• Linking SQL Data To PI Vision Displays

    We are using PI Vision and want to link to our SQL data like we did within ProcessBook.  We've tried both a link table and import.  Then linked them to AF attribute, but neither one seems to update.  Wh...
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  • Future Event Frames

    Hello, does anybody now if it's possible to give Event Frames, start and end times that lie in the future. For example if I use my Asset Framework for maintenance and know i have to repair a certain asset in the next...
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  • Do you now how resolve it ? Thanks

    [-11452]Failed to create API buffer manager: [-11402] Error creating shared memory buffers or disk buffer file. Not buffering API data to HISTORIAN
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  • Extended descriptor for PI ACE Scheduler Perfomance counter tags

    I need the extended descriptor (tag attribute's) value for the below mentioned performance counters of PI ACE Scheduler.   Last Calculation ExeTime Number of aborted calculations Number of calculations executed N...
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  • Multiple Event Frame Conditions

    Hello!   I have special problem expressing the trigger conditions for an event frame generation.   The attachment shows a pressure (yellow) and concentration (purple) trend. But of interest is o...
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  • [enumVal] / [enumVal]

    Bonjour, J'ai une erreur dans mon EF quand je fais Evaluate de 2 PP en type de valeur Double, merci pour votre aide
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  • PI AF: Suche nach Tagvalue in vielen Tags

    Hallo zusammen, ich habe ein Problem welches ich zwar mit sehr vielen if abragen lösen kann, aber nach einer schöneren Lösung suche. Wir haben in unserer Anlage ein Lager mit vielen Fahrzeugen. Diese F...
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  • AF Event Frame Setup

    We need to calculate the hourly downtime for equipment, hence need to generate events with below logic. Event should start when the machine is down and it should end when the machine is up within that hour or the end...
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  • PI Name Version and PI Number Version List

    Is there a place were I can look at corresponding PI Name Version and correspondent PI Number Version Osisoft products?     I am interested in PI Data Archive, PI AF, PI Notifications and PI Vision Version ...
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  • Tagname as a string in a TimeXX function (within AF Analysis)

    Hello Community,   Is there a way to pass a tagname as a string in a TimeXX function (within AF Analysis)?   Something like TimeGT("\\piservername\sinusoid",'*-1h','*', 20)   Thanks in advance, ...
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  • Has anyone connected their PI System to a B&R Automation PLC?

    One of our manufacturing facilities has a large number of PLCs produced by B&R automation.  Before we start digging into options for connecting, I thought I'd ask if anyone here had connected B&R PLCs bef...
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  • "Create or Update Data Reference" through OSIsoft.Powershell

    How would one Create or Update Data References using OSIsoft.Powershell? Would it be an option under the Set-AFAttribute command or some other command? Thanks, Stephen
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  • SumProduct for arrays in AF Analytics

    Hi,   I was trying to test multiplying two arrays together and then summing the result (like SumProduct in Excel).   I tried to use a recursive MapData function for this (see attached screenshot).  Is...
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  • Not licensed to access Archives for passed dates

    I need to backfill old data prior to the creation of our PI Server. When I am trying to check if the data has been backfilled properly, I received the following error:   Error 0: Failed to retrieve events from s...
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  • DNP3 Values are questionable

    Hi community,      Question regarding the dnp3 values that PI is pulling from RTU. Theres a check mark on the questionable part of the archive editor. What does it means?   Sample Screenshot...
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  • PI-AF Epression Analysis Error "Failed to resolve required input"

    Hello everybody,   i have a curious problem with PI-AF Expression Analysis. I have two identical very simple analysis. Each has one PI-TAG as input. Both TAGs are configured 100% identical.   The first ana...
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  • Does PI Web API Need IIS?

    Kind of a silly question, but I didn't find any documentation that pointed that I need IIS to install PI Web API.
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  • Error on execution of PI Datalink filling, Error "Unable to set NumberFormatLocal property of Range Class"

    When i execute a function in PI Datalink 2016 v. 5.3.0 Running Excel 2016 See more details below   I get an PI Datalink Error box "Unable to set NumberFormatLocal property of Range Class"   The date form...
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  • Value Retrieval method

    I wanted to calculate the maximum value for the last one hour using the value retrieval method. But in spite of the tag not getting updated from 3 days there's a value being shown as you can see in the below screensho...
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  • PI Notification Acknowledgement Event Trigger

    Hi,   Is it possible to use a Notification Acknowledgement to further trigger an analysis?   How do we read the Ack back into a PI tag to use as an event trigger or is there a different way?   T...
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