• RDBMS call stored Procedure multiple values & rows unsorted

    Hi all,   I have some trouble calling a stored procedure in a different system via ODBC. The return looks like this:     Tag1: Main Tag for Identification of a run (string) Unit-Identifier: @Variab...
    created by helbigm
  • How can i use date and time together on performance equations?

    Hi all, How can i use date and time together on performance equations? Is it compulsory to use letter abbriviations for months? 03-Jul  instead of 03-07  .Chm help file for built in functions had not...
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  • Data Gap

    PI Tags showing values as Not connected and Com Fail respectively
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  • PI Vision displays using video walls

    I am interested in the use of a 75" to 80" display or "video wall" of some type displaying of a single PI Vision display for use as a process monitoring system. Does anyone have experience with this? Some browsers hav...
    created by BrianBolton
  • Different analysis for same tag

    Hi, Is that possible for one period of time use one analysis for another period use another analysis, both writing to the same tag but different time? What happens customer change analysis expression (formula, a...
    last modified by Saken
  • Data Gap

    Time period for which data is missing it is showing tag value as "Not connected" and "Comm fail". Please have suggestion on this.
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  • PI Vision Mobile Viewing Time Periods

    Hi Guys,   How to add more time periods on the mobile viewing? it only shows 3 periods, 1h, 8h, and 1d.   Thank you.
    created by JohnDylann
  • Compatibility with pi server 2018 SP3 Patch 1

    Hi,   On site we have a lot of client machines with old versions of pi applications and DLL's. Pi AF Client 2018 SP1 Pi Buffer Subsystem  Pi Collective Manager Pi DataLink ...
    created by alanR
  • Does PI Web API Need IIS?

    Kind of a silly question, but I didn't find any documentation that pointed that I need IIS to install PI Web API.
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  • Store AF Analysis/ Notification Event in MS SQL Database

    Hello Folks,   Greetings for the day!   We are using PI Analysis to generate and send SMS & email notification to the designated users. The event for these notification is trigger is based on some comp...
    last modified by PJain
  • Automating vision login with different user ID

    Hello   We have a web page having an imbedded vision page. Depending upon web user, it needs to use different vision  user group for security.  Also need to automate the login process. Any guideline...
    last modified by JkJung
  • "Authorization has been denied for this request."

    When trying to get response from PIWEBAPI in postman facing error : "Authorization has been denied for the request"  
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  • How can I combine two PI tags into one?

    I'm new to PI so still learning some basics.  How can I combine two PI tags into one? One tag contains older inactive data, and the other one contains newer data that is still being collected.  Both are from...
    last modified by bhaymore
  • I don't see the folder panel in PI Vision

    Hello, Hope someone can help me with this problem: I cannot see the folder pane in PI Vision, I sign in with the PI Vision administrator account and I still don't see the folder pane. What could be the problem?  ...
    created by Alejandra
  • Changing the server name in the MDB

    In Oct 2019 our IT department build a new PI server and attempted to migrate the old server to the new.  They changed the name on the new server.  It was a mess.  I was contacted to look it over on a Sa...
    created by JGamboe
  • Hello, I'm trying to use PI notification service in azure server using sendgrid service.Able to authenticate to sendgrid SMPT server using powershell but while trying to test connection in AF getting below error. Hope you guys could help me in this issue.

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  • Backfilling bulk PI data from one PI data archive server to another

    Hello Everyone,   We are planning to fill history data for PI tags from one server(1) to another server(2). The catch is that the destination server(2) only has tags of the source server(1) as a subset of tags. P...
    created by Vineetkumar
  • Data Migration from Dataparc to PI System

    We are planning to migrate data from dataPARC into the PI system. Could someone help me understand the best approach to transfer the real time data as well as the historical data? We have approximately 8 years of...
    last modified by Akhileshpb3
  • DataLink:  Simple method to output changed values only?

    Can anyone recommend a good and simple approach to retreive "only changed values" with datalink (compressed data or other function)?  Since archive settings allow for a max time to be specified between archived v...
    last modified by moodymi1
  • PI Vision Custom Symbol Event-frame

    Hi Everybody,   Does anyone know a method to write to an attribute of an event frame besides Manual entry(I'm aware of the reason code option). Or if you have done it with manual entry is the code available anyw...
    created by tallen95