• Order to install apps?

    I was wondering if anyone has any documentation on the proper steps and path to install OSI pi on end user computers? Bassciall I am looking for what order to install software ie: prereqs > prereqs patch > proce...
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  • How to Get the Relative Reference to an Excel Sheet on a query

    I want to get always the first sheet from an Excel workbook because everyday is changing and it has a different name but I don't want to manually have to change the query every time. Is there a way to always get the s...
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    Hi all,   I would like to inquire regarding the configuration for PI integrator for BA going to MS SQL.    why does when publishing the table to its configured ms sql "PI VIEW" the database name is di...
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  • Unable to write PISDK registry key Access is denied.path

    Using PIBuilder 2017 SP1 in Excel 365 gives the above error. Does anyone have the fix?
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  • How to use PI UFL (Interface) Collection Data Type

    I have a data file whose format is similar to the following. The tag list can go up to 40 or 50. Is there a simple way to store tag name in variables besides create each one variable for each tag name? This creates ma...
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  • PI Vision Sampled Data?  Is there a way to create a PI Vision trend of tag(s) averages over specified interval timeframe?

    I'm looking to create a time series trend of multiple tags that is averaged over a specified time interval.  Then export this data to excel.  Could do this using PI data link, but have not figured out h...
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  • Totalizer decreasing

    Hi All,   We have a Tagtot built in Analysis, which is surprisingly decreasing in value when the source tag shows a decreasing trend. My understanding is that the tagtot will build a time integral which should a...
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  • Moving AF from one server to another

    I will be moving an AF installation from windows server 2008 R2 hardware to new hardware running server 2016. I have upgraded the original AF system to 2018 and have AF 2018 on the new machine. Can anyone tell me is...
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  • PI Processbook: Multistate for integer tags issue

    I want to use integer tag in multistate in Processbook. States definition based on tag intervals is: 0,0 - state1 1,1 - state2 2, 100 - state3 If I do this manually, in first step I define first state by...
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  • Pi Vison and X2O

    Anyone know how to get Pi Vision working with X2O? (Hopefully this is a valid question naming other software)
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  • Excel running into problems with PI datalink addin

    Recently, we observed that most of users in our organization complaining after Microsoft office 2019 upgrade while opening Excel to PI datalink 2019 below error message shown. If we click on NO then excel cr...
    created by Srijo
  • Multiple GUID's registered for Buffering

    Hi,   I am using PI Buffer Subsystem of version to send data to a PI Data Archive Collective. But the Buffer state is stuck on "Registered" and not being moved to "Sending data". I followed the below K...
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  • PI UFL - variable csv

    I am trying to establish a UFL Interface for a Tab delimited file that: a) Has many sites (>80); and b) Possibly variable numbers / order of sites. The usual Field(3) = ["*{Tab}*{Tab}(*)"] would be quite unwield...
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  • Convert Exponential number to Decimal Number

    Hello Folk,   Greetings for the day!   Can some one suggest how to convert 1.1658440916E-08 to a decimal number 0.000000011658440916 using PI PE or AF Analysis.   I tried Exp function from PE & ...
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  • "successful connections"  different number on each server member of PI Cluster when I put pibufss -cfg

    Hi      I've set a n-buffering mechanizm on a Pi Interface machine with many types of instaces such: OPC, UFL, RDBPS, MODBUS. I was tesing the buffer subsystem (-bc stop, start, -qs, -health) and ...
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  • How to upgrade the AF SQL DB on AWS RDS

    Hi Community,   I am planning to upgrade AF server version to "PI-Server_2018-SP3-Patch-2" from "PI AF server 2018" and would like to understand the best approach to upgrade PIFD on RDS.   Before i po...
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  • How to hide sensitive info from public PI Web API instance?

    We're working on setting up a public piwebapi instance to share specific data externally, both with some web based applications and external entities. Besides exposing just the data we want to make public, we've not...
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  • Power Pivot, Query & BI without AF

    Hello world,   We are interesting in using Power Pivot/Query/BI without having Assets ..straight from the Data Archive. We know it's better to achieve an Asset Hierarchy and then move on to Power applications b...
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  • How to get accredited as PI System Application Developer by OSIsoft?

    Can anyone please let me know in detail what are the  pre-requisites, and what is the procedure to get accredited as a PI System Application Developer 
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  • Keep Attribute - Replace Template

    Hi All,    I need to replace the template to many Elements with a new Template, but some of this Elements have Attributes don't belong to the old Template, I mean those Attributes ("special Attribute") were...
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