• Scheduled report generation in Rtreport

    How do I make report generation automated in RtReport and send the report to email recipients?
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  • Missing Attributes

    I absolutely cannot find the missing Attributes. I have re-linked all active links on the display. Is there any way to find by name what is missing?
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  • RtReports Generator - PDF Conversion Error

    Hello. We have RtReports 4.0.2. After having generated a report, if we press View PDF we get an error: "Error printing report. Print failed. PDF conversion error: Unable to write PDF to disk. Windows error 5. Acces...
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  • PI Collective Upgrade

    Hi, I am planning on performing a PI Collective upgrade and have had a few different opinions for the approach. These are the steps I am planning to follow, do these make sense? I would have preferred to leave...
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  • Why the start button of an interface service is not enabled?

    Hello everyone,  I am Omar Sánchez, I am getting used to the Administrator PI environment and I have some questions regarding my Administrator course for enabling and configuring a PI Buffer Subsystem. I ...
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  • Can an AF Analysis Template be setup to work with a variable number of attributes?

    I am essentially new in using PI-AF. I can see the power of setting up PI-AF templates for instantiating several occurrences of a calculation over multiple elements in a given hierarchy. i was wondering if it was pos...
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  • Can PI System Connector be used to just replicate AF hierarchy and not PI DA data?

    Due to some instabilities we have experienced recently with the PI System Connector, we're evaluating whether or not it is possible to implement the PI System Connector to only replicate the AF hierarchy from one PI S...
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  • What are possible ways to share data between different companies

    Company will receive data from its customer and send data back to its customer. The data is received from customer via excel files. Those files are non standard and contain real time data and lab data. It might/m...
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  • PI OPC DA/HDA Server data into DeltaV graphics

    Hello everybody,   One site we have several ICSS. All are historized into a central PI server. The main ICSS is an Emerson DeltaV. I would like to exposed into the Emerson DeltaV graphics several process info...
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  • Datalink Calculated Data - How do I set a conversion factor of 1/96?

    I got a request from customer to calculate tag values in below format, but I'm not sure how to set the conversion factor. Can someone please advise?   Requirement Compressed data for the tag is below:  ...
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  • Tags for monitoring the perfomance and status of PI Connectors?

    Hello guys,   I am Omar Sánchez. I am starting to work in a project to monitor the status and performance of some PI Connectors. This topic is practically new for me, because I am used more to work with t...
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  • Current Timestamp is 5/7/21

    Hi all, hopefully someone can help me out with this issue. My PI system incorrectly shows the most current data as being timestamped 5/7/21 1:45 PM (timestamps on some points vary slightly but all have a date of 5/7/...
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  • Order to install apps?

    I was wondering if anyone has any documentation on the proper steps and path to install OSI pi on end user computers? Bassciall I am looking for what order to install software ie: prereqs > prereqs patch > proce...
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  • How to Get the Relative Reference to an Excel Sheet on a query

    I want to get always the first sheet from an Excel workbook because everyday is changing and it has a different name but I don't want to manually have to change the query every time. Is there a way to always get the s...
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    Hi all,   I would like to inquire regarding the configuration for PI integrator for BA going to MS SQL.    why does when publishing the table to its configured ms sql "PI VIEW" the database name is di...
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  • Unable to write PISDK registry key Access is denied.path

    Using PIBuilder 2017 SP1 in Excel 365 gives the above error. Does anyone have the fix?
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  • How to use PI UFL (Interface) Collection Data Type

    I have a data file whose format is similar to the following. The tag list can go up to 40 or 50. Is there a simple way to store tag name in variables besides create each one variable for each tag name? This creates ma...
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  • PI Vision Sampled Data?  Is there a way to create a PI Vision trend of tag(s) averages over specified interval timeframe?

    I'm looking to create a time series trend of multiple tags that is averaged over a specified time interval.  Then export this data to excel.  Could do this using PI data link, but have not figured out h...
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  • Totalizer decreasing

    Hi All,   We have a Tagtot built in Analysis, which is surprisingly decreasing in value when the source tag shows a decreasing trend. My understanding is that the tagtot will build a time integral which should a...
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  • Moving AF from one server to another

    I will be moving an AF installation from windows server 2008 R2 hardware to new hardware running server 2016. I have upgraded the original AF system to 2018 and have AF 2018 on the new machine. Can anyone tell me is...
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