, Osisoft opc inerface ver   We have connecton with some device by Ethernet, but throw com mapping device (Mod...
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  • Time in PI system Explore

    What time zone is data displayed in PI System Explorer.  I believe it is local time but I want to verify.  Can I change the time displayed in PI System Explorer?  I know I can change it in PI Datalink.&...
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  • Archive Disk Space is low

    I am having a Disk Drive in a PI server where Pi Archive data is stored. I have to always un-register old archive files and move them to different location to free up some spaces. Is there any other way instead of e...
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  • Can I use same instrument tags from different Point sources?

    Dear All,   I have a situation here which I have not faced before.   I have a corporate PI server which is connected to various different plant PI servers using PI-PI interfaces. Two of the plant PI serve...
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  • Menu creation in PI processbook

    Hi everyone.   I need your help, I am currently developing an application in pi processbook 2015 R3, in which I modify the menus by creating my own, but when I create more menus dynamically I get this error. ...
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