• ¿Se puede programar en VBA para calcular todos mis data sets en un rango de fecha?

    Buen día a todos, escribo en español ya que mi ingles aun falta mejorarlo y quiero ser lo mas claro posible, mi pregunta detallada es:   Tengo varios data sets en un processbook display, me interesa qu...
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  • Pt Created shown instead of real value

    Dear All,   In PI displays some tag shows correct real value but some tag is not able to fetch data from DCS through OPC. It is showing "Pt Created" in PI display. Is this related to Location setting of particul...
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  • Performance Equation = How to set fixed value at certain date

    Hi    I am writing a performance equation for a tag   How do I set the equation so that on the first january of every year the value will equal to zero   if (date=1st January, tagvalue=0) ...
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  • How to find when was PI Point deleted?

    Is it possible to find when was PI Point deleted through PI message logs?
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  • How to add attributes to individual phases

    Is there a way to add specific attributes to individual phases other than adding the attribute to the general template?
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  • calculate amount of time from start and end time

    In AF 2017 R2, what is the syntax to calculate time as a value that has pasted (in seconds?) From Midnight Present day to Current Time Present Day of a Float32 PIPoint.    Goal is to have an Answer dis...
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  • queued calculation status

    Dear Team,   Want to know about queued calculation status in AF SDK method for C#? Want to check thr code.   Regards, Samit Pise
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  • Setup Failover on Same Interface Node

    Im trying to setup UniInt Interface failover on the same Node . When i try to browse for the other interface (ID=2), it only shows the current interface(ID=1) im trying to configure Failover on . I have checked vers...
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  • PI SDK and PI interface compatibility with PI data archive server

    Hi everyone, Is PI SDK 2016 and PI Interface for OPC DA is compatible with PI server 2012? Where do I get the compatibility chart? Regards, Pushkar
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  • How to load data from data aggregators in to the pi?

    A case where real time drilling(oil and gas) data from mud looging,MWD,LWD,rig sensors is being streamed into data aggregators.We are assuming that data is in the format of WITS0 or WITSML in the aggregator. How to l...
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  • Enable TLS to send encrypted data from PI Integrator for Business Analytics to Azure SQL

    Hi, is it possible to enable (or force-enable) TLS for sending encrypted data from PI Integrator for Business Analytics to Azure SQL Database. I am not able to find the option for Azure SQL based on the user guide. &#...
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  • PI Recalculator Subsystem

    I am learning OSISoft products and PI system, I need to use Recalculator Subsystem to recalculate the source of data when is late or missing, the PE does not automatically re-calculate when data is not available or ...
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  • EventFrame Categories Assignment

    Every EventFrame has a CategorieNames array that can be used for filtering the EventFrames in the various clients (AF Explorer, Pi webAPI). Is there a way to assign a category to an EventFrame when it is actually gene...
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  • cannot add pi server connection

    Cannot remove bad PI server connection Cannot add correct PI server connection keep getting error -2147220478
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  • OPC Tags being Created until License Limit Reached during Connection Issues (DeltaV)

      OPC tags are created in addition to existing OPC tags when network disconnect/reconnect occurs  until the OPC license limit is met. (Currently we have 10,813 OPC points with a license limit of 13,000) ...
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  • PI Vision - problem connecting SQL database

    Hello,   I have problem with connecting to PI Vision database. After changing website name in bindings and add new certificate I have following error:     PI vision cannot connect to SQL database (...
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  • Total hours of certain value

    How can I calculate how many hours for a certain value, for example 8 means the machine is ON; 5 when the machine is OFF. So, how many hours has the value 8 occurs/present in 1 month? 
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  • Getting a tag to auto-update for last event

    Hello,  I'm creating a Pi display that I need to auto-update every time the tag was at a value of 1 (the tag is a motor so the value is either a 1 or a zero). The facility needs to know when the last time (date) ...
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  • PI Interface self heal

    Hello community,   I am working on a solution which requires some automation. Here is a brief description:   Frequent issue: After server reboot, there are chances that PI interface service would not start...
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  • Manual data entry - Pi vision

    Hello all! Is my first time trying to use custom symbols on PI Vison. I'm trying to use the Anna Parry's "Manual data entry symbol" and i got some issues. All files are on right folder and, after than, was necessary ...
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